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are these images the UK or Abroad?

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November 10, 2021

Let’s test your knowledge on UK and Abroad destinations.

Below we have 10 different images that are either from places in the UK or places Abroad, all you need to do is take your guesses and see if you got them right from the answers below…


image one – UK or Abroad?

Holywell Bay Beach in Cornwall

answerUK (Holywell Bay Beach in Cornwall UK)

our nearest resort: Piran Meadows Resort

image two – UK or Abroad?

Giles Baths in Australia

answerAbroad (Giles Baths in Australia)

image three – UK or Abroad?

Provence in France

answerAbroad (Provence in France)

image four – UK or Abroad?

Durdle Door in Dorset

answerUK (Durdle Door in Dorset)

our nearest resort: Wareham Forest Lodge Retreat

image five – UK or Abroad?

Himalayas Mountain Range in Asia

answerAbroad (Himalayas Mountain Range in Asia)

image six – UK or Abroad?

Henrhyd Falls in Wales

answerUK (Henrhyd Falls in Wales)

our nearest resort: Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa

image seven – UK or Abroad?

Ganh Da Dia in Vietnam

answerAbroad (Ganh Da Dia in Vietnam)

image eight – UK or Abroad?

Royal Pavilion in Brighton

answerUK (Royal Pavilion in Brighton)

our nearest resort: Tilford Woods Lodge Retreat

image nine – UK or Abroad?

The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

answerUK (The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland)

our nearest resort: Dundonald Links Resort

image ten – UK or Abroad?

Black Forest in Germany

answerAbroad (Black Forest in Germany)

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