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halloween 2015 events in surrey

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October 21, 2015

Surrey is full of spooky secrets and fangtastic tales, have a look what’s going on for Halloween 2015. Tilford Woods Lodge Retreat is a relaxing place to spend your Halloween this year, you can sit back and enjoy the scenery and sounds from your lodge. Or if you fancied venturing out here are a few events to maybe take a look at, they are not to far to away for some spooky fun!

ghost tours

Hampton Court Palace has loomed over the river Thames for the best part of 500 years, so with this much history there are sure to be skeletons in the closet somewhere – let’s hope they aren’t real ones! Go along on a Ghost Tour and delve into the spooky stories and terrifying tales of the past, join the state apartment wardens and experience the unique atmosphere of the apartments and the witness the deserted courtyards after dark. Visit the site where in the 1870’s, two bodies were found, then hear the tale of the Tudor nurse who is said to still haunt the halls of her former home. Decide for yourself the mysterious image caught on CCTV in the palace in the dead of night. Are you brave enough to walk through the Gallery, in the dark, where poor Catherine Howard was dragged to her death by her husband’s guards? This is one Halloween you wont forget, make sure you wrap up warm as the weather won’t be the only thing giving you the chills!

psycho cinema showing

If you fancy watching a scary film this Halloween, but like me and aren’t brave enough to do it alone, then pop on down to the Aldridge Theatre and watch the ultimate scary movie. Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ redefined the horror genre but it also created a whole new type of movie, the Slasher film. Some the most celebrated cult classics would never have been made without Hitchcock’s influence, anything by Wes Craven never would have seen the light of day! The films explicitness in violence, sexuality and mental health disorder put most funders off the project, but this made Hitchcock even more persistent and he managed to create an amazing legacy for film fans everywhere. This is a great way to spend Halloween, enter into the Bates Motel, visit with Norman and see if you come out unscathed!

circus of horrors

This is the very show that stormed to the final of Britain’s Got Talent and is now a west-end hit show! It is returning to Surrey for its 21st Anniversary to celebrate in style! Set in Victorian London in 1899, the ‘Welcome to the Carnevil’ is set in a time of Jack the Ripper and when freak shows were all the rage! With decrepit zombies, sword swallowers, demon dwarfs, acrobats and killer clowns (are there really any other kind?) this show is sure to spook and scare you! A brilliant show for everyone to enjoy, the show is ruled by the undead and ends in an awesome flaming apocalypse, do not miss out on this spooktacular show! Think if Tarantino had directed Cirque Du Soleil, then you would be half way there…

Happy Halloweening ghosts and ghouls! Have a fangtastic half term and Halloween!

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