top 10 reasons why buying a holiday home is the best

Have you ever thought about owning your own holiday home? We’ve got the top 10 reasons why buying a luxurious holiday home could be the right decision for you

There are endless reasons why holiday home ownership could be right for you, but we’ve together the top 10 reasons and benefits that having your own personal escape brings. Owning your own holiday home is much easier than you think, with our professional and friendly team taking you step by step through the process and even introducing you to financial advisers who can help you spread the cost. In most cases you could be in your holiday home with a couple of weeks of purchasing! Imagine starting a whole new lifestyle with Darwin Escapes, why not try out our Ownership Inspiration tool and build your dream holiday home?

Here are out top 10 reasons why owning a holiday home is the best…

Impulsive Getaways

When you own your own holiday home, there is no booking, searching for the best deal, frantically packing and trying to stay under the airlines weight limit. You can literally just get up and go on holiday! Owners often leave the necessities and luxuries at their holiday homes, meaning your packing can be as minimal as you choose, from taking all your DVDs for a movie marathon to bringing a fancy new dress for a night out in the onsite bar & restaurant. Have you had a bad week in work? Then it’s time to head to your personal to relax and recharge.

Enjoying Home Comforts

Your holiday home is exactly that, yours. Imagine going on holiday and being able to take your own style with you, everything inside your luxury holiday home has been personally chosen by you and it’s exactly how you like it. Home comforts are a must when relaxing and recharging, you’ll feel at home as soon as you open the door.

Reduced Travel Time

Owning your own holiday home means reduced travel time. When you go abroad you’ll normally spend a few months looking for the cheapest deal, then you’ll travel an hour or more to the airport, wait around in the airport for up to 3 hours, before sitting in an aeroplane for anything up to 8 hours sometimes. That is a lot of time spent on one or two weeks away! Whereas when you own your own holiday home, you’re generally only a few hours’ drive away from your own personal escape.

Amazing Local Areas

Darwin Escapes has a variety of destinations offering ownership, from North Wales to Cornwall, all our locations have been hand-picked to make the most of the local areas. You’ll be able to take a peaceful stroll to the beach or to your local pub for a few drinks, or jump in the car for a short drive to the many retail parks, cinemas and boutiques available around our destinations.

Quality Family Time

Modern living often means busy lives, finding quality family time can be a struggle. But owning your own holiday home means getting quality time is easier, picking your little ones up on a Friday after school and heading to your personal escape cab the quality time everyone needs. You can spend your weekends relaxing in your holiday home, exploring the local area, seeing friends and making the most of the facilities, there will be something for everyone.

More Frequent Holidays

Due to less travel time, not having to pay every time you visit and not having to book, you can have as many holidays as you choose! Some of our destinations are open 12 months of the year, such as Hawkchurch Resort & Spa in Devon, and some are open for 10 months out of the year, like New Pines Holiday Home Park in North Wales. Our ownership community often spend the 6 week school summer holidays at their home away from home, spending time together and relaxing, while enjoying the facilities and events taking place.

Reduced Cost Per Holiday

Did you know purchasing and running a holiday home is actually cheaper than a 2 week holiday abroad every year? Over a 10 year period a 2 week break abroad will cost you around £1.75 per hour, over the same time period the cost of running a holiday home only costs around 50p per hour! That’s a big saving, plus you will get more frequent breaks throughout the year, not just for two weeks!

No Pet Left Behind

If you have a fur-baby, finding a kennels you’re happy with and isn’t expensive for your pet can be stressful. But what if you could take them with you? The whole family can enjoy a holiday relaxing and exploring the local area around your luxury holiday home.

Joining a Friendly Community

Becoming an owner means more than just finding the perfect escape for you. You’ll be joining a friendly community on park, with all the little ones making life-long friends, family fun events to gather the community throughout the year, as well as spending time with friendly adults and enjoying the evening entertainment.

Stress & Guilt-Free Holidays

When owning your own holiday home you don’t have to feel guilty when wandering to the bar to watch the football game, or spending your day relaxing a good book. You can truly relax and know that your family are as happy and content as you are, giving you that stress and guilt free holiday you’ve been craving.

How does owning your own holiday home sound?

If you’ve been considering purchasing a holiday home and joining our ownership community, call our dedicated Ownership Team on 01745858010 or talk to an advisor via our Live Chat service. Our friendly team are on hand to answer all your questions and offer any information you may want, you can even book a park tour where you can visit the destination of your choice and see if it’s the right place for you. Darwin Escapes has a total of 8 sales location for you to browse, each having its own unique character and offerings, we are sure to have the ideal holiday home destination for you.

Start your holiday home journey and enjoying your quality time!

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