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10 celebrities who own UK holiday homes

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January 26, 2016

Staycations are increasingly popular, let’s see what famous faces enjoy them! Here are 10 celebrities who love caravan holidays in the beautiful UK countryside…

Static caravans are no longer the cramped and shabby spaces they used to be back in the 1970s. In 2016 your home away from home will have many modern features (HD TV’s and Blu-Ray players), they are light and airy spaces, beautifully decorated and spacious rooms. The number of UK holiday home owners is rising, with more people preferring ‘staycations’ and long weekend breaks than the chaos of airports, long booking lines and lengthy check-ins.

With the most expensive caravan being sold for over £500,000 in North Wales, the public are more aware of what luxury holiday homes can offer. From private decking, hot tubs, Jacuzzi baths to private beach access, spectacular views, Italian kitchens and super king sized beds. Celebrities are also taking advantage of the luxury holiday home offerings too; with such busy schedules many of the rich and famous prefer to take holidays in the UK.

frank bruno


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The former boxing champ has recently purchased a £54,000 holiday home in Kent. Bruno, who won 40 out of 45 fights during his long career, finally losing to Mike Tyson in his last fight. He recently purchased an ABI Ambleside Premier and ventured into the local area, telling the residents he had “been looking for a caravan for ages”. Bruno will be moving into his luxury lodge in March, once the park opens.

dame helen mirren


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The established actress has an Oscar, 4 BAFTA and 3 Golden Globe awards to her name. She is famous for being very down to earth, being funny and whitty, what people may not know is that she is a confirmed member of the Caravan Club. The Club quotes that she “loves to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and simply have a bit of down time with her nearest and dearest”.

billie piper


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You may know her as Rose from the revamp of Doctor Who, or as the lead character in the raunchy Diary of a Call Girl. She is also a member of the Caravan Club and regularly gets out of the city for a countryside getaway. (bit different to the Tardis, but they are both bigger on the inside…)

lorraine kelly


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The very prime time TV host has graced our screens for decades, she is a well known caravan enthusiast and a popular figure in the caravanning community. She opened the Scottish Caravan Show recently, and was also voted ‘most ideal caravan guest’ in a recent Safeguard poll. She is a current member of the Caravan Club and is rumoured to own her own static holiday home.

dame kelly holmes


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The double gold Olympic Medallist and TV sports personality is a member of the Caravan Club and opened the Caravan and Motorhome Show in 2007. She loves to getaway to the countryside, and owns a static somewhere on the South Coast of England.

nell mcandrew


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The glamour model Nell is known for her beauty, and gracing the tabloids. She is however a member of the Caravan Club and loves to escape every weekend, stating on a news post featured on her website “I am very proud to say I am now a member of the Caravan Club!”.

steve mcfadden

Also known as Phil Mitchell in Eastenders, not much is known about McFadden’s caravaning adventures, but he is vocal about his love for staycations and caravan holidays in the UK.

warwick davis


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One of my favourite actors, he has been an ewok in Star Wars, played Professor Flitwick and Griphook in the Harry Potter movies, as well as joining Karl Pilkington in the series An Idiot Abroad. As well as playing the title role in the classic fantasy movie, Willow. He and his family love to go caravanning and own their own static around the Cambridgeshire area, Davis says that “many treasured memories” created in the caravan over the years.

duncan bannatyne


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The Dragon and successful entrepreneur is known for his lavish lifestyle, but what a lot of people won’t know is that he actually owns a holiday home in the Lake District. He first bought a static caravan 20 years ago with his first wife, and has recently bought a holiday lodge at the same park, a few doors away from his ex-wife. He clearly loves the lifestyle, being quoted as saying “I like the fact that I can just turn up, walk in and everything is here, down to my razor and toothbrush”. He wanted somewhere in the UK that he could leave his house on a Friday night, after school for the kids, and visit for the weekends, his children’s ages range from 29 to 11, so it is a great place where they all get together. He says “It is all about family and spending time together away from the house.” Great quality time.

wayne and coleen rooney


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It was widely rumoured that the Rooney’s purchased a luxury holiday home on the North Wales coast, and being from and their family based in Liverpool this would make sense. They would have travelled there as kids with their own parents and the Rooney’s have recently added to their brood with new-born son Kit, and would probably like some time away without the added stress of airports and air travel. A holiday home is perfect for this.

So those are the 10 celebrities, another one worth mentioning would be Rio Ferdinand, it was widely publicised that he stayed in a £400-a-week holiday home, again on the North Wales coast. So staycations and UK holiday homes are increasingly popular, why not give it a go yourself and contact our ownership team? You may see some famous faces at your second home!

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