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fall in love with your new lifestyle

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February 9, 2016

If you are looking for a luxury holiday home, now is the perfect time to buy! Our exciting new offer will be running from now until the end of February, when you purchase with Darwin Escapes, you can enjoy an amazing romantic break away for two!

You are also guaranteed to start loving your new lifestyle, by being able to move in by the end of February! (see our ownership team for more details). So now is the best time to start falling in love with your new lifestyle, but what will it look like I hear you ask? Well I am here to tell you…

a weekend in the life of an owner

A Thursday afternoon, the day before the weekend starts, one of the hardest days of the week. The clock is ticking and I can’t stop watching it, I’m just waiting for the end of a long week after a hard slog in the office, I get home on a dull and dark afternoon and all I want is a break. And then I remember my glorious holiday home, my peaceful sanctuary away from everyday life. Friday starts and I get excited, my escape is near! I clock watch and then…

just imagine…

Friday afternoon is finally here! All that counting down is done, my weekly holiday escape is here at last. I grab my partner and off we go, jump in the car and drive straight to our sanctuary, the anticipation building with every mile we get closer. Pulling into my drive way, my luxury holiday home is like a shinning beacon at the end of my stressful week, I walk through the front door and I feel the tension slip away in my shoulders. Everything is how I left it last weekend, I don’t need to think about the weekly shop, having to stand in line at the supermarket, (getting coughed on or listening to all the domestics going on), no weekly clean to think about (we all know we do one). I drop my bag on the bed and we head out to the on-park restaurant, sit down at our usual table, say hello to Dave the waiter (he knows what we like) and we enjoy a mouth watering meal, simply delicious. Then we sit at the bar for a couple of hours, see our friends from number 13 and number 16, talk to Shelly at the bar, have a few drinks before taking a slow wander back to the warmth of our home away from home.

exploring at our pace

Waking up and walking out on my private decking area, coffee cup in hand, I stand and stare at the breath taking views around me, getting more excited about the adventures I’m going to have this weekend! Dressed and raring to go, we skip out the door (because I don’t run…) and take a lovely stroll around the nature walks, down to the beach and enjoy the sand in my toes (not in my sandwiches) and drop into the local tea room with the afternoon tea that’s calling my name. Then we head back to our home, and sit out on our secluded decking, light the BBQ, get the neighbours round and have a great night, a few drinks and lots of laughter.

perfect relaxation

Sunday is a relaxing day, off to the spa to have my usual full body massage and a rejuvenating facial, a fantastic reset button for the week ahead. I then sit by the pool for the rest of the day, until we leave to go back to the daily grind, but with a spring in my step from my relaxing and fun weekend away, in my favourite place, my second home. Ready to come back next weekend, more adventures and more friends to see, we may even take the bikes this time!

no booking, no waiting…

It all just sounds too good to be true, but it really isn’t! This is the lifestyle of an owner with Darwin Escapes, and it can be your new lifestyle, every weekend, just dropping everything and having a fun and relaxing, a holiday whenever you like. You don’t have to wait for the kids school holidays, or trying to get a week off in work, you can literally just get up and go, no packing, no booking, no waiting. A great new lifestyle is waiting for you to fall in love with it…

Why not take a look at our ownership opportunities? We offer great low finance rates, so getting your home away from home is easier thank you think and as stress-free as you could want it to be!

Welcome to Holiday Freedom Ladies & Gentlemen!

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