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have you been to Newquay Zoo? here’s why you should!

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March 19, 2019

Newquay Zoo offers a fantastic day out for all ages, with fascinating animals, adventure play areas and so much more to learn about


Our 5 star Piran Meadows Resort & Spa is only a 15 minute car journey from the wonderful Newquay Zoo, where you can visit over a thousand endangered and rare animals. The zoo is located in 13 acres of tropical gardens in Cornwall, where you can watch the lions devour their lunch or head into the Tropical House to visit the adorable sloth! There’s more than animals to entertain at the zoo, from fun family activity trails and adventure play areas, to the fantastic Dragon Maze. This post is all about what Newquay Zoo can offer you, read below for more.


the animals

Newquay Zoo is home to 130 different species all spread over various exhibits, such as the African Savanna Exhibit, which is home to a roaming, mixed herd including zebras, nayala antelope and black wildebeest.

The zoo has all the family favourites, including a manic mob of meerkats, strikingly beautiful red pandas and cheeky otters playing in the river. But as a designated conservation charity, Newquay Zoo is home to a range of endangered species and takes part in the breeding programmes worldwide, helping to save species from extinction. We’ve listed some of the beautiful and endangered species you’ll see at the zoo, with a nice fun fact about them too!

  • Sulawesi Black Crested Macaque – a critically endangered species, who have a large cheek pouch, which can hold the same amount of food as their tummies!
  • Yellow-Breasted Capuchin Monkey – a highly intelligent and critically endangered species, who have been known to use rocks and sticks as tools. There is only 2% of their natural Brazilian rainforest habitat left in the world.
  • Hoffman’s Sloth – visit the endangered two toed sloth, whose fingers and toes have grown into one, which makes them lose their function. But sloths are not to be messed with, those claws make formidable weapons


explore & experience

Explore further into the zoo’s grounds for some extra fun, including face painting, activity trails for the whole family to follow, woodland walks to discover, children’s play areas and the great Dragon Maze, which will keep all ages entertained.

Head to the Village Farm for familiar farmyard animals, including pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, pygmy goats and more! The children can enjoy some time in the run with the wonderful pygmy goats and being able to feed the farm animals.

Newquay Zoo offers experience days for all ages, including the Junior Zoo Keeper for 8 to 14 years old, where the children will get first-hand experience of what it’s like to work with animals. The Penguin Encounter is ideal for penguin lovers of 8 years old and above, as they’ll help to feed the colony of Humbolt Penguins and get within touching distance of them! Over 15’s can opt for the Zoo Keeper Experience, which starts at 10:30am and ends at 4:30pm, throughout the day you will visit different sections of the zoo, help to prepare feed and meet the primates, birds, carnivores and the unusual species in the Tropical House.

You can also make your own contribution to conservation by adopting one of the adorable animals, you’ll even get an Animal Adaption Gift Pack.


opening times & prices

Opening times at the zoo depend on the time of year, but last admission is always an hour before closing
Winter: 29th Oct – 31st March, 10am to 4:30pm (last admission at 3:30pm)
Summer: 1st April – 27th Oct, 10am to 5pm (last admission at 4pm)


Ticket Type Cost
Adult £15.25
Child £11.45
Family £47.75


Enjoy a family day out at Newquay Zoo and explore the different exhibits to meet the many animals who call the zoo home. Learn about the conservation efforts of the zoo and how they help critically endangered species in the wild by taking part in the International Breeding Programme.

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