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explore Penrith with a treasure trail

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July 19, 2017

A Fantastic Way to See the Local Area & Great Fun for All the Family

Treasure Trail booklets provide a fun way to explore areas across the UK with self-guided tours which take on a different theme and character depending on the location. Booklets are available for areas all around Cumbria, with Penrith’s trail taking the guise of a Spy Mission! Taking approximately an hour and a half to complete, the trail covers a circular route of 2 miles and is suitable for adults and children aged over 6 – there is even a free text service to receive clues if you get a bit stuck…


what is a treasure trail exactly?

Treasure Trails booklets can be purchased from and provide a great way to learn about the local area, with booklets available for dozens of locations all around the UK. They provide an ideal way to explore either the areas nearby to where you live or places that you are visiting on holiday. You can start and finish your adventure whenever you like too – although waiting for daylight is recommended. You can order a printed book, or download an electronic version and print it off yourself…then go out and do some good old-fashioned exploring!


explore as you enjoy themed adventures

Take on the character of a spy, a detective or a treasure-hunter and create your own story as you follow the trail and solve a series of clues whilst taking in the best of the local sights and scenery. Great fun for children and adults.


explore on foot, get on your bike or in your car

Most of the trails – including Penrith’s,  are designed to be explored with a leisurely walk. However, there are also a number of trails that cover larger areas and are designed to be undertaken on a bike or in a car. The bike and car trails consist of a number of stops, where you get off your bike or out of your car to read the next clue. The driving trails consist of both walking and driving, with around 2 miles of walking at each stop; creating a longer day of exploring which will usually take 4 to 5 hours to complete. The cycling trails are plotted along established cycle paths and again consist of stop-offs where you will explore on foot.


see penrith from a different perspective

If you think you’ll enjoy this creative and quirky way to explore Penrith then download your map and clues from the TreasureTrails website. There are a huge number of trails available, including dog friendly adventures!


You can purchase your copy of the Penrith Spy Mission Treasure Trail from the website here. The booklet costs £6.99 at the time of writing.

Book your stay at Thanet Well Lodge Retreat and look forward to exploring the stunning local area.

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