We all know that British weather is a little unpredictable, you can go out with your biggest coat on and it’ll be 15 degrees, or pop out to the shop in a jumper and it feels like it’s -20 degrees! But there is nothing worse than being stuck inside on a rainy day with nothing to do…well we’re here to help!

We can guarantee you most things your Darwin Escapes break away, fantastic facilities, glorious accommodation, super-friendly service and more, but we can’t guarantee the weather for you. So whether you’re relaxing on the south coast or searching for adventure up north, we thought we would put together the ultimate list of things to do on a rainy day with your children!

All our resorts are the perfect escape away, with stunning accommodation waiting for you and lots of family fun to be had, even on those rainy days. Our list can be done anywhere, if you’re struggling for things to go at home or searching for ideas while on holiday, our accommodation has everything you need for a self-catering break away in the UK and comes ready for all occasions – even bored children on rainy days.

Start planning your activities with our ideas below:

1. get out the board games

family of 5 sitting on the floor playing board games

So this isn’t ground-breaking we know, but you can’t beat an old-faithful! Board games have been entertaining families and children of all ages for thousands of years (maybe don’t quote us on this).

Whether you’re looking for brain teasers like Scrabble, Boggle, or Articulate, where you can sneak in a little education for those little ones. Or if you’re looking for something thrilling like Buckaroo (yes, we really get thrills when that donkey bucks!). Test your detective skills with Clue, get old school with Connect 4, see what happens with the Game of Life or you could settle in for a lengthy game of Monopoly and try not to have an argument.

The choices of board games are endless these days, so this is a great choice a rainy day activity that gets everyone away from the screens!

2. get baking

African father and son have fun in the kitchen cooking and baking together

This one will require a little clean-up, but there will be so much fun had you won’t mind!

Little hands love baking and the list of tasty treats you can create is truly unlimited. Start with the ever-popular fairy cake (we dare you to try and not lick the bowl!), or be a touch more adventurous and maybe try your hands at homemade pizzas! Just Google some pizza recipes and see how easy it really is, pick your favourite toppings and make your perfect pizza each! Or opt for some easy biscuit recipes and cook up some chocolate chip cookies to taste. Or for something with little fuss, you can do the always popular corn flake cake, where all you need is chocolate, and cornflakes!

If you’re on holiday with us here at Darwin Escapes, you’ll find your fully-fitted kitchen (oo-la-la) in your holiday accommodation fully stocked with everything you need for a baking session with your little one, from pots and pans to chopping boards.

3. make a den

little cute Asian girl playing under the table in a den, with pillows, duvets and blankets

A really clever and simple idea for endless fun with imagination on a rainy day.

Another old faithful, you can make your den as simple or extravagant as you wish. Go old school with pillows on the floor, a sheet over the table, and snacks. Up your game a little with a tablet or some books for a cosy little getaway inside your living area, or go all out and drape some fairy lights over, put all the cushions and blankets on the floor, create a door out of sheets and set up your tablet and tasty treats for the ultimate movie time!

If you don’t want movie time, you can get the imagination going with endless games. Pretend your in Neverland with Peter Pan and hiding from the Pirates, or pretend your the Pirates looking for Peter. You could be in a castle waiting for your knight in shining armour, or you could be getting ready to kick your own way out of the fairytale tower and rescue yourself! There are so many possibilities waiting for you!

4. drawing games

little girl colouring with pencils at the table and smiling

All you need is a pen and paper for hours of fun for this underrated rainy day activity!

Children and adults of all ages love colouring and creating, whether you’re 8 or 58, put a pot of colouring pencils and a fresh sheet of paper in-front you and you’ll spend hours creating your very own little scene! Challenge yourselves to create the best house or castle, let little ones create their favourite scenes and then spend the next hour guessing what it is (is it a dog or a heart? it’s beautiful either way!).

You can also try some great games including an old school game of noughts & crosses (how many rounds can you win in a row?) create your own battleships grid and place your ships for a bit of strategic playing, or even have your own version of Pictionary!

You’ll have hours of laughter with each game, and for the little ones, a good educational game like hangman will help with spelling. Plenty of opportunity for sneaky teaching with fun with this rainy day activity for kids.

