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American museum in Britain

April 15, 2016

If you are looking to feel the American Spirit and learn about the country without having to endure a long flight, head down to the American Museum in Britain located in Bath to learn more about this eclectic country and it’s relatively short but colourful history.

This is the only museum outside of the United States which showcases American decorative and folk art, with a number of period rooms from different eras including colonial times, where you can learn how American families have lived over the past 300 years. You will also be able to view quilts, Native American craft and learn more about the Civil War which engulfed the country between 1861 and 1865 as well as the early settlers.

modern America

Also showcased are slightly more contemporary features of popular culture in the United States with the latest exhibition celebrating American cinema, as well as popular toys and games over the years which have been spawned from these films.

Aptly named ‘An American Toy Story’, the exhibition will allow visitors to see movie props and memorabilia from films such as Star Wars, Toy Story and Frozen as well as showcasing toys such as the Millennium Falcon replica from the 1970s and the notorious Buzz Lightyear action figures from 1996 which gave parents endless Christmas nightmares due to their popularity at the time.
Visitors can also have a taste of America in the Orangery Café which serves a range of American treats including Cowboy cookies and Snickerdoodles.

Whether we like it or not, American culture has had a significant impact on British society due to the popularity of American films and TV shows, as well as the obvious cultural connections between our countries. Getting the chance to learn more about this fascinating country, which varies so much by state, really is a fantastic experience.

The American Museum in Britain really is a must see attraction for anyone staying at Bath Mill Lodge Retreat…

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