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build your own insect hotel

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June 9, 2016

Here at Darwin Escapes we take care of even the smallest guests, learn more about our Insect Hotels in this blog…

Darwin Escapes tries to be as eco-friendly as possible, using sustainable materials, locally sourced around our locations, low energy bulbs in our holiday lodges and buildings as well under taking fantastic flora, nature and wildlife conservation efforts. At all our locations we have our very own Insect Hotels as part of our eco-ethos.

let’s talk bugs!

An average garden has over 2,000 different species of insects, so just imagine how many species only one of our holiday parks have! Our insect hotels provide the right kind of habitat that will increase the number of beneficial insects to help with our plants and flowers around the parks. At Tilford Woods Lodge Retreat our insect hotel is so much a part of our park that it even has it’s own lodge number, why not hunt it down and see for yourself on your next visit?

Check out this resident at one of our Insect Hotels!

want to build your own insect hotel? it’s easy!

Building an insect hotel is easier than you think, and with lots of different sections to provide nesting facilities, particularly during the winter where it will offer shelter and refuge for many types of insects! Last year it was wildly publicised that wild invertebrates, like bumblebees and solitary bees are declining in numbers, which is bad news for all of us (watch Bee Movie and you’ll see what I mean!). Providing home and habitats for them helps to contribute to the conservation needs, and you’ll grow very attached to your lovely buzzing buddies!

it’s all about the view

Most insects like damp and cool conditions, but would still prefer the warmth of the sun if they had a choice (who doesn’t?), so make sure to pick the perfect spot for your hotel. Somewhere in the semi-shade, near a bush or under a tree is best and if you have other wildlife features in your garden, a hedgehog hotel, pond or even an over grown shrub, put it near these too. Remember to make sure it is level and on even ground as the hotel can become quite heavy.

sound structure

For the basic structure use old pallets or strips of wood to create the shape of your choice (although a square or rectangle is probably best) and however big you chose, try to use recycled or reclaimed materials as much as you can.

tiny homes

As with humans, there is a limit to how many people can fit in one home and one tiny Insect Hotel doesn’t fit all the insects. You’ll need specific things to attract the bug buddies you want, this BBC article is the perfect guide for that. As a basic you will need things like old plant pots, blocks of wood with holes drilled into them, old bamboo canes and corrugated card.


We all need a little insulation in our homes to keep us warm, and tiny insects are exactly the same. Make sure to fill in the holes in-between the pots and wood, use straw, hay, dried leaves and bark, this also provides plenty of more hiding spaces as well some warmth during the winter.

food (it is always about food)

Like me, our little friends are very into their food so when placing your hotel make sure to leave a little room for plenty of nectar producing flowers around it, not only do they look pretty but they help out our little buddies with a breakfast snack not to far away from home!

And that’s it, you’re now a hotel owner, a concierge to the tiny insect world!
Happy Adventuring and have a blast this summer helping our friendly buzzing buddies find their perfect holiday home!

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