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static caravan vs touring caravan

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April 29, 2022 · 10 MIN READ

If you are interested in owning a holiday home you may be trying to figure out whether a static caravan or touring caravan is better suited to you.

These are the most popular type of holiday home but they both offer different things depending on what you want the most out of the investment. Below we have put together what exactly each caravan is along with some pros and cons to hopefully help you come to your decision. We also offer holiday home ownership with a range of static caravans across eight different locations in the UK.

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what is a static caravan?

A static caravan is a holiday home that stays static in one location. Once they have been made they are designed to be transported to a location and will stay there. This means that static caravans will always have water and electric connected to them and usually they have heating and double glazing. With static caravans prices can start from £24,995* for a 2 bed.

*Darwin Escapes correct from April 2022

pros and cons of a static caravan


  • feels more like a home
  • central heating and double glazing
  • can make use of facilities on the site
  • a lot more spacious
  • fully equipped with kitchen and bathroom
  • don’t need to tow the caravan to a location
  • enjoy the security of the park you have chosen
  • join the park community
  • you know exactly what you need to pay each year to stay sited at your chosen park


  • some parks close over winter
  • you can’t always stay in a static caravan all year
  • if you were relocating you have to organise special transport and can be quite expensive

what is a touring caravan?

A touring caravan is a trailer style mobile home on wheels that is lightweight so that you can tow it with another vehicle. Touring caravans in the UK can be a maximum of 7 metres which is almost 23 foot long and the maximum width is 2.3 metres which is around 7 and a half foot. Prices for a touring caravan can start from £15,000* but the cost can vary depending on the size.

*prices from

pros and cons of a touring caravan


  • you’re not stuck to one place
  • can easily move around and travel across the country
  • visit more places as you have your accommodation with you
  • there are over 300 camping and caravan sites in the UK to use


  • restrictions in place around keeping touring caravans on your drive or street
  • most caravan parks close over winter
  • you have to make sure your car engine is powerful enough and stable enough to tow the caravan
  • you may need to upgrade your driving licence by taking a driving test to tow a heavy load
  • if you can’t keep your tourer at home there will be a cost to store it
  • site costs will always vary for your touring caravan depending on where you want to stay at that time

If you are looking at owning a static caravan we have plenty to choose. Either click on the links or fill out the form below to find out more.

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