5. dance off

mother, father and little girl dancing in the living room

Burn off all that extra energy and dance like no one is watching (because no one is!)

Put on your favourite upbeat tunes and start boogying (is that what they say nowadays?). Create a playlist or for the ultimate thrill put your music on random and see what hidden songs you’ve forgotten you had (is there some NSync hidden in there?).

Challenge yourself to see who can dance the longest, or play a good old game of musical chairs or musical statues. Make it more challenging with an obstacle course of pillows and blankets, or simply just have a really good dance off and pick a judge, and don’t forget to up the game with some epic lip sync battles!

6. make a scrapbook

grandmother and granddaughter doing crafts together and creating scrapbooks

You don’t need a lot for this one!

Although this sounds like a lot of work, you actually don’t need a lot at all. You can use magazines, newspapers or photographs (if you have them handy) and sellotape to create a fabulous scrapbook! Use coloring pens and pencils, colourful paper or toilet rolls and put all the pieces of paper together to make your own scrapbook.

You can choose themes and create a scrapbook for each one such as pets, holidays, favourite books or movies. Choose your own theme and create a fantastic scrapbook with your little one.

7. have a fashion show

girl dressed up in mums clothes, with bowler hat on and hiding her face in the hat

Loads of laughs to be had with a fantastic fashion show.

Stretch a sheet out on the floor, set some chairs alongside it, if you have fairy lights dangle them across the chairs and you have yourself a very cosy-looking catwalk! Put on some music for ambience and strut your stuff.

The children can dress up in their fanciest clothes, or dress up in your clothing, or create your best superhero outfits out of bedsheets and make logos on sheets of paper.

8. toilet roll crafts

handmade toilet roll crafts, flowers, bunnies and little characters

Now the panic buying of toilet rolls is over, you may have a lot of empty toilet rolls hanging around the house ready for some fun crafts!

All you need for this is colouring pens or pencils and toilet rolls, if you really want to go fancy you can use glitter and glue! There are limitless little characters you can create with empty toilet rolls. Try your hand creating a little farm filled with animals, make cows and pigs and even make the farmer!

If you really wanted a challenge, why not create a fairy house? Google toilet roll fairy houses and make your own adorable abode for Tinkerbell and her pals, this really is one of the most fun and creative rainy day activities.

Those are our top picks for rainy day activities with your children. Hopefully, we have helped to brighten up those cloudy skies and have given you some inspiration for fun activities you can do whether you’re at home or with us at one of our stunning resorts.


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We’ve put together the ultimate holiday checklist of all the things you need to remember to make the most of your UK getaway. Staycations are the perfect getaways for all, whether you’re looking for a family break or a romantic escape, our resorts are waiting for you!

There is so much to discover with a UK holiday break, whether you’re searching for your next adventure, or looking for summer breaks on golden sands and blue seas, Britiain has such a massively diverse landscape that  you can choose any type of holiday and it will be waiting for you to discover.

So here at Darwin Escapes HQ, we’ve put our brains together to come up with this definitive list of what you need to look at before booking your staycation.

breathtaking views

You’ll discover some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, from the stretch of sandy beaches in Dorset to the dramatic mountains of the Lake District.

family fun activities

If you have little ones, activities in the park are a must! Some of our parks have a full Go Active+ program, including climbing walls, archery and some even have an outdoor splash zone.

delicious food

With darwin escapes, you’ll have one of the area’s best restaurants on your doorstep. Relax and kick back with a drink from our fully stocked bars.

relaxing spa treatments

Everyone loves to unwind on holiday. all our spa locations offer relaxing treatments such as a full back massage, refreshing facials and nail treatments

first-class facilities

If you’re looking from saunas and steam rooms or Jacuzzi’s and swimming pools, Darwin Escapes’ handpicked destination are ideal for you

beautiful accommodation

The accommodation makes the holiday, our self-catering lodges are second to none. With sumptuous king sizes beds, luxurious ensuites and spacious, yet stylish, living spaces that trump any hotel room you can find.

