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halloween 2015 events in Isle of Wight

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October 21, 2015

Isle of Wight lives up to its spooky reputation this Halloween, take a look at what’s on

Known globally as the ‘ghost island’ the Isle of Wight lives up to its name during the Halloween period, with a whole month’s worth of festivities to choose from, you wont miss out on any of their Isle of Fright fun! Here are a few to have a look at if you are planning on being at Woodside Coastal Retreat this All Hallows Eve!

electric woods

Although this is not on over Halloween, it is part of the Isle of Fright festival events. A spectacular festival of lights inspired by the Hindu festival Diwali, the glorious woodland is transformed into a stunning spectacle of light and colour. Capturing the spirit of the most popular festival in the Indian calendar, the Electric Woods festival has a brilliant colour walk, where, armed with coloured powder, you will ward off evil spirits lurking in the woodland glades. An authentic Indian menu, with kebabs, curry’s, Asian treats and traditional teas all prove to be a true taste of India. Every Saturday the woodland opens an hour later for music from Dr. DJ, who plays a great mix of Bollywood classics and modern day floor fillers, see the amazing Bollywood dancers perform and watch the homecoming lantern parade. Also keep an eye out for the spectacular falconry show in the woodland amphitheatre on special dates. A great family evening out with so much going on!

spooky castle week

This great week long event on the Isle of Wight lives up to title of the Island’s most haunted castle. Pop along to the family event and take the kids before the trick or treating starts! With lots of Halloween crafts, prizes for the best costume and fun for all the family, this is a great place to start your Halloween night off. You can wander around the gardens with the Victorian ghost hunters who will tell you grisly tales of times gone by – learn about the creepy happenings of the early years. Pass by the graveyard and find out how some of the occupants met a gruesome death, you may even see a ghost wandering around stuck in the afterlife. Carisbrooke Castle is a wonderful and magical place to visit, it will entice and entrance you, and the little ones, in all the bone chillingly right ways! Pop along and have a blast!

park of the dead

Running since 2012, Park of the Dead is a live action scare experience like no other. The stories have loosely followed on from each other since the conception, but you don’t have to have been to the others to follow or find this scary! Park of the Dead Presents Lab 17! Scientists need all remaining human survivors after the zombie outbreak so they can try out a new virus, because this always ends oh so well… They want to create a ‘super solider’ (there is only one Captain America!) that the zombie’s can’t detect, but only certain people take to the virus, what happens to everyone else? This is a terrifying live-action horror experience and from the moment you enter through the gates you are in a world of military experiments. By taking part in this you will be submerged in the unspeakable horror and history that happened all those years ago. Park of the Dead is based on part true life events and the sketchy military history of Puckpool Park many years ago. This is a high intensive experience, you must expect loud noises (mainly me screaming), flashing strobe lights, extreme darkness and moments of madness. Only enter if you dare, not for people of a nervous disposition or the faint hearted. I am so excited for this.

Happy Halloweening ghosts and ghouls! Have a fangtastic half term and Halloween!

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