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11 film & tv coffee shops you can visit for real

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July 4, 2016

It can all happen in an on-screen coffee shop: simmering resentment, unexpressed desires, and small yet meaningful gestures between friends. The great news is many of these coffee shop locations are accessible to us humble civilians.

For the sophisticated charm of coffee and pastry with Amelie, make your way to Café des Deux Moulins on Rue Lepic in Paris; if you need a coffee to mull over relationship fails head to Elliott Bay Café on 10th in Seattle, which stood in for Frasier’s Café Nervosa.

Arguably the ultimate coffee shop was set in the cult show, Twin Peaks, created by David Lynch. Lynch himself is a coffee lover, has his own coffee brand and is said to drink twenty cups of ‘Joe’ a day. Presumably, we can trust the brew at the original café, which remains open at 137 W North Bend Way, North Bend, WA.

Whether it’s orgasmic coffee at Katz’s (When Harry Met Sally) or the unpretentiousness of Tom’s Restaurant (Seinfeld), the dedicated fan of coffee and TV will want to check out this fresh guide to the precise co-ordinates where our screen heroes got their fix.


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