Are you ready for a perfect Staycation? Make sure you’ve gone down our checklist to ensure you have the perfect summer holiday with Darwin Escapes this year! We have 17 handpicked holiday locations with 8 of our destinations offering holiday home ownership if you never wanted to leave us!

discover our destinations

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It’s that time of year, where we embrace the UK’s rainy days! We’ve got all the best rainy day activities that are perfect for you and your family to get stuck into this Autumn and Winter!

Whether you’re at home or on holiday with us at a Darwin Escapes location, these rainy day ideas will be a great tool in your kit. We’ve got everything from fun attraction ideas to things you can do in the living room.

go puddle hunting

Don your best wellington boots and go puddle hunting! The winner will be whoever finds the biggest puddle to jump in.

visit an aquarium

Aquariums are places filled with wonder and magical sea creatures in the eyes of a little one! Find your nearest one and venture out, but if you’re staying with us in York at Kilnwick Percy don’t miss The Deep Aquarium for one of the best experiences in the country.

create a living room cinema

Pick your favourite movie, close the curtains, get some popcorn and snuggle on the sofa! Enjoy the cinema without leaving your living room.

play a board game

A classic rainy day activity for all the family to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for the simplicity of Connect 4 or craving a Monopoly marathon, all Darwin Escapes accommodation offer a variety of board games to enjoy!


Cook up a storm in the kitchen and bake the best cakes to eat on a rainy day. Whether you’re at home or on holiday, this is always a good activity because you get a tasty treat at the end! Our accommodation comes with a fully stocked kitchen with everything you need to be a master baker!

We hope you found our activity list helpful and you can now fill your rainy days with endless fun and activities! Why not book a holiday with us today and embrace those rainy days to put some of these activities to the test?

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Whether you’re looking for a couples break or a full family holiday, we’ve put together the perfect guide to an Isle of Wight holiday

Darwin Escapes has two destinations on the Isle of Wight, Woodside Coastal Retreat and Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat. Both locations offer luxury lodge accommodation, with Woodside Bay being home to our beautiful quirky treehouses and gym, as well as our Bar & Bistro.

One of the main aspects to consider when booking your Isle of Wight getaway is the ferry trip. Wightlink Ferries offer trips from Lymington, Yarmouth and Portsmouth to either Fishbourne or Ryde, so it’s ideal to plan the times of when you dock on the island and the journey from the dock to our resort.

When you reach our resorts and you walk into your lodge, sit back and relax in your large open plan living space. Why not cook up a storm in the fully equipped kitchen before heading out to your private decking and take in the beautiful scenery, maybe in your own hot tub.

The island has so much to offer, we’ve listed our top choices of beaches, historical sites and family attractions to explore during your trip with us!


top four beaches

  1. Welcome Beach – also known as Lake Beach – has a designated watersports area here where you can surf, sail or go canoeing and so much more.
  2. Sandown Beach – visit this sandy sloping beach for a relaxing sunny day, head to the Sandown Pier for a variety of activities and amusements.
  3. Shanklin Beach – located on the southernmost tip of Sandown Bay, Shanklin Beach is a popular sandy beach for soaking up the sun.
  4. Whitecliff Bay – the picturesque sand and shingle beach is wonderfully relaxing, but you can also go on an adventure to the chalk Culver Cliffs which are of geological interest.


top four historical sites

  1. The Longstone at Mottistone – Mosttistone is a National Trust property and has lots to offer, including The Longstone. These are two pieces of Neolithic greensand sandstone, which are thought to mark an entrance to a 6000 year old burial ground.
  2. Brading Roman Villa – the ruins of this wonderful villa dates as far back as the first and second century. The centre has a range of mosaics and a visitors area. The villa was discovered when a 19th Century farmer was digging holes for a sheep pen and stumbled on a Roman villa.
  3. St Catherin’s Oratory – legend tells that a Lord was told to build the 12 metres high lighthouse in 1313 pay penance for taking some shipwrecked communion wine. Its modern replacement is the stunning St Catherine’s Lighthouse.
  4. Osborne House – this beautiful house was Queen Victoria’s home for the last 40 years of her life. The house is now open to the public where you can wander the rooms, including the Queen’s bedroom and visit the expertly manicured gardens. Don’t miss the Queen’s portable beach hut or the fun games from years gone by!


