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December 8, 2016

Explore Exmoor Zoo and visit some of the most exotic animals in the world at the award winning zoo!


Beach Cove Coastal Retreat is a fantastic getaway for all couples, and exploring Exmoor Zoo will add fun and excitement to your trip. The zoo is home to over 50 exhibits, an integral part of the Europe Breeding Programme and houses exotic, beautiful animals you won’t see at another UK zoo.

Note: Scroll to the bottom for some stunning photos that will make you say ‘awe’ over and over…


the zoo

You wander around the beautiful winding paths, which are lined with shrubs and trees, which provide homes to countless birds and invertebrates, so you can find interesting creatures all over the 12 acres of land on your adventures! The zoo promotes natural husbandry for the park as well as the animals enclosures, that means there are plenty of safe, hidey holes for the animals, and you can glimpse these stunning animals when they are most relaxed. All the staff at the small, family run zoo are passionate, knowledgeable and exceptionally friendly, which means that if you have any questions about a habitat or animal they are always more than happy to help and answer them!

Entrance of Exmoor Zoo

Exmoor Zoo has won Best Small Attraction in Devon, which is a huge achievement for this family run zoo! And while you are wandering around seeing the animals it is easy to see why, there are educational and interactive talks every 30 minutes (and sometimes every 15), with feeding and handling experiences too. These are often the talk of the day as they are filled with fun facts and incredible information!


the animals

The list of animals you can visit at Exmoor Zoo is extensive, including a trio of young female African Wild Dogs that you will spend hours trying to tell apart, the Caracal Cats that are absolutely stunning, make sure to look out for them and their black ‘butterfly wing’ ears! Say hello to Hendrix and Flea, the beautiful Eurosian Wolves, as well as the pretty Manned Wolves and Singing Dogs. Pop along to visit the Meercats everyone’s favourite burrower, the breath-taking Lynx Cats and Cheetahs. And don’t forget one of the most photographed animals at the zoo, the Sand Cats where you will hear “Oh I wish I had one” being uttered, but don’t be deceived by the most adorable of faces, they have sharp teeth and claws! The reptile house is a fun place to visit too, with chameleons, snakes, spiders and even crocodiles among the many residents here.

Group of meerkats at exmoor zoo


home of the exmoor beast

The Exmoor Beast is a local legend, born of the wild big cats living in the moors, they can be seen walking in the shadows in the few wild places left. Those who have seen this ‘mythical beast’ say it looks just like a panther, or a black leopard, not unlike Ebony and Zoysa at Exmoor Zoo…

Big cat at exmoor zoo

Ebony and Zoysa are two stunning black leopards residing in the Exmoor Beast enclosure, who are an inquisitive pair. They live in a natural enclosure so it may take some work to find them, if it’s sunny you may catch them in the middle of their mid-day nap, or playing with a the trunk of a tree. Although they may look asleep, don’t be fooled, they will perk up at the first sign of any potential meal, or if the occasional visitor attracts their attention… You can witness Ebony and Zoysa’s afternoon feed around 4:15 pm (except on Friday’s) and watch these magical creatures in action.


beautiful images

Wolf at Exmoor Zoo Maned wolf at Exmoor Zoo Baby big cats at Exmoor Zoo Singing dog at Exmoor zoo Lynx at Exmoor zoo Caracal baby at Exmoor zoo Wolf at exmoor zoo big cat at exmoor zoo

So on your next stay at the Best in Britain award winning Beach Cove, make sure to visit Exmoor Zoo for some fantastic educational and interactive talks, jaw droppingly beautiful animals and a glimpse at the magical Exmoor Beast!

Happy Adventuring Zoo Goers!

Images provided by Exmoor Zoo

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