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Explore the historic city of Canterbury from a whole new angle with the award winning Canterbury’s Historic River Tours. Our brand new location Canterbury Reach Lodge Retreat is due to open its doors in Spring 2017, the perfect time to explore the stunning local area and one of the most historic cities in the UK. Canterbury’s history surrounds you as you walk around the city, from the ancient architecture to the stunning Cathedral you can see on your wanders. Explore the secret parts of the beautiful city with Canterbury’s Historic River Tours…

Canterbury Historic River Tours is the perfect introduction to the city, with very friendly and professional staff who presents all the historical facts of the passing monuments in an entertaining, light hearted and humorous manner! This unique and fascinating tour will capture the imagination of all ages and will form a part of a great day out, flowing through the heart of the historic city exploring the hidden secrets and seeing the well known sights from a whole new angle. Canterbury Historic River Tours are award winning, with them having been finalists in both the Beautiful South Awards 2015 and 2016 Visit England Awards. They also won the ‘European Unique Tour of the Year 2017’ from the Luxury Travel Guides European Awards, so you know you are definitely in safe hands with these guys!

the history


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Canterbury was founded and thrived because of the river that flows through the city, the Romans settled because it was where the River Stour forms around a series of islands making it the easiest place to find a crossing for their commute to London. The river has always helped the city prosper, initially as a source of drinking water and providing food, and later the helping provide power for the city’s growing mill and weaving industries. The Canterbury Historic River Tours first departed on 26th March 1932 from the Black Friars Monastery under the name Canterbury Friars Ferry, with the aim of showing visitors and residents the well known beauty spots from a new view, as well as providing a ferry service for locals, which the current tour still does. In 1932 the tours were so popular and much anticipated, that for the first departure local residents and dignitaries gathered to celebrate the event, with the local newspaper covering it also!

the tour


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This 40 minute guided tour will take you through the city, to Franciscan island which is home a 13th Century Chapel that spans the river and is the oldest Franciscan architecture in the country. As well as seeing places such as the 12th Century Eastbridge Hospital, the Kings Bridge and many medieval industrial buildings, including the Cromwellian iron forge. The tour has been one of the favourite pastimes of visitors to the city for decades, being able to explore the hidden beauty of Canterbury and seeing sights you wouldn’t from the streets, including unique and wonderful sights of the historic Cathedral. The river tour is the perfect way to explore the city away from the hustle and bustle above, and seeing the hidden gems that are only accessible by boat, creating the perfect way for you and your family to enjoy the historic sights.

So why not visit these friendly people, jump in a boat and row on down the river (don’t worry you don’t actually do the rowing) and learn all about this historic city in a brand new way! With Canterbury Reach Lodge Retreat opening its doors in Spring 2017, it is the perfect time to start booking your holiday and spectacular river tour now. Also follow Canterbury Historic River Tours on instagram to keep to date with them, and to see the special sights of Canterbury on their travels.

Happy Boating Ladies & Gents!

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