Are you looking to catch some waves in Dorset? Well, worry not, as we’ve done the legwork to highlight the top 5 places to surf in Dorset, so you don’t have to!

Whilst surf in the UK is far from consistent, it more than makes up for it in diversity! With five surfing schools and lots of places to hire boards dotted along the coast, Dorset is a great place to learn. Locations in Dorset may not be considered the best, or most reliable surf spots in the UK, but the county’s natural offshore reef means that waves form well even without a great deal of groundswell. Dorset can therefore offer great surfing in the right conditions that can cater to both experienced and novice surfers.

1. Kimmeridge Bay

Kimmeridge Bay is something of a legendary place on the south coast. It is home to some of the best waves in the country and is nestled amongst the breathtaking scenery of the Jurassic Coast. It is well known as both a surfing venue and a windsurfing hotspot and is also where the renowned custom board shaping and repairs company, K-Bay, derived its name. To get to Kimmeridge Bay you need to pay a small toll, and then you can park just a minute’s walk from the slipway (you may have to pay for parking).

The wave itself is a very consistent long mellow reef break that favors left-handers. The surf is usually best in the winter months, and it works best in offshore winds from the north. It is worth noting, however, that the beach shares a border with a military firing range, and there have been reports of shells landing out to sea. Therefore remember to take heed of the red flag, as you could encounter a lot worse than rough seas!

2. Bournemouth Beach – the pier, and at Southbourne

A popular spot due to its close location to the town, Bournemouth Beach has fun, beach-break peaks with sandbars anchored by the pier. The Eastside is the most popular spot, with left-handers heading back into the pier and faster rights leading down the beach. There are more peaks on the west side without the SW wind protection. On a solid SW groundswell and N wind, there are decent barrels for the taking. There are also a number of surf schools on the beach, making Bournemouth Beach a perfect place for beginners. In the summer months it can often be crowded, and competition for waves can be tough. On sunny summer days where the beach is heaving, you are probably better off visiting another of the places on this list!

3. Highcliffe Beach

With views facing out across Christchurch Bay and the Isle of Wight, Highcliffe Beach is a popular resort beach as well as a surfing destination.

The surfing itself is pretty variable, as it is a fairly exposed beach break that only works when conditions are just right – it can often be a bit slow and crumbly. Winter is the best time of year for surfing here, and northerly winds are favorable. The wave itself tends to receive a relatively even mix of groundswells and wind swells and the ideal swell angle is from the southwest. The beach break provides good left and right handers on its day, although Kimmeridge and Bournemouth beach is arguably more consistent.

4. Durlston Point

Perfect to visit if you are staying at Wareham Forest Lodge Retreat, Durlston Point is a variable point break located in the shelter of some imposing limestone cliffs off Durlston Head. Winter is the best time of year for surfing here, and ideal winds are from the west, although there is some shelter here from southwest winds. Wind swells and groundswells are in equal measure, and the ideal swell angle is from the southwest. The best time to surf is around low tide.

Although the site is a bit hit and miss, when conditions are right, Durlston Point can provide some of the best point break waves that the UK has to offer, however, these days are extremely rare, and there are many more consistent places in the vicinity. There are relatively few surfers here, even on good days, however, beware of rocks and rips, if you are inexperienced I would recommend Bournemouth Beach as a better spot to build your confidence.

5. Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis Habour Wall in the South Coast of England is a quite exposed point break that has unreliable waves, which are best during winter months. Despite not being renowned as a surf destination, Lyme Regis does offer up some decent surfing conditions. Plenty of reefs make for predictable breaking sets and easy paddle-outs. There are safe sand-bottomed smaller waves close to the harbour in the bay right through to the punchy reef wedge, thus there is something for everyone. Whilst Lyme Regis isn’t on the map for the serious surfer, as long as you are willing to get out there and enjoy it, you can still have plenty of fun!

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We all know that British weather is a little unpredictable, you can go out with your biggest coat on and it’ll be 15 degrees, or pop out to the shop in a jumper and it feels like it’s -20 degrees! But there is nothing worse than being stuck inside on a rainy day with nothing to do…well we’re here to help!

We can guarantee you most things your Darwin Escapes break away, fantastic facilities, glorious accommodation, super-friendly service and more, but we can’t guarantee the weather for you. So whether you’re relaxing on the south coast or searching for adventure up north, we thought we would put together the ultimate list of things to do on a rainy day with your children!

