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a beginners guide to golf equipment

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September 28, 2017

Are you looking at taking up golf and just don’t know where to start? Darwin Escapes has you covered! Darwin Escapes’ newest addition, The Springs Golf Club is located in the stunning countryside of Oxfordshire. The beautiful location offers fabulous golfing, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, as well as a fully stocked Pro Shop onsite. With this is in mind, we thought now would be an ideal time to compile the ultimate beginners guide to golf equipment, so you will know what is best to purchase in order to start journey as the next Tiger Woods!

If, like me, you’re a novice in the world of golf, never fear! This beginners guide has all you need to know about looking the part, and the amazing staff at The Springs have all the knowledge you need to know to help you become an amazing golfer!

the absolute must-haves of golf equipment

These are the definite essentials you will need to start you golfing journey:

  • Golf Clubs
  • Golf Shoes
  • Correct Clothing (collared shirts & smart trousers, no denim)

If you don’t have golf clubs, you aren’t going to go far! Finding the right ones can be a bit tricky, so visiting a Pro Shop where they can help you find the right size, style and fit for your needs is key.
Golf shoes are also essential, as walking through the perfectly manicured greens, rougher woodland and sand banks when you lose sight of your ball, all while anchoring you to the ground during your swing. The perfect golf shoes can do all this with ease, again make sure to visit a Pro Shop for the right fit and style you need, and you will be the Cinderella of the golfing world!
The correct clothing for golfing is definitely essential, no denim allowed (that means no jeans) and you must wear collared shirts. This means you’ll be looking smart during your round of golf and when enjoying a drink at the clubhouse after.

the beautiful desirables of golf equipment

These aren’t must haves on your golfing journey, but they are items that will make your golf-life easier and definitely more enjoyable!

  • Cap (for when the sun shines)
  • Glove (not for a Michael Jackson impression)
  • Towels
  • Golf Balls (otherwise you’ll just be hitting the green, and no one wants that)
  • Tees (to put your golf balls on)
  • Ball Marker (so you don’t lose your place)
  • Pitchfork (not what you’re thinking)
  • Logo shirt of your club (The Springs Pro Shop sell’s these)
  • Sweaters (for those colder mornings)
  • Waterproofs (for when the sun isn’t shining)
  • Electronic Trolley (for an easy life)
    vSweets/drinks (for when you get peckish during your game)
  • Umbrellas
  • Winter Mittens

So if you want to really look the part before you tackle your handicap, these desirables are ideal to make the start of your golfing journey easier!

The Springs Golf Club offers a fantastically friendly atmosphere, from both staff and members, where you can join and begin enjoying this wonderful sport. The staff always adhere to golfing etiquette, while maintaining a laid back atmosphere and encouraging new-players of all ages to take up this wonderful sport, where you can meet so many people from all walks of life.

We hope you’ve found this beginner’s guide to golfing equipment helpful! If you’re looking for a fantastic golfing experience, with friendly staff and members to welcome you, visit The Springs Pro Golf Shop for all your essentials and desirables of golfing equipment!

Take the first step on your golfing journey with The Springs Golf Club and find all the equipment you’ll need at our onsite Pro Shop

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