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Bath escape review

October 14, 2015

Welcome to October’s Love Local blog! So this month, in honour of Halloween, I have chosen Bath Escape as our Love Local business!

Located only 15 minutes away from our own lovely Bath Mill Lodge Retreat this wonderful company, in the centre of Bath, offer an interactive thriller adventure experience! How amazing does that sound? Keep reading to find out!

“Fabulous entertainment for all ages. Nobody felt left out…Absolutely loved the atmosphere.”

“Definitely coming back soon! Would definitely recommend this to everyone!”

This is an unforgettable experience answering riddles and solving complex puzzles with friends and family. Perfect for team building exercises and hen parties, Bath Escape is fun for everyone with four different experiences on offer. Two live escape room games and two detective tours around the historic City of Bath.

live escape rooms

Using nothing but your imagination and logic you must try to solve the clues, to reveal hints for the next mystery and so on. All against the clock. You have 60 minutes to complete the assignments, the clues are in no particular order either, so once you have finally figured them out, you then have to figure out what order they go in. You may as well shut the door and throw away the key on me! The team, of a maximum of 6 people, must work together to complete each clue.

room one: six locked rooms

You are trapped in an area consisting of a few rooms, the goal is simple: complete each room and solve the clues. Complete the assignment and escape the last room on time! You will have to decipher the various elements to solve the mystery with the creative clues they have hidden throughout!

room two: the haunted house escape

(Now you understand why it’s my Halloween post!) You will be trapped in an apartment of a traditional Bath house that is full of puzzles and challenges. Again the goal is simple: get out of the haunted house by following the orders you get in the allocated time. Interpret the clues and find the solutions around you.

With both Live Escape Room challenges, upon completing them each team are invited to Bath Escape’s tea room, The Princes’ Treasury for refreshments. Also the team to complete the full challenge in the best time will receive a full refund, one team a month is chosen! As if getting stuck in a haunted house wasn’t enough motivation for you. If anyone in your team is celebrating a birthday, let Alex and the team know a few days in advance and they can surprise you with a cake!

detective tours – solve a murder and a mystery

If you wanted a tour around the stunning City of Bath and fancy yourself as a good Sherlock Holmes, then Bath Escape’s Detective Tours are for you! A choice of two tours await you to answer riddles and if you are looking for a challenge, the magnifying glass and deer stalker hat are optional! (except if you’re me.)

tour one: case no. 219

Investigate a murder while walking the beautiful, historic, City of Bath, the case can only be solved by visiting the sites of the famous landmarks of Bath. You must navigate through the streets and discover its secrets. Each site is another puzzle and you must collect all the information at each one to find the next clue. The tour takes around 2 to 3 hours and is recommended for groups of 3 to 6 people, it is a brilliant, fun and unique way to see all the beauty that Bath holds!

tour two: victoria’s secret

Join in on the challenging investigation in the largest and most popular park in Bath, the Royal Victoria Park. Throw yourself into the exciting game while visiting the most famous landmarks of the city, such as the Botanical Garden and the Royal Crescent. The tour takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete and is great fun for the kids as well, you will travel the main paths and find the enchanting hidden walks while discovering Victoria’s Secret.

After each tour the teams are invited back to the Princes’ Treasury tea room for refreshments and a lovely chat with the staff. All tours depart around every 15 minutes, pop on over to the website to check dates and book your unique Bath tour!

did you escape?

“Our host Alex was a great character and we had a good laugh with him.”

“I would recommend for young and old alike and we can’t wait to come back to do a different one!”

“Absolute fun had by all and we were all still buzzing from it days later!”

If, like me, it’s just impossible to choose between a tour and an escape game, you can buy a voucher for a combo day an experience both! My brain will be mush with so much puzzle solving going on, but it will be so worth it. The service is amazing, everyone is exceptionally friendly and very passionate about what they do. There is no photography allowed in the rooms or on the tours so nothing is ruined for anyone before they go into the rooms. In the heart of the City of Bath this is an excellent place to visit and great fun filled day with friends or family. I highly recommend Bath Escape, as does anyone who has visited and managed to escape! Make sure you book your team now and have an exciting challenge awaiting you!

Happy adventuring and escaping guys and dolls, don’t get locked in!

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