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There really is no better location if you are looking for a spa in Conwy

There is a treatment and a spa package to suit everyone – whether you are male or female, in a small group or on your own, you’ll feel renewed and pampered after spending time at Conwy’s most exclusive spa.

Our experienced team have created a wonderful atmosphere that radiates calm, peace and relaxation; making The Aberconwy Spa one of the most popular in North Wales. Partnering with Aromatherapy Associates, The Aberconwy Spa offers a wide range of treatments from full body massages to 20 minutes facials, as well as day packages for complete relaxation. Our range of Jessica Nails treatments gives a fresh look with a luxury manicure, or opt for a full treatment including luxury manicure and pedicure to help ease those tired feet and toes.

We’re always looking for innovative ways to bring our clients the very best of treatments for the face and body, which is why we’re super excited to announce our new partnership with BeautyLab London and PureGenex Electricals at Aberconwy Spa…

BeautyLab London combines unique ingredients which range from natural actives, oils and gemstones to peptides and proteins that work in perfect harmony together for undeniable results. These sophisticated products also go hand in hand with state of the art skincare science and smart technology for advanced formulations which go above and beyond the traditional beauty treatments you see every day.

We have a wide range of brand new, exciting treatments available for both ladies and gentlemen including photon light therapy, microcurrent non-surgical facelift and liposuction cavitation, to name a few. These non invasive treatments work to unveil healthier and younger looking skin in a short amount of time. So, if you’re on the lookout for treatments which will leave your skin glowing and flawless almost instantly, then look no further…

Our new treatments feature advanced body and facial treatments which include ultrasound liposuction cavitation which is a brand new, non-surgical inch loss treatment. This advanced body treatment is effective in the removal of cellulite helping those who want to regain their confidence and figure. Many clients see an immediate change after just 72 hours of their first session, making this already one of our most popular treatments. Other advanced body treatments include photon light skin tightening, high frequency acne treatment, 4D cavitation and firming collagen treatment.

We also have treatments which target the face specifically, for example, the non surgical face lift. This treatment uses bio microcurrent to focus on the facial muscles, transferring blood and nutrients to the skin so that fine lines and wrinkles are no more. Your expert therapist will also infuse serums into the skin for deep hydration for optimum results. This treatment helps to stop signs of aging when used on a regular basis. We have many other facial treatments available too, including the galvanic facial, oxygenating facial, photon light facial and the power facial. Your skin will have never looked better after a visit to Aberconwy Spa.


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