All our resorts are the perfect escape away, with stunning accommodation waiting for you and lots of family fun to be had, even on those rainy days. Our list can be done anywhere, if you’re struggling for things to go at home or searching for ideas while on holiday, our accommodation has everything you need for a self-catering break away in the UK and comes ready for all occasions – even bored children on rainy days.

Start planning your activities with our ideas below:

1. get out the board games

family of 5 sitting on the floor playing board games

So this isn’t ground-breaking we know, but you can’t beat an old-faithful! Board games have been entertaining families and children of all ages for thousands of years (maybe don’t quote us on this).

Whether you’re looking for brain teasers like Scrabble, Boggle, or Articulate, where you can sneak in a little education for those little ones. Or if you’re looking for something thrilling like Buckaroo (yes, we really get thrills when that donkey bucks!). Test your detective skills with Clue, get old school with Connect 4, see what happens with the Game of Life or you could settle in for a lengthy game of Monopoly and try not to have an argument.

The choices of board games are endless these days, so this is a great choice a rainy day activity that gets everyone away from the screens!

2. get baking

African father and son have fun in the kitchen cooking and baking together

This one will require a little clean-up, but there will be so much fun had you won’t mind!

Little hands love baking and the list of tasty treats you can create is truly unlimited. Start with the ever-popular fairy cake (we dare you to try and not lick the bowl!), or be a touch more adventurous and maybe try your hands at homemade pizzas! Just Google some pizza recipes and see how easy it really is, pick your favourite toppings and make your perfect pizza each! Or opt for some easy biscuit recipes and cook up some chocolate chip cookies to taste. Or for something with little fuss, you can do the always popular corn flake cake, where all you need is chocolate, and cornflakes!

If you’re on holiday with us here at Darwin Escapes, you’ll find your fully-fitted kitchen (oo-la-la) in your holiday accommodation fully stocked with everything you need for a baking session with your little one, from pots and pans to chopping boards.

3. make a den

little cute Asian girl playing under the table in a den, with pillows, duvets and blankets

A really clever and simple idea for endless fun with imagination on a rainy day.

Another old faithful, you can make your den as simple or extravagant as you wish. Go old school with pillows on the floor, a sheet over the table, and snacks. Up your game a little with a tablet or some books for a cosy little getaway inside your living area, or go all out and drape some fairy lights over, put all the cushions and blankets on the floor, create a door out of sheets and set up your tablet and tasty treats for the ultimate movie time!

If you don’t want movie time, you can get the imagination going with endless games. Pretend your in Neverland with Peter Pan and hiding from the Pirates, or pretend your the Pirates looking for Peter. You could be in a castle waiting for your knight in shining armour, or you could be getting ready to kick your own way out of the fairytale tower and rescue yourself! There are so many possibilities waiting for you!

4. drawing games

little girl colouring with pencils at the table and smiling

All you need is a pen and paper for hours of fun for this underrated rainy day activity!

Children and adults of all ages love colouring and creating, whether you’re 8 or 58, put a pot of colouring pencils and a fresh sheet of paper in-front you and you’ll spend hours creating your very own little scene! Challenge yourselves to create the best house or castle, let little ones create their favourite scenes and then spend the next hour guessing what it is (is it a dog or a heart? it’s beautiful either way!).

You can also try some great games including an old school game of noughts & crosses (how many rounds can you win in a row?) create your own battleships grid and place your ships for a bit of strategic playing, or even have your own version of Pictionary!

You’ll have hours of laughter with each game, and for the little ones, a good educational game like hangman will help with spelling. Plenty of opportunity for sneaky teaching with fun with this rainy day activity for kids.

5. dance off

mother, father and little girl dancing in the living room

Burn off all that extra energy and dance like no one is watching (because no one is!)

Put on your favourite upbeat tunes and start boogying (is that what they say nowadays?). Create a playlist or for the ultimate thrill put your music on random and see what hidden songs you’ve forgotten you had (is there some NSync hidden in there?).

Challenge yourself to see who can dance the longest, or play a good old game of musical chairs or musical statues. Make it more challenging with an obstacle course of pillows and blankets, or simply just have a really good dance off and pick a judge, and don’t forget to up the game with some epic lip sync battles!

6. make a scrapbook

grandmother and granddaughter doing crafts together and creating scrapbooks

You don’t need a lot for this one!

