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darwin escapes DE:VR april fools

April 27, 2017

Is holidaying from your sofa really as great as it sounds? Having your very own VR app that lets you holiday anywhere you want from the comfort of your own sofa, how does that sound? But think really hard, that means you will never leave your sofa, you’ll never truly experience the wind in your hair atop of Snowdon or the sand in your toes in Devon. As great as VR is, there is no substitute for the real thing.

Spending quality time with your loved ones is what holidays are really about, getting together, discovering new places and playing family games (even all the arguments that Monopoly brings) is what Darwin Escapes is all about, creating memories!

All our lodges offer family games for creating these memories, from Connect 4 to Monopoly, as well as some locations having game consoles with games, all so you can challenge your family to the ultimate game off!

you can’t beat the real thing

You really can holiday anywhere with Darwin Escapes, except at the top of Everest, but some of our locations are only a couple of minutes’ drive from Snowdonia! You also can’t holiday under the sea but you’ll be right next to it at our Beach Cove Coastal Resort, and we are still working on holidaying on the moon, give us a chance, I’m sure we will get there!

Nothing beats the real thing, discovering all the UK has to offer and feeling the wind in your hair and the sand between your toes, while returning to your beautiful holiday home

At Darwin Escapes’ locations, you can experience all the adventure that Dad wants by climbing the Cheddar Gorge, as well as relaxing at one of our many onsite spas, just what mum wanted! And with lots of hot tub units, children’s activity programmes and fantastic Go Active activities, including archery, water walkerz and body zorbing, everyone will have the adventure they want! But the beauty of experiencing it in real life, is that you can do it all together and experience, laugh and discover at your own pace!

Becoming and owner at one of our Darwin Escapes locations means you can enjoy all the holidays you want throughout the year, while discovering new places and exploring all your handpicked location has to offer at your own pace. Get in touch with our Ownership Team now and learn more information about locations all over the UK, chat with an adviser through our live chat service or call on 01745858010!

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