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what the heck is winterisation?

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November 2, 2016

Winter is coming and it’s time to prepare… (hah!). Let’s learn all about Winterisation and how to take care of your holiday home during the colder months.

It’s getting to that time of year where your loyal holiday home will be heading off for its winter hibernation and you head home for the snowy months. Now if you are new to the world of holiday home ownership, firstly welcome to your first winter! And secondly you’re probably thinking what the heck is Winterisation? And that’s what I’m here for, also remember that our lovely team offer a Winterisation service so you don’t have to do it yourself!

So let’s see how we set up Winterisation…

first things first…

On the last day in your holiday home you will need to air it out as much as possible, open all the windows and doors, while doing this also check the window seals for any cracks and make sure all the locks are in good order.


Make sure to remove all valuables from cupboards and wardrobes. Take duvets, blankets and pillows home or place in vacuum sealed packs. If there is room stand the mattress on its side away from the external walls, make sure to leave all the cupboards open to improve air circulation.


Empty the fridge of all water and wash inside to clear any crumbs and spills, and leave the door open. Remove all food from cupboards and wash with anti-bacterial solution. Don’t be tempted to leave unopened packets of food, it will encourage pesky wildlife, they will still sniff it out and nibble. Clean all surfaces, including the cooker, making sure no spillages or crumbs are left, and make sure to leave the cupboard doors open.


Even though our parks are under 24 hour security, even during closing, we do suggest that you take your valuables with you, including TV, DVD player and any music systems you may have. Make sure to clean all surfaces in case of food spills or crumbs, move all sofa cushions away from the exterior walls and roll up and loose rugs and stand on end in the middle of the room.


After turning off the water supply, lift the lid on the toilet cistern, flush the toilet and as it refills add anti-freeze in to what is left. Remember to remove the shower hose and shower head as these could become damaged if any water freezes in them over the winter.


Check that all guttering and downpipes are in good order. Try to block any gaps that wildlife could use to gain entry. Make sure to take a look at the roof, chassis and any skylights for leaks or loose joints. If your steps are removable then place inside the holiday home for safe keeping away from the weather. Try to clear all vegetation that might have grown close to or underneath the holiday home to discourage pests.


Any loose items outside, such as storage boxes or chairs need to be safely locked away. Consider removing curtains or nets to avoid mildew, and make sure to vacuum all the carpets and clean surfaces to remove any food crumbs.

Phew! During the colder months your lovely holiday home can become a little poorly if not cared for properly. That’s mostly getting the holiday home ready for its winter hibernation, there are other bits too, like drain down of the pipes, but check out our  Winter Checklist post for more on that. If that all seems daunting and time consuming don’t worry, we offer a fabulous drain down service to take the all the technical stuff off your hands, as well as offering a Deep Clean Service to take all the cleaning off your hands too! And then you can leave in the knowledge that your lovely holiday home is properly cared for. Pop into reception to find out prices and when is best to book them in!

Happy Winter Break!

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