Although this sounds like a lot of work, you actually don’t need a lot at all. You can use magazines, newspapers or photographs (if you have them handy) and sellotape to create a fabulous scrapbook! Use coloring pens and pencils, colourful paper or toilet rolls and put all the pieces of paper together to make your own scrapbook.

You can choose themes and create a scrapbook for each one such as pets, holidays, favourite books or movies. Choose your own theme and create a fantastic scrapbook with your little one.

7. have a fashion show

girl dressed up in mums clothes, with bowler hat on and hiding her face in the hat

Loads of laughs to be had with a fantastic fashion show.

Stretch a sheet out on the floor, set some chairs alongside it, if you have fairy lights dangle them across the chairs and you have yourself a very cosy-looking catwalk! Put on some music for ambience and strut your stuff.

The children can dress up in their fanciest clothes, or dress up in your clothing, or create your best superhero outfits out of bedsheets and make logos on sheets of paper.

8. toilet roll crafts

handmade toilet roll crafts, flowers, bunnies and little characters

Now the panic buying of toilet rolls is over, you may have a lot of empty toilet rolls hanging around the house ready for some fun crafts!

All you need for this is colouring pens or pencils and toilet rolls, if you really want to go fancy you can use glitter and glue! There are limitless little characters you can create with empty toilet rolls. Try your hand creating a little farm filled with animals, make cows and pigs and even make the farmer!

If you really wanted a challenge, why not create a fairy house? Google toilet roll fairy houses and make your own adorable abode for Tinkerbell and her pals, this really is one of the most fun and creative rainy day activities.

Those are our top picks for rainy day activities with your children. Hopefully, we have helped to brighten up those cloudy skies and have given you some inspiration for fun activities you can do whether you’re at home or with us at one of our stunning resorts.


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Britain is teeming with natural wonders for everyone to discover, we’ve listed a few here with Darwin Escapes’ nearest accommodation for you to start planning your trip and beating the staycation boom!

There’s never been a better time to explore the British coastline, there really is so much to do for the whole family. Whether you’re into watersports, mountain climbing or just looking for the perfect beach holiday to sit back and take in the sun, you’ll find it with us. Our stunning destinations are spread around the UK, so you can enjoy a lodge holiday break, with spectacular facilities, in all corners of the country, from the very tip of picturesque South Cornwall to the stunning Scottish coastline, we will have the location for you.


Durdle Door

Photo of the Durdle Door in Dorset from the water edge















Possibly one of the most famous landmarks in the UK, Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch along the Jurassic Coast. Although open to the public, it is privately owned by the Welds family who own around 12,000 acres in Dorset in the name of the Lulworth Estate.

nearest resort

Cheddar Gorge

Photo of the Cheddar Gorge during a sunset















Offering the most beautiful of scenery, the limestone Cheddar Gorge is in the heart of the Mendip Hills. It is home to the Cheddar show caves where Britain’s oldest human skeleton, Cheddar Man, was found and dated at over 10,000 years old.

nearest resort


The Needles

Photo of the Needles in the Isle of Wight













The amazing world-famous attraction is a row of three stacks of chalk that rise about 30 metres out of the sea. The Needles Lighthouse is on the outer end of the rocks and was built in 1859.

nearest resort


Snowdonia National Park

Photo of a lake in Snowdonia National Park















The national park is a region in North Wales where includes mountains and stunning glacial landforms. Home to Mount Snowdon, Wales’ highest mountain you can enjoy breathtaking views from the peak, which stretch across the sea to Ireland on a clear day.

nearest resort


Scafell Pike

Photo of Scafell Pike in the Lake District







Climb the highest mountain in England, which is around 978 metres above sea level. Located in the Lake District National Park, Scafell Pike is part of the British National Three Peaks Challenge for avid climbers.

nearest resort


Winnats Peak

Photo of Winnats Pass in the Peak District















Take a trip down the winding road of the limestone gorge. The ridges were thought to have formed as a ravine between coral reefs that originally formed the limestone.

nearest resort


Darwin Escapes has glorious holiday destinations in the UK for you to explore, from the Yorkshire Wolds to the Welsh coast. We are sure to have the perfect holiday break away for you, book now and beat the staycation boom!

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Recently we’ve all been stepping outside more and exploring the stunning UK landscape, so now is the time to discover your holiday alter ego and find the perfect outdoors holiday break for you!

