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have you visited Birdworld yet? here’s why you should!

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May 9, 2019

In Surrey, you’ll find the fascinating Birdworld park, where you can meet and learn about a large variety of birds from all over the world. Located only a 15 minute drive away from our five star Tilford Woods Lodge Retreat, Birdworld in Farnham, is a fun and educational day out for all ages, with over 2000 species of birds and other animals to learn about.

Birdworld is part of a number of international breeding programmes and helps the conservation of many of its animals, as well as promoting their conservation knowledge, so we can all help save habitats!

the history of Birdworld

Surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Surrey, Birdworld offers a fabulous day out and has done since it opened to the public in 1968.

Originally a family run business by Roy Harvey and his family, the park became a popular attraction and grew, adding new exhibitions, including the aquarium and children’s farm.
In 1996, Birdworld was bought and is still owned, by a local business called Denys E. Head Ltd. The new owners continued to develop the park over the decades, with the most recent additions including Parrots in Flight and the award-winning, Penguin Beach exhibition.

Conservation work and development is always at the forefront of the Birdworld ethos, helping to protect the future of the species and creating the most natural and enriching habitats for those in captivity.

penguins of Birdworld in Surrey

At Birdworld there are two penguin species to visit, the Humbolt Penguins, which originated in Peru and Chile, as contrary to popular belief they actually thrive in hot climates, with cold water near to their colony so they can fish. The park has enjoyed impressive success in breeding, with over 300 Humbolt Penguins either increasing or establishing colonies all over the world.

Visit the award-winning Penguin Beach to meet the African Penguins, who also enjoy a warm climate. The attraction is a recreation of South Africa’s Roben Island, which is most famously known for the prison that held Nelson Mandela as a political prisoner. However, Roben Island is also home to an abundance of wildlife native to the island, including African Penguins.

animal exhibitions at Birdworld

There are countless exhibitions to explore at Birdworld, Farnham, and we’ve listed a few of the best ones for you:

  • Parrots in Flight as one of the parks largest aviaries, Parrots in Flight is a free flying space where you can sit back and enjoy the colourful and comical displays of a number of macaws, cockatoos and parakeets.
  • Outback Landing an exhibition with a playful Australian theme, which offers a walkthrough (and possibly duck) experience, with zebra finches and budgies, as well as a range of other small birds.
  • Temperature House & Aquarium a cool undercover area where pretty birdsongs are joined by relaxing background music. Immerse yourself and meet a large variety of birds, and a range of cold water fish.
  • Owl Talks daily talks lead by expert keepers, which offer a wide variety of owls in all shapes and sizes, you’ll get some wonderful insights into how these fascinating birds live and eat.
  • Children’s Farm head to the farm for all the mammals at Birdworld, including rabbits, guinea pigs, donkeys, ponies and even Reindeer!

daily events available

There are a number of annual events held at Birdworld in Surrey, including Easter Egg Hunts and Santa’s Grotto, as well as the option to book wonderful Animal Encounters available for all ages. But there are also a range of daily events available for everyone to enjoy, including the ever popular Penguin Feeding time, where you can learn more about them and watch them chase each other and dive for their fish!

The whole family will enjoy the Outdoor Flying Display, with talks offering insights into the amazing birds as they swop through the audience. The Discovery Theatre Show is an indoor event, which showcases birds in their natural habitats and offers a fascinating presentation too.

opening times & prices

Birdworld is in Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4LD. A 15 minute drive from Tilford Woods Lodge Retreat.
It is open every day, 10am – 6pm (last admission is one hour before closing)

Prices for 2019

Ticket Type Cost
Child 3 – 6 Years
Child 7 – 15 Years

Birdworld, Surrey offers a fantastic day our where you can see more than 2000 species of animals, including crocodiles, piranha and seahorses in the aquarium. And with development continuing, you never know what you might see next!

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