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hidden gems of Bath

May 5, 2016

There are a number of fabulous places to visit in the beautiful city of Bath, ranging from the cultural epicenter that is the Roman Baths to to the perfect afternoon tea served at the Pump Room. All the while you have the option to retreat from the crowds to the peaceful tranquility of Bath Mill Lodge Retreat which is only a 15 minute walk away from the city centre. With so much to see and do you are sure to have a great time when you visit this fabulous city, but what about the hidden treasures? Read on for more…

Alexandra Park – stunning views

Okay I know this isn’t a hidden gem so I thought I would get it out there first, but bear with me here. The views you can get of Bath city from the Alexandra Park are second to none, no matter what the tour guide books say, you will not see beauty like this anywhere. The park is only a 5/10 minute drive from the city centre (or jump on the number 13 bus) and once there follow the path along the left side of the park to the top. Then stand in awe of the stunning views of the historic city below, while surrounded by the natural beauty of the park.

Victoria Falls Adventure Golf – hidden fun

Victoria Park gets all the glory and the Victoria Falls Adventure Golf is often a foot note in most guides, but this beautifully landscapes, 18 hole course is perfect for everyone. Located in the heart of the historic Georgian city you will have a great time playing over waterways and waterfalls, as well as the challenging 15 hole in the middle of the lake! Family fun Adventure Golf, with spectacular surroundings, in the middle of Bath City.

Sotto Sotto – best Italian food in Bath

Awarded the Best Italian Restaurant in Bath at the Good Food Awards, Sotto Sotto is one of the best places to eat in the city. Surrounded by the ancient Roman walls at the Thermaine Spa, Sotto Sotto sets an immeasurable atmosphere to anywhere you have visited before. Relying on the simplicity of their dishes, the quality of talent and delicious ingredients shine through the choices on the mouth watering menu. Be sure to book into this stunning restaurant to avoid disappointment.

Bath Aqua Glass

A place that specialises in stained glass, glass blowing, hand made jewellery and decorations, as well as public demonstrations and activity classes. Bath Aqua Glass is a relaxing day out watching the masters at work, as well as being able to try it yourself! It’s great for birthdays, hen do’s and even a romantic activity for two with the breath in a heart bauble class. Something for everyone to enjoy, with outstanding art work to feast your eyes on, and even purchase!

Toppings & Co. Booksellers

Also if, like me, you are a bit of a book geek and love a good book store to lose yourself in, visit the historic Toppings & Co. Booksellers in the centre of the city. With one of a kind signed copies and first additions, the geek in you will lap it up! They also often host events and talks from celebrities and authors like nature lover Chris Packham, Schindler’s Ark novelist Thomas Keneally (the basis of the Schindler’s List movie) and Formula 1 superstar Mark Webber. Something for everyone’s appetite.

So that’s some food for thought around Bath’s hidden gems! Happy Adventuring Ladies and Gents!

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