Whether you’re looking to sunbathe on every beach in Cornwall, wander the Yorkshire Wolds, or explore the legends and mountains in North Wales, we have the perfect resort waiting for you. In this post we’ve grouped together the types of outdoor getaways you may be looking for and have picked our top destinations where you can enjoy that type of holiday. Read below and find out your holiday alter ego is…

hiking your way

Is walking the countryside and climbing mountains your kind of thing? We have the best resorts to base yourself from where you can see some of the most spectacular sights in the UK.

The Lake District

our resorts: Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat & Thanet Well Lodge Retreat

man standing on a hill overlooking a great lake in the lake district


The Peak District

our resort: Rivendale Lodge Retreat

man standing on a mountain over looking the peak district landscape of mountains


North Wales

our resorts: Talacre Beach Resort & New Pines Holiday Home Park

groups of people walking towards snowdonia

surfing around

Spread your toes in the sand, chase the summer sun and spend endless days surfing in the sea. Explore the home of UK surfing in Cornwall or find secret beaches in Devon when you discover surfing is the way forward!


our resorts: Piran Meadows Resort, Sandymouth Holiday Resort & Mullion Cove Coastal Retreat

people walking towards the sea with their surfboards



our resorts: Hawkchurch Resort & Spa & Beach Cove Coastal Retreat

surfer on a wave at sunset



our resort: Wareham Forest Lodge Retreat

man teaching young boy how to surf

woodland wanderings

Lose yourself on woodland walks and explore long-lost trails. British woodlands are places of mystery and legends, find your favourite area and discover the hidden history.


our resort: Norfolk Woods Resort & Spa

couple walking with their dog



our resort: Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club

family walking in the woods



our resorts: Bath Mill Lodge Retreat & Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa

couple walking and talking in woodland next to the lake


Isle of Wight

our resorts: Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat & Woodside Coastal Retreat

multi generational family walking through the woods

Have you found your outdoorsy alter ego? Find your holiday inspiration and explore the UK like never before!

search for your holiday getaway

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It’s that time of year, where we embrace the UK’s rainy days! We’ve got all the best rainy day activities that are perfect for you and your family to get stuck into this Autumn and Winter!

Whether you’re at home or on holiday with us at a Darwin Escapes location, these rainy day ideas will be a great tool in your kit. We’ve got everything from fun attraction ideas to things you can do in the living room.

go puddle hunting

Don your best wellington boots and go puddle hunting! The winner will be whoever finds the biggest puddle to jump in.

visit an aquarium

Aquariums are places filled with wonder and magical sea creatures in the eyes of a little one! Find your nearest one and venture out, but if you’re staying with us in York at Kilnwick Percy don’t miss The Deep Aquarium for one of the best experiences in the country.

create a living room cinema

Pick your favourite movie, close the curtains, get some popcorn and snuggle on the sofa! Enjoy the cinema without leaving your living room.

play a board game

A classic rainy day activity for all the family to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for the simplicity of Connect 4 or craving a Monopoly marathon, all Darwin Escapes accommodation offer a variety of board games to enjoy!


Cook up a storm in the kitchen and bake the best cakes to eat on a rainy day. Whether you’re at home or on holiday, this is always a good activity because you get a tasty treat at the end! Our accommodation comes with a fully stocked kitchen with everything you need to be a master baker!

We hope you found our activity list helpful and you can now fill your rainy days with endless fun and activities! Why not book a holiday with us today and embrace those rainy days to put some of these activities to the test?

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Book your Arrive & Drive session at GYG Karting and get an exclusive Darwin Escapes discount code for this Championship Circuit. Hidden in the North Wales landscape, GYG Karting is Redbull’s No.1 kart track in the UK and is open all year round for you to enjoy! Ideal for families and people of all ages to jump in a go kart in one the longest tracks in the country, with a friendly team on hand to guide all skill levels.

Darwin Escapes have partnered with GYG Karting to offer you a fabulous 10% discount off Arrive & Drive sessions booked via their website. Use the code ‘darwin’ when booking for your discount to be applied.

what’s arrive & drive?

Open to anyone aged 9 and up, the Arrive & Drive session is a fun activity for all racing buffs, with both junior and senior kart available for a trip around the British Championship circuit.

Test your karting skills and learn some new ones with these sessions, with non-restricted Honda and Cadet carts. Get competitive with your family and friends as you zoom around the track and try to get to the top of the leader board.

You’ll be given a full safety briefing, racing suit and helmet before the 10 minute race. You’ll have a fabulous day out with all your friends and family racing around this extraordinary track in the heart of Snowdonia.

GYG Karting also have a number of other events you can book, including kids parties and large adult group bookings for Grand Prix experiences.

Aerial view of the GYG karting race track

Darwin Escapes has 4 beautiful locations in North Wales, each offering seaside holidays and holiday home ownership along the North Wales coastline. We will have something for everyone in this wonderful region of the country!

The exclusive Darwin Escapes 10% discount applies to the Arrive & Drive experience only. Use the code ‘darwin’ when booking your session online via their website.

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Whether you’re looking for a couples break or a full family holiday, we’ve put together the perfect guide to an Isle of Wight holiday

Darwin Escapes has two destinations on the Isle of Wight, Woodside Coastal Retreat and Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat. Both locations offer luxury lodge accommodation, with Woodside Bay being home to our beautiful quirky treehouses and gym, as well as our Bar & Bistro.

One of the main aspects to consider when booking your Isle of Wight getaway is the ferry trip. Wightlink Ferries offer trips from Lymington, Yarmouth and Portsmouth to either Fishbourne or Ryde, so it’s ideal to plan the times of when you dock on the island and the journey from the dock to our resort.

When you reach our resorts and you walk into your lodge, sit back and relax in your large open plan living space. Why not cook up a storm in the fully equipped kitchen before heading out to your private decking and take in the beautiful scenery, maybe in your own hot tub.

The island has so much to offer, we’ve listed our top choices of beaches, historical sites and family attractions to explore during your trip with us!


top four beaches

  1. Welcome Beach – also known as Lake Beach – has a designated watersports area here where you can surf, sail or go canoeing and so much more.
  2. Sandown Beach – visit this sandy sloping beach for a relaxing sunny day, head to the Sandown Pier for a variety of activities and amusements.
  3. Shanklin Beach – located on the southernmost tip of Sandown Bay, Shanklin Beach is a popular sandy beach for soaking up the sun.
  4. Whitecliff Bay – the picturesque sand and shingle beach is wonderfully relaxing, but you can also go on an adventure to the chalk Culver Cliffs which are of geological interest.


top four historical sites

  1. The Longstone at Mottistone – Mosttistone is a National Trust property and has lots to offer, including The Longstone. These are two pieces of Neolithic greensand sandstone, which are thought to mark an entrance to a 6000 year old burial ground.
  2. Brading Roman Villa – the ruins of this wonderful villa dates as far back as the first and second century. The centre has a range of mosaics and a visitors area. The villa was discovered when a 19th Century farmer was digging holes for a sheep pen and stumbled on a Roman villa.
  3. St Catherin’s Oratory – legend tells that a Lord was told to build the 12 metres high lighthouse in 1313 pay penance for taking some shipwrecked communion wine. Its modern replacement is the stunning St Catherine’s Lighthouse.
  4. Osborne House – this beautiful house was Queen Victoria’s home for the last 40 years of her life. The house is now open to the public where you can wander the rooms, including the Queen’s bedroom and visit the expertly manicured gardens. Don’t miss the Queen’s portable beach hut or the fun games from years gone by!


top four family attractions

  • Robin Hill Adventure Park & Gardens – a fantastic day out for all ages, with medium sized rides, a toboggan run, a maze, endless woodland to explore and an adventure playground.
  • Blackgang Chine – a great family day out with medium sized rides for all ages to enjoy. Try out the water slide, a rollercoaster and visit Restricted Area 5 for a selection of animatronic dinosaurs.
  • Tapnell Farm Park – an all-weather attraction for the littles, there are indoor soft play and outdoor adventure play areas, including zip wires, trampolines and go karts. There is also a petting zoo with farm animals, wallabies and meerkats.
  • Sandham Gardens – this fabulous play area is just around the corner from the brilliant Dinosaur Isle attraction. There is a skate park, football and basketball court to enjoy. As well as a separate toddler playground for the little ones. Try out the electric go karts and the dinosaur themed minigolf.


With so much to do why not book your Isle of Wight break away with us today? Our stunning accommodation offers everything you could need for a self-catering holiday, with our retreats being ideally placed to explore the island at your own pace.

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Adults like to be spooked on Halloween just as much as children right? Well here is the ultimate list of adult fright nights 2019 to get your adrenaline going…

If you’re interested in an adult fright night experience the DE HQ have braved the perils of searching the web for the ultimate live scare events in the UK. We searched through endless clowns, monsters and zombies to find these frightful events near our locations – so you can book your event and accommodation all in one go!

Read on to find the best live scare adult attraction near you this Halloween…

Fright Nights

At: Thorpe Park / When: 28th – 3rd Nov / Open times vary / Prices: £55 day pass

Thorpe Park is back with its award-winning adult fright night event with 2 brand new experiences in 2019. Hold your nerve at the 20 minute, utterly frightening, Terror at Amity High show, where you’re invited to the prom but will you survive the brutal vampires who are out for your blood? Or maybe Creak Freak Massacre is more your speed, where you’ll enter the abandoned Creek Woods Saw Mill and get around the unhinged resident family of lumberjacks. Other live scare attractions include Platform 15, Do or Die and Screamplexx, with so many more to give you the fright of your life this Halloween!

Nearest Location: Tilford Woods Lodge Retreat

FEAR Scream Park

At: Avon Valley / When: 18th Oct – 2nd Nov / Times: 6pm – 11pm / Prices from £13.50

FEAR was voted the UK’s Best Scream Park 2018 and is one of the most popular fright night events. There are 4 returning scare attractions for FEAR fans which are X4, Anarchy Live, Phobia: Rebirth and House of Clowns. But a new terrifying scare maze will be live this year and enter at your own peril! As well as the attractions, soak up the screams from the Halloween Festival of Freakalicious, which has immersive street theatre, fire dancers, an escape room, stilt walkers and fairground rides.

Nearest Location: Bath Mill Lodge Retreat

Adult Fright Night: Scare by Night

At: The BIG Sheep / When: 24th, 26th, 29th & 31st Oct / Times: 6pm – 10pm / £8.50 per person

The 2019 event holds more live actors, more gore and more screams at The BIG Sheep, where you can see your nightmares coming to life. The Haunted Hayride is back to take you on a journey through the Gates of Hell, where dreadful demons are inflicting suffering on lost souls. The Haunted House is brand new for 2019 and is upping this adult fright night scare factor with each having an interactive terror waiting just for you! Jump on the Hell Train if you dare, then tackle Arachnophobia and the Twister Terror ride. This is a very popular event in Devon so make sure to get your tickets today.

Nearest Location: Beach Cove Coastal Retreat


At: Dreamland / When: 18th Oct – 1st Nov / Times vary / Standard: £27 Fast Track: £42

Every year Screamland outdoes itself and 2019 is no exception, with interactive actors, sideshows and twisted mazes to scare you. This year they’ve teamed up with Hamer Horror, one of the most famous names in horror for the brand new Woman in Black attraction where you’ll find some of the horrors most infamous characters. Each scare attraction has a completely different experience to scare everyone, with other live scare attractions including the frightful Condemned Carnival, The Brotherhood and Submerged.

Nearest Location: Canterbury Reach Lodge Retreat.

Fright Fest

At: Poltimore Manor / When: 25th – 26th Oct / Times: 6pm – 11pm / Tickets to be released

In its first year, Fright Fest is sure to be a terrifying fright night in Exeter with a guided tour of the haunted Poltimore Manor. Explore the history through a scary horror maze, learn about the manor and how it ended up in a dilapidated state, but you won’t be alone… There will also be music and entertainment all night, including food vendors and a bar.

Nearest Location: Hawkchurch Resort & Spa


At: York Maze / When: 11th Oct – 2nd Nov / Times: 6.30pm – 11.30pm / Ticket prices vary

Back with a bang, Hallowscream has over 100 actors and 5 separate live action haunted houses, as well as stage shows and creepy characters roaming around the maze. Based on a farm, legend tells us there was an awful tragedy 1873 and every year on Halloween the restless souls return to find who’s responsible. Head to the live scare attraction 2073 and get thrown into a ‘post Trump’ nuclear apocalypse, where zombies are running free and society has broken down. Corny’s Carnival has had a terrifying update, including shrinking rooms, rooms that spin and defy gravity, all filled with demonic clowns and mind blowing illusions!

Nearest Location: Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club

Terror Island

At: Blackgang Chine / When: 19th Oct – 2nd Nov / Times: 6pm – 10pm / Prices: £23.50 per person

Terror Island lets you explore one of the Isle of Wight’s most popular attractions in a fantastically frightful way! This adult fright night includes 3 terrifying attractions, The Blood Shed is a serial killers secret hideaway of rotting cabins and half human incumbents. The ancient spirits of the sea are angry with St Catherine’s Lighthouse and are out for vengeance and blood. A Pagan deity has invoked a hex on mankind in Hexcavation after being unearthed during an archaeological excavation. As well as the live scare attractions making you scream, there are two rides available, Cliff Hanger and Waterforce, along with tarot card readings, street food, entertainment and a DJ.

Nearest Location: Woodside Coastal Retreat

Ffear Fforest

At: Zip World / When: 25th – 31st Oct / Times: 7.30pm – 9.30pm / Prices: £25 per person

Head to the famous Zip World for a fantastic fright night in the wild! There will be scary characters hiding all over the woods, go for a ride on the Cursed Coaster and twist through the forest with a spooky surprise trying to steal your soul at every corner. Your ticket also gives you access to The Nets where you’ll bounce your way through the jungle while trying to survive an attack of the clowns in Europe’s longest net walkway. Are you brave enough to try Nightfall? A killer clown will be waiting at the bottom of a trapdoor just for you…

Nearest Location: New Pines Holiday Home Park


At: Ormskirk / When: Selected date / Times: 7pm – 11pm / Prices vary depending on date

A terrifying and very popular adult fright night is waiting for you this Halloween. Brand new for 2019 is the Zombie Arms Freakston Brewery, where you can go after the 4 live scare attractions to slow your heart rate and enjoy the entertainment, including fire dancers, stage shows, music and high rise silk displays. The Zombie Outlaw attraction is a fantastic paintball experience where you’ll shoot anything that moves and stay away from the zombies. The Meat Locker will leave you running from Malachi’s slaughterhouse, as he’s found a way to be immortal by the consumption of human flesh, and it’s yours he wants next. Contagion will play with your mind as the insane clowns and freakish ghouls look to catch you and devour you. Welcome to Farmageddon!

Nearest Location: Talacre Beach Resort

Adult Only Fright Nights

At: Pirates Quest / When: Available All Year / Prices: £12.95 / Call to Book 01637 873379

A very popular walkthrough experience in Newquay. You can experience a real life horror movie Halloween, explore the Cavens and caves, while always on the lookout for those disease ridden Pirates, who are more than happy to get up close and personal with you! You’ll be entering a fully immersive, live scare walkthrough, sure to frighten you, while trying to navigate the dark and dank Pirate’s caves.
Nearest Location: Piran Meadows Resort

So have you found your live scare event for Halloween from our ultimate guide to the top 10 adult fright night attractions in the UK? Let us know which one you visit…and good luck!

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Visit the stunning village of Cheddar for Easter and explore all that the Somerset region has to offer for the chocolatiest time of year! Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa offers a wonderful base to explore all that the local area has to offer, while also being home to 5 star facilities and luxurious lodges for all to enjoy. Somerset is filled with family fun activities this Easter, and we’ve listed our favourite in the surrounding areas of Cheddar Woods. During the Easter weekend at Cheddar Woods, our fantastic Go Active team will be hosting a range of special Easter themed events, so pop along to the Go Active desk or reception for more information about how you can join in!

crafty cats easter activities

When: 16th April / Where: Bishop’s Palace

Explore the beautiful Bishop’s Palace & Gardens and meet the famous bell-ringing swans before taking part in the wonderful Easter themed workshop, which includes making bunny masks, weaving Easter baskets and creating Easter egg mosaics.

easter egg-stravaganza

When: 6th – 28th April / Where: Wookey Hole

Join the Easter Bunny for some fabulous Easter fun and games at the Wookey Hole, take part in the competitions and every child receives a free Easter gift! Included in your ticket for the Easter Egg-stravaganza are the 20 fantastic attractions at Wookey Hole, including the 4D cinema, plan barns, a wonderful mirror maze and crazy golf, as well as meeting the Witch of Wookey Hole!

cadbury easter egg hunt

When: 19th – 22nd April / Where: Barrington Court

Explore the Tudor manor, the resorted farm buildings and the beautiful gardens of Barrington Court, while taking part in the annual Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt. Follow the trail and answer all the clues to claim your chocolate prize!

glow in the dark egg hunt

When: 6th – 22nd April / Where: Cheddar Gorge Caves

Explore the hidden depths of Gough’s Cave and see how many glowing hidden eggs you can spot. You can visit the Cave where the Cheddar Man was found and see how archaeologists think he used the caverns and tools around the live, hunt and survive. If you’ve see the Channel 4 documentary about Cheddar Man your interested will be peaked and now is the ideal time to visit the beautiful Cheddar Gorge and see the history behind the TV show, while also spotting some fabulous glowing eggs and a possible chocolate surprise!

Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa is a 5-star, award winning destination and the ideal place to base yourself while exploring Somerset and all the Easter activities and events in the region. And if you don’t want to leave at the end of your holiday? No problems, Cheddar Woods also offers holiday home ownership, so feel free to visit the Sales Reception while there to find out some more information.

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Adventure seekers of all ages will enjoy the activities available at Keypitts Off Road Adventures in North Devon, which is open all year and in all weathers!


Located only a 10 minute drive from our beautiful Beach Cove Coastal Retreat, you can go off roading in Devon at the fantastic Keypitts Off Road Adventures. Originally a family farm, the owners branched out in 1998 and for the past 20 years have created a business allowing people to enjoy the adventure activities available around the farm.

To book any of the below activities call 07446078190 or email the team on [email protected]


4×4 land rover experience

Enjoy 4×4 off roading in North Devon with the Land Rover Experience. You can either drive or be a passenger on 200 acres of challenging terrain, navigating a difficult course in a Land Rover Discovery. Learn new skills and gain confidence in off roading in Devon.

Time Type of Experience Cost
30 – 45 minutes Driver (must hold full licence) £80
Same as above Passenger (up to 3 with driver) £10 per passenger
Same as above Instructor Driving (4 passengers) £80

axe throwing

Try out this brand new craze and test your throwing skills with this exhilarating activity. The axes you’ll be throwing are professional grade, with options of the Tomahawks and Mousehawks for smaller people. You won’t just be aimlessly throwing an axe, there will be 3 marked targets, with a point scoring system and each target gets harder. There really is a technique to throwing an axe!

Time Cost
30 minutes £12.50

battlezone archery

Get involved in an action packed, adrenalin-filled game for teams of equal players, played across a purpose built battle field layout. The scoring for Battlezone Archery is simple, there are 6 specially designed bunkers, each with a target cone in front of them, you’ll score 50 points for hitting a cone an 30 points for eliminating a player. The equipment has been specifically designed for Battlezone Archery, with the arrows having rounded rubber tips to absorb the impact when hitting a player. As well as all the equipment being safe, players are also kitted out in body protectors, a safety mask, with arm and finger guards also available.

Time Players Cost
60 minutes Min 6 – Max 24 £25

quad biking

Off roading in Devon is more than driving a 4×4 with Keypitts, the quad bikes are huge fun for all ages and abilities! Keypitts has a range of quad bikes to suit all ages, from the electric bikes and Suzuki 50cc for the children, and the Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda 90cc for the younger riders with a little more confidence. Older children and adults can enjoy the 125cc Yamaha Breeze’s. Everyone receives a full brief from the instructors, with training on the inflatable practice track, before gaining more confidence on the tyre track. Once you, and the instructors, are comfortable and happy, you’ll go off roading around the terrain of the farm. The little ones will generally remain on the enclosed inflatable track, to learn a new skill safely.

Type of Run Ages Times Cost
Badger Run 5 – 7 years old only 15 minutes £15
Novice Run 8 years and up 45 minutes £39
Skill Run 8 years and up 49 minutes £49
Superskill Run 8 years and up 75 minutes £59

Enjoy your adventure off roading in North Devon at Keypitts, where you can learn new skills from trained instructors in a safe but fun environment for all abilities.


Beach Cove Coastal Retreat – a beach getaway for two

Beach Cove Coastal Retreat is located only 10 minutes away from Keypitts Off Road Adventures, making it the ideal place to base yourself while exploring Ilfracombe and North Devon.

Our unique beach huts sleep 2 people in stunning studio-style accommodation with kitchen facilities, including an oven, hob and fridge. Depending on the accommodation you choose, you may also find a coffee machine and a king size bed, with our Premier range of accommodation offering hot tubs for you to relax in style and soak up the surrounding nature.

The beach huts are only a 2 minute walk from the Hele Bay beach, guests can enjoy a relaxing and romantic getaway, while adventure seekers can enjoy all the off roading delights only 10 minutes away at Keypitts.

Book your holiday getaway to Beach Cove and soak up the sun and sea, while exploring the beautiful North Devonshire coastline

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