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dog friendly attractions in Kent

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September 15, 2017

Are you and your fur-baby visiting us and looking for dog friendly attractions in Kent? We’ve got you covered. There is nothing more exciting than taking your little fur balls out for a wander around a new place, exploring and discovering as you go. Canterbury Reach Lodge Retreat offers stunning lodge style accommodation, with beautiful countryside surroundings and perfectly placed to explore all that the area has to offer, humans and puppers! If you’re looking for the best dog friendly attractions in Kent, you’ve come to the right place…

Eynsford Castle

Surrounded by a picturesque village, he castle is a rare example of an early Norman’s ‘enclosed castle’. Instead of the usual motte to protect itself, the Eynsford Castle broke tradition and was actually protected by a curtain wall, with parts even surviving to their full height today. Built by the Eynsford family, the beautiful castle was at the centre of an inheritance dispute, was vandalised and left abandoned from 1312 onwards. Explore the grounds and the ruins of this tradition breaking castle with your puppy!

Faversham Stone Chapel

This is the only Christian building in England to include the remains of a 4th Century Romano-British pagan mausoleum (what a mouth-full!). Explore the remains of this beautiful Medieval Chapel, your puppies will love running around the greenery while you marvel at the history around you.

Kent & East Sussex Historical Railway

Proposals began for this railway in 1850, with the plans finally being confirmed in 1896 (a very long wait). The railway is host to lots of events throughout the year including HopFest, which is a family fun and nostalgic weekend with Punch & Judy Shows. The children will love a day out with Thomas the Tank Engine, as well as Halloween and Santa themed events, dogs are welcome to certain events also and there are endless railway walks to explore too!

Kit’s Coty & Little Kit’s Coty House

Visit these stunning remains of two megalithic ‘dolmen’ burial chambers with your dog and discover long-forgotten history. These beautiful monuments are located in the picturesque Kent countryside, surrounded by the rolling hills, your puppies will just love exploring right along with you. The origins of Kit’s Coty and Little Kit’s Coty are unknown, what is known is that barrows similar to these were used in the early Neolithic period to act as communal burial ground sites, making the site even more interesting!

Knights Templar Church

This is an interesting site of stone foundations of a small, circular chapel which has links to the Knights Templar. The military and religious organisation was founded in the 12th Century to defend the holy places and protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. The Order became increasingly unpopular and were finally suppressed in 1312, the links to Kent are tenuous and they are said to have fled the country in 1185. The buried foundations were uncovered in the 19th Century during construction of military defences, make sure to visit this dog friendly attractions in Kent and marvel at these historic ruins.

Mount Ephraim Gardens

The gardens are 10 acres of Edwardian beauty to explore! Visit the topiary garden and marvel at the rock and water garden’s peaceful atmosphere, as well as the beautiful rose garden on offer too. There is a wonderful tea room to explore if you would like refreshments during your walk around the breathtaking grounds. Dogs are welcome to explore and discover these beautiful Edwardian gardens with you.

Reculver Towers & Roman Fort

Visit this striking 12th Century church tower that still guides ships on their travels today. 2000 years ago the Monastic Church helped sailors pin-point their direction along the coastline. Originally built as an Anglo-Saxon monastery in 669, it was then added to, repurposed and changed until it was turned into the Parish Church in the 10th Century. You can walk around the stunning towers and enjoy the awe-inspiring views from the Cliffside.

St Augustine’s Abbey

Founded around 597AD by St Augustine, the abbey was originally built for a burial place for the Anglo-Saxon Kings of Kent. It was one of the most important monasteries in Medieval England. For almost 1000 years, the abbey was used as a centre of learning and spirituality and was reduced to ruins during Henry VIII’s Suppression of the Monasteries. The ruins of the abbey are quite well preserved, you are able to take a stroll through the rooms and really understand the importance that his abbey once had.

Sutton Valence Castle

Built in the later years of the 12th Century, the ruins were once a strongly defended castle and was owned by Simon de Montfort, who was the leader of the rebellion against Henry III. De Monfort was killed in the Battle of Evesham in 1265, Henry III then gave the beautiful castle to his half-brother William de Valence. The ruins of the castle still stand, and boast a dramatically stunning and panoramic view over the Weald of Kent.

Canterbury ghost tour

Take part in a 90 minute tour around Canterbury and learn all about the dark side of this historic city! Hosted by award-winning author and local historian John Hippisley, he will seamlessly blend history, entertainment, spooky hauntings and humour throughout the tour. Explore the hidden parts of Canterbury and learn all about the historic city in a totally unique way, dogs are welcome on the tour too!

Dover Castle & Secret Wartime Tunnels

Dover Castle is one of the most iconic fortresses in England, you can roam through centuries of history and enjoy an action packed day out! Climb the famous Great Tower, marvel at the medieval interiors or delve underground to the Secret Wartime Tunnels. These amazing tunnels were the place where Operation Dynamo was masterminded, you will see, hear and feel the danger that those who evacuated from Dunkirk felt. The special effects, real film footage and projects throughout the tunnel show you the amazing events of May 1940.

During your stay with us at Canterbury Reach Lodge Retreat make sure to visit all these amazing and dog friendly attractions in Canterbury. If you’re looking for the top class pet friendly accommodation, Canterbury Reach has an abundance of luxurious lodges to choose from, with sumptuous beds, fully equipped kitchens and beautiful bathrooms to make you feel at home.

Enjoy exploring all the dog friendly attractions in Kent during your holiday with your fur-baby at Canterbury Reach!

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