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have you visited the Lake District wildlife park?

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July 11, 2019

The Lake District Wildlife Park offers a wonderful day out for all ages, with over 100 animal species to meet and learn about. Located only a 10 minute drive from our own Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat, the Lake District is spread over 100 species of animals and learn about them from their dedicated keepers.

Conservation is at the centre of everything the Lake District Wildlife Park does, they support various charities and are members of BIAZA, while taking part in a number of endangered species breeding initiatives. The friendly Ring Tailed Lemur at the Wildlife Park are one of the most successful breeding pairs to be in captivity.

the animals at Lake District Wildlife Park

With over 100 species to meet on your visit to the Wildlife Park, you are sure to find your favourite animal friends. We’ve put together a small list of the animals you can see at the Lake District Wildlife Park.

  • Lar Gibbons – these are the smallest members of the ape family
  • Mandrills – beautiful colourful faces, they are the world’s largest monkeys
  • Asian Short Clawed Otter – a crowd favourite, they are very sociable animals
  • Brown Capuchin – made famous by the ‘Night at the Museum’ movie franchise, these monkeys are very intelligent and are known to use tools to open hard nuts
  • Brazilian Tapir – they are excellent swimmers, with a brilliant sense of smell and good hearing, but they do have very poor eyesight
  • sian Lynx – although they became extinct in the UK nearly 10,000 years ago, they actually would have lived in the Cumbrian forests
  • Red Panda – always a crowd pleaser, they actually have fur on the soles of their paws to keep the warm in the cold climates
  • Scottish Wild Cat – these are critically endangered in Scotland, with only 200 left in the wild
  • Alpaca – a friendly heard of 4 live at the Wildlife Park, Alpaca’s were domesticated around 7000 years ago

The Lake District Wildlife Park is also home to a wonderful range of birds and reptiles, including:

  • American Bald Eagles
  • Turkey Vultures
  • Harris Hawk
  • Emus – which are the second largest birds and can run up to 30 miles an hour
  • Burmese Python – one of the largest species of snakes in the world
  • Standings Day Geko – the largest species of geo and they found in Madagascar
  • African Spurred Tortoise

The Lake District Wildlife Park has much for all ages to discover, from all the wonderful animals you can meet, to the exciting daily activity programme available. The programme changes every day and includes activities such as, bird of prey flying displays, opportunities to cuddle a Guinea Pig, watching various animals’ feeding sessions and fantastic keeper-led talks to learn more about the fascinating creatures around you.

opening times & prices

The 2019 opening times for the Lake District Wildlife Park are:
March – October: 10am – 5pm / November – February: 10am – 4pm

Prices for 2019 are:
Adult £9.95 / Child £7.95

Spend the day enjoying all that the Lake District Wildlife Park has to offer, including the outdoor play area and indoor play space, which also includes a soft play zone and ball pool zone.

The fantastic gift shop has a wide range of toys to take home as souvenirs, it’s also the first point of call for animal adoptions to help the charities and conservation efforts of the Lake District Wildlife Park. You can also book a range of fabulous Keeper Experiences at the gift shop, on these experiences you can join the friendly and dedicated keepers for the day and meet some animals up close and personal.

So the next time you’re staying with us at Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat, take a 10 minute drive to the wonderful Lake District Wildlife Park.

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