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a day in the life of an entertainer

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September 3, 2017

Entertainment is a huge part of what we do here at Darwin Escapes, we want to make your stay as enjoyable as possible! Everything is family fun, so we cater to the children as much as the adults. Our New Pines Holiday Home Park entertainments team is expertly managed by Rebecca Twist, or Becci as she is known to everyone.

Becci has been with the entertainments team for around 8 years now; she loves every part of her job and how much it varies from day to day! Every week she sits down to plans new activities and events for the week ahead – so the children get to do something different every day! Rebecca likes to do activities that the children wouldn’t be able to do at home, saying she likes it to be “as messy as we can possibly get it” and what kid doesn’t like to get messy?! She makes sure all activities are scheduled, so her team always know what is going on and when. Every activity can be adapted for all ages, from toddlers to tweens, keeping everyone happy and involved!

Obviously during peak season, school holidays and bank holidays, our resorts become a flurry of activity and fill up with more children for the entertainments team to have fun with! So with the warmer weather and the influx of children, the activities jump up a notch for Becci; she comes up with different theme days for one day every week during the school summer holidays. So from the Under the Sea day, to Pirate day and Superhero day, all the day’s events and activities will revolve around this theme. For Superhero day, the team started early and handmade outfits and capes for the kids to dress up in for the day! Once the kids came along they helped them cut out masks and decorate them so they could be any superhero they wanted to be, they then gave the kids Spongebob Squarepants cameras (there is no better superhero for me…) and a scavenger hunt list; in groups of hero’s they then travelled the park completing the hunt! The groups were placed so that the bigger children could stay with the younger ones and everyone could enjoy it together – even the grounds team and receptionists got involved with photos and poses with each group for the hunt. Becci loves that everyone at Darwin is so willing to get involved and have fun, saying “I never have trouble asking for help, everyone is always happy to help out”.

Out of all the activities Becci plans and gets involved in, her favourite is the evening ‘Rangers Fun Time’ show for families. This involves lots of things, starting at 7:30 and running for an hour, the whole team manage to pack quite a lot of activities in and change the show every day! Lots of party dances are performed by the team and copied by the wonderful kids on the dance floor is brilliant to see, the fun that both team and kids have is infectious! They play games, like Jenga competitions or moving a balloon around a group without using your hands – this is a lot harder than it sounds! Or my personal favourite, Heads Up, which is like charades but in my opinion harder, this always has Becci, her team, the children and their families in fits of giggles with the great descriptions they come up with! Charlie Bear often drops in for a visit and joins in on the fun and the party dances, with Becci telling him all about the day’s activities. The kids love to share this time with cheeky Charlie and it’s a great photo opportunity for the parents too. Becci loves this time because it makes her laugh and she gets to see all the families together having fun and enjoying their holiday breaks, and with this much fun on offer in the Cabaret Lounge its not hard to see why she loves it!

All summer the team teach the children songs and dance routines and then, at the end of the summer, it is all put together for the New Pines Music Mash Up Show! Becci adores this ‘end of summer’ show, as the families get to see how hard the children have practiced and how excited the kids get when they are performing. Songs from Hairspray, to a pair of children doing sign language along to The Script’s hit ‘Hall of Fame’ there is something for everyone. Becci’s stand out performance this year is an adorable 5 year old boy singing Grease Lightening with his twin sisters as his backing sisters – how cute does this sound! There is also a little girl singing Annie’s song ‘Dumb Dog’ and Becci will be making a star of her own dog Daisy, who will take to the stage with the little girl – Daisy is a darling, very beautiful and will love the attention!

With Becci’s base resort New Pines Holiday Home Park being a holiday home owners resort, Becci enjoys the feeling of them all being one big family – she knows how corny that sounds but it is the truth, and from walking the resort with her I can vouch for that. She gets to know each family and child personally and builds a great relationship with them as she gets to see them almost every weekend throughout the year -not just on the summer holidays. Becci loves to see how much the kids enjoy the activities she comes up with however they may not always go to plan, for example, at the sports day event it rained so they moved it all inside and the kids still had a blast! Planning for everything so no one is left bored! From nature walks and karaoke to arts and crafts and colouring competitions; Becci does a fantastic job at making each activity new and exciting for the kids, and she loves every second of it!

So why don’t you pop in and see Becci and her team? They are always there to help and have fun!

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