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Visit The Canterbury Tales Experience and learn all about the fascinating history of the local area, and one of the UK’s literary classics. Our brand new location Canterbury Reach Lodge Retreat will be opening its doors in Spring 2017, and The Canterbury Tales is the perfect introduction to the city’s literary history! Visit The Canterbury Tales attraction and enjoy a guided tour through an immersive event where you will enter the site to explore all the sights, smells and sounds of Chaucer’s medieval England. Be one of the first to stay at our luxury new location, Canterbury Reach Lodge Retreat and enjoy a introduction to the city like no other at St Margaret’s Church as one of the city’s most loved visitor attractions.

Experience Geoffery Chaucer’s medieval England from his most famous writings The Canterbury Tales recreated at this one-of-a-kind attraction…

who is geoffery chaucer?


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Chaucer is known as one of the best poets of the Middle Ages, born in London around 1343, this is where The Canterbury Tales attraction begins its tour. Chaucer was from a family of successful merchants meaning he was well educated; being able to read and write during this period was particularly rare. The Royal family of the time were very fond of him, so much so that when Chaucer was captured by the French in 1359, King Edward III paid his ransom. They also implicitly trusted him, so much so that that the King even sent Chaucer on diplomatic missions to France, Genoa and Florence.

It was during these travels that Chaucer was exposed to some of the great authors of the time, he was not a professional writer himself but rather wrote for his own and friends’ pleasure, with his poetry becoming a favourite of the Kings. While working as Controller of Customs and Justice of Peace in 1386, Chaucer began writing his most famous works, The Canterbury Tales, written in a combination of verse and prose the collection of tales tells the story of over 30 pilgrims’ journey to the shrine of St Thomas Beckett. The work is also a comment on society at the time, with his characters offering insights and raising questions about social class, spirituality and religion. Chaucer didn’t follow the norm when penning his works, he wrote in English which was very rare at a time when everything was in French or Latin, the language of the courts, he was thought so highly of that he was actually the first poet to be buried in Westminster Abbey’s Poet’s Corner.

the Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales share the journey of 30 people on a pilgrimage to the shrine of St Thomas Beckett, they engage in a story telling competition, making the tales a collection of 24 stories told as the pilgrims make their journey to Canterbury Cathedral. On your own journey through the attraction you will be immersed in five of Chaucer’s colourful and entertaining tales filled with love, infidelity, intrigue, courtship and death. All of this is brought vividly to life through recreated scenes, costumed guides and fantastic audio guides. Among the tales that you will hear at The Canterbury Tales attraction are The Knights Tale, The Miller’s Tale and The Nun’s Priest’s Tale.

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You’ll discover 14th Century England in this immersive recreation of medieval life set in the historic St Margret’s Church nestled in the heart of the city. This is the second oldest attraction in the city behind Canterbury Cathedral. The attraction will give you a unique introduction to Canterbury and its literary connect to Geoffery Chaucer’s famous works.

Since opening its doors in 1988, the attraction has nearly 30 years of heritage and remains a must-see for all ages! The innovative and one-of-a-kind experience lets you explore medieval England through an immersive environment, it is the only tour dedicated to Chaucer and his works. Along with costumed guides taking you through the recreated scenes, there is an amazing array of audio guides voiced by ‘80’s TV stars, including Prunella Scales from Fawlty Towers, and Bernard Cribbons from Doctor Who. You will have a one-of-a-kind experience at The Canterbury Tales attraction, where you will learn all about medieval England and the fantastic writer Chaucer!

Now is the perfect time to start looking at attractions to visit in and around Kent with Canterbury Reach Lodge Retreat opening in Spring 2017, and The Canterbury Tales is the ideal attraction for the whole family to giggle and learn!

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