top four family attractions

  • Robin Hill Adventure Park & Gardens – a fantastic day out for all ages, with medium sized rides, a toboggan run, a maze, endless woodland to explore and an adventure playground.
  • Blackgang Chine – a great family day out with medium sized rides for all ages to enjoy. Try out the water slide, a rollercoaster and visit Restricted Area 5 for a selection of animatronic dinosaurs.
  • Tapnell Farm Park – an all-weather attraction for the littles, there are indoor soft play and outdoor adventure play areas, including zip wires, trampolines and go karts. There is also a petting zoo with farm animals, wallabies and meerkats.
  • Sandham Gardens – this fabulous play area is just around the corner from the brilliant Dinosaur Isle attraction. There is a skate park, football and basketball court to enjoy. As well as a separate toddler playground for the little ones. Try out the electric go karts and the dinosaur themed minigolf.


With so much to do why not book your Isle of Wight break away with us today? Our stunning accommodation offers everything you could need for a self-catering holiday, with our retreats being ideally placed to explore the island at your own pace.

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Surrounded by 35 acres of picturesque landscape, you’ll be surprised at all the activities available at Calbourne Water Mill. Our own beautiful holiday destination, Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat is only a 30 minute drive away from one of the oldest mills in the UK, which also offers a number of family fun activities to get involved in.

Calbourne Water Mill is the only working mill on the Isle of Wight and even today, it still produces around 40 tons of flour made in the ‘traditional’ way, this flour is used in the onsite café. Enjoy the acres of beautiful rural landscape, stroll around the small War Museum and step back in time with a number of rural exhibitions.

Calbourne Water Mill’s history

Over 1000 years old, the Calbourne Water Mill on the Isle of Wight was mentioned in the Doomsday Book in 1086, it was known as Mylplace Mill and had a Wheat and Malt Mill.

The mill has a varied and rich history on the island, changing ownership countless times through marriage and deaths, between 1592 and 1878. It was eventually sold to George Weeks, an accountant from London in 1878.

The last sale of Calbourne Water Mill took place in March 2000, when it was sold to the Chaucer Family, the current owners.

picturesque landscape to explore

With 35 acres of unspoilt nature to discover you can enjoy a relaxing walk and marvel at the sheer abundance of wildlife available.

Meet and feed the adorable plethora of feathered friends mulling around, including ducks, doves, moorhens and colourful peacocks. The wondrous oak woodland offers a stunning walking spot and being home to a number of animals, including foxes, badgers and friendly red squirrels, you’re sure to spot some curious creatures along the way.

The wildlife in the stream is season dependent, but you could see a number of different water wildlife here, including eels and large schools of fish, you can also pop into the shop for some fish food and watch as they jump for their favourite dinner.

If you love a beautiful view, take a short walk up the hillside for the most unbeatable, panoramic views of the surrounding villages and landscape.

things to do at  Calbourne Water Mill

Visit the small but fascinating War Museum at the water mill, where you can learn about the role that the Isle of Wight played during the war and see some interesting memorabilia.

A number of rural display exhibitions showcase collectables from years gone by, so you can see a taste of what life used to be like on the island. Exhibitions include a fire station, Granma’s kitchen and the old bakery, with many more to view.

The water mill helps the onsite Pottery, which crafts beautiful handmade souvenirs, you are able to watch the process and purchase a gift too.

Calbourne Water Mill also offers a range of family activities to enjoy, including Lego tables to let your imagination run wild and a giant chalkboard for your artistic skills. The Clay-Play area is a huge hit, a place where you can create and play, they use air drying clay so you can even take home what you make on the same day.

Try your hand at the Adventure Golf course, or opt for a relaxing time floating down the stream in the punts or pedalos, seeing the nature around you in a completely unique way.

Calbourne Water Mill café

The café uses flour made from the mill in its dishes, as well as locally sourced produce where possible, so you can be sure of mouth-watering freshly cooked food. Enjoy a selection of delicious meals and light lunches from their menu, including freshly made soup, sandwiches, pancakes and a range of children’s meals too.

The café also serves a variety of delectable homemade cakes and a wide range of wonderful cream teas to enjoy, while soaking up the surrounding views.

opening times & prices

The Calbourne Water Mill is located in the picturesque town of Calbourne on the Isle of Wight. Dogs are welcome at the mill, but it is requested they remain leashed.

Opening: March to November. Every day. 10am – 5pm.

Ticket Type Cost
Child 3 – 6 Years
Family (up to 5)


You’ll thoroughly enjoy a day out at Calbourne  Water Mill and be pleasantly surprised with all the things you can do, as well as learning about the islands oldest and only working water mill.

Our five-star, luxury holiday destination Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat is located only a half hour drive away from the water mill, making it the ideal place to base yourself on the island.

Woodside Bay offers wonderful facilities, including our Woodside Bay Spa Lodge which is home to our fully trained therapists, who offer luxurious Aromatherapy Associates treatments and beautiful views over the Solent from the decking. Indulge in a delicious meal from our Bistro Restaurant, serving a range of family favourites, after your meal head out to our outdoor sitting area to take in the panoramic views and relax with a drink from our fully stocked bar.

We offer a wide range of self-catered accommodation, from our quirky treehouses, where you can enjoy the peaceful escape of being surrounded by the treetops and the luxurious touches of copper finishing’s and a hot tub, only sleeping 2, this is the ideal place for a romantic getaway away on the island. Our variety of beautiful lodges are also on offer, these all come with large open plan living spaces, fully fitted kitchens, sumptuous sofas, spacious decking with wonderful views and a selection of our lodges come with hot tubs too.

Why not book your escape to Woodside Bay today and enjoy a holiday break to the Isle of Wight?

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Darwin Escapes boasts two wonderful locations in Devon for you to enjoy a festive break away with us and explore the Christmas market in the area


Book your winter getaway with us at Hawkchurch Resort & Spa in Axminster, South Devon or opt for a winter beach break at our Beach Cove Coastal Retreat in Ilfracombe, North Devon.

Both resorts are perfectly located to discover what the local area has on offer this festive season and we’ve listed the best Christmas markets in Devon here for you to visit too!


christmas shopping fayre

When: 29th Nov – 1st Dec / Where: Westpoint
3 days of fabulous festive shopping awaits you at this Christmas fayre. The event has been going for 28 years and is still just as popular as ever, with more stalls for you to find that perfect festive gift.

  • Over 250 stalls
  • Many new exhibitors
  • 100’s of new designers lines to look at
  • Christmas decorations
  • Jewellery, handcrafted gifts, artisan makers
  • Santa’s Grotto


North Devon christmas markets

When: 7th Dec / Where: Braunton / Times: 12 – 9pm
Head to the largest outdoor Christmas market in North Devon at Braunton, where you can get all the festive feels going with hundreds of stalls filled with goodies.

  • over 150 stalls
  • arts and crafts
  • festive food and drink available
  • games and rides
  • entertainment for all the family
  • local makers and traders offering unique gifts


christmas market

When: 8th Dec / Where: Ocean Exmouth / Times: 10:30am – 6pm
This market is all about the delicious festive food on offer! Get all your Christmas dinner ingredients here, as well as all those festive goodies we love at this time of year.

  • a foodies dream market
  • cakes, brownies and goodies
  • fresh main meal ingredients
  • Christmas decorations also available


Hartland christmas farmers market

When: 22nd Dec / Where: Hartland Parish Hall / Times: 10am – 1:30pm
Head to Hartland for this special Christmas farmers market which is perfect for all the fresh produce for your festive dinner. Arts and crafts are also available too!

  • 30 stalls of fresh produce
  • cheese, herbs, veg and meat
  • cakes, honey, chocolate, wine and treats
  • arts and crafts stalls
  • artisan candle stalls
  • cooked breakfasts on offer in the café


victorian evening

When: 4th Dec / Where: Market Square, Newton Abbot
Pop along to Newton Abbot this festive season for a fantastic Victorian themed night out, where you can learn about how the era influenced our traditions and enjoy plenty of entertainment along the way!

  • a wonderful themed charity event
  • festive street entertainment
  • local choir will be singing carols


polar express pyjama party

When: 14th Dec / Where: Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis / Times: 2pm start / Prices: £4.50
Although this isn’t a Christmas market, this really is an event you can’t miss! Don your favourite festive pj’s for a magical movie showing in the Marine Theatre.

  • not a Christmas market
  • wear your pj’s for a festive movie showing
  • watch the Tom Hank’s classic the Polar Express
  • Father Christmas and the Station Master will be there too!
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Wareham Forest Lodge Retreat is the ideal place for a winter getaway to Dorset this Christmas season


Get into the festive season this year and visit all the best Christmas markets in Dorset while being able to relax in our luxurious accommodation at Wareham Forest Lodge Retreat.


Bournemouth christmas market

When: 15th Nov – 1st Jan / Where: The Square, Bornemouth
With a large number of stalls and an Alpine Bar, there will be something for everyone to enjoy this festive season at the fantastic Bournemouth Christmas Market.

  • festive traders and local makers
  • two storey Alpine bar with festive drinks
  • purpose built entertainment hub
  • Christmas tree wonderland with over 100 glittering trees
  • Alpine Market with food, handmade goodies and decorations

Dorchester christmas cracker

When: 5th Dec / Where: Dorchester centre
Spread throughout the city, you’ll get into the Christmas cheer with this fabulous festive event showcasing food, gifts and entertainment.

  • a carol service in St Peter’s
  • mulled wine and mince pies
  • enjoy the lantern parade
  • Shire Hall holding a ‘Victorian Christmas’ event with costumes
  • Santa will be giving out presents to children
  • Christmas craft fair
  • handmade crafts and home accessories from local makers

christmas market RNLI

When: 8th Dec / Where: RNLI College / Times: 11am – 4pm
A wonderful festive event in aid of the RNLI, where you can enjoy festive food and Christmas shopping to get your festive cheer going.

  • over 40 stalls
  • mulled wine and festive food
  • live music
  • handmade arts and crafts
  • produce, jewellery and sweat treats
  • Father Christmas will be arriving via a lifeboat
  • workshops from The Creation Station
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Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club is perfectly placed Pocklington that you can enjoy the untamed Yorkshire Wolds, but only be a 30 minute trip to the city. Enjoy a trip to the historic York city and explore the famous York Christmas Market, we have all the details of the festive festival here in our post! We also have details of the other must-see Christmas markets in and around Yorkshire for you to really get into the festive spirit this year! Enjoy a festive break away with us at Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club…

York christmas festival

When: 14th Nov – 22nd Dec / Where: York City Centre

The medieval city will be hosting the ever-popular York Christmas Market again this year, where you can buy hand crafted goods, enjoy festive entertainment and even go ice skating.

  • mulled wine and festive food
  • Winter Wonderland area with fairground rides
  • Yuletide Village craft fair
  • live entertainment and music performances
  • ice skating rink
  • stalls from local makers and high street names

christmas gift & food fair

When: 23rd Nov / Where: Ripon Cathedral / Times: 9am – 5:30pm / Prices: £3 entry

This wonderful craft and food fair will be offering homemade and unique gifts from local artisan creators. There will be activities for all ages to enjoy, from shopping for the adults to the Santa’s Grotto for the littles.

  • over 100 stalls
  • local and independent businesses
  • live music throughout the day
  • mulled wine and Christmas theme treats
  • Santa’s Grotto
  • children’s activities

living north christmas fair

When: 14th – 17th Nov / Where: York Racecourse / Times: 10am – 4pm

A hugely popular festive fair to get the perfect Christmas gifts from local makers and designers. Beautiful and handcrafted Christmas decorations are also available to buy.

  • over 250 stalls
  • finest artisan food producers
  • local, regional and national makers
  • Christmas decorations
  • handmade goodies
  • afternoon tea also available

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Darwin Escapes boasts 3 stunning locations along the Cornish coastline, from Bude to the Lizard Peninsula, book your festive break and explore the Christmas markets


Sandymouth Holiday Resort in Bude offers a family focused destination with beach themed accommodation and stunning seaside views.

Located in the understand Newquay countryside, yet only a short drive to the famous Fistral Beach, Piran Meadows Resort & Spa has luxurious accommodation and 5 star facilities.

Mullion Cove Coastal Retreat offers a tranquil retreat on the Lizard Peninsula, where you can relax in luxurious lodge accommodation and explore the Cornish coastline.

Explore the Christmas markets all over Cornwall to get into the festive spirit!


Padstow christmas festival

When: 5th – 8th Dec / Where: Padstow
Now in its 12th year, the Padstow Christmas Festival is renowned for showcasing a spectacular selection of food and drink for the festive season.

  • artisan breads, cakes and chocolates
  • specialist cheeses and meats
  • range of award-winning craft beers and ciders
  • locally produced gins, rum and brandy

Macmillan christmas fair

When: 13th & 14th Dec / Where: The Eden Project / Tickets available now
Visit the world famous Eden Project and enjoy a festive market in a unique environment, while raising money for a worthy cause.

  • stalls with gifts and home accessories
  • clothing and jewellery
  • festive tasty treats available
  • free glass of wine to go alongside your shopping experience

Heligan christmas fair

When: 6th – 8th Dec / Where: Heligan Gardens
Heligan Gardens offers a truly unique and magical experience this festive season while you enjoy a wonderful Christmas fair.

  • artisan creators and makers
  • festively unique food and drink
  • jewellery, art and ceramics for perfect gifts
  • enjoy mulled wine and delicious treats

made in Cornwall christmas fair

When: 27th Nov – 1st Dec / Where: Truro’s Lemon Quay
Head to the Made in Cornwall Fair for the ultimate festive feels and stalls with traders that have been certified by Trading Standards that sell products which are genuinely made in the UK.

  • stalls from local artists and craft makers
  • indulge in festive food and drink
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Book your winter break away with us at Tilford Woods Lodge Retreat and explore Surrey at the most magical time of year. Surrey is home to a wide range of Christmas markets for you to discover while basing yourself in the sheer luxury of our lodge accommodation at Tilford Woods. With such a variety of markets to visit, there will be a perfectly festive day out for all!

Farnham christmas lights switch on

When: 16th Nov / Where: Gostrey Meadow

This fabulous event kicks off the festive season in Farnham so pop along and and enjoy a fun filled day out for all the family.

  • stalls selling hot food and drink
  • santa’s grotto
  • fairground rides for all ages
  • arts and crafts for the children
  • stage with live performances
  • shows by local theatre groups, school choirs and local bands

christmas craft fair

When: 16th Nov / Where: Rural Life Centre / Times: 11am – 4pm

Stroll around the stalls of handmade gifts and unique presents this festive season. All the craft creators are out in force for you to marvel at here.

  • Rural Life Centre turned into Winter Wonderland
  • Old Kiln Light Railway will take you through the woods
  • visit the Elves workshop
  • live animals will be in stalls
  • Father and Mother Christmas in their magical grotto
  • stalls filled with handcrafted goodies

Dorking’s christmas festival

When: 24th Nov / Where: Dorking centre / Times: 12 – 6pm

Head to Dorking for a family friendly festival where local businesses team up with musicians and artists for the fabulous lights switch on and Christmas event.

    li>retailers in town will be open late</li

  • produce on offer
  • special Christmas themed market in town
  • lots of entertainment to enjoy
  • live music and games
  • face painting and Santa’s Grotto

RGS christmas fair

When: 28th Nov / Where: Royal Grammar School, Guilford / Times: 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Enjoy a spectacular Christmas shopping night at the Royal Grammar School where you can buy a special gift for that special someone. The event is in aid of charity.

  • over 40 stalls
  • local crafters
  • handmade gifts from artisan makers
  • in aid of Shooting Star Chase, Cancer Research and Water Aid

santa’s christmas wonderland

When: 28th Nov / Where: Chessington Garden Centre / Times: 9am – 6pm

Pop along to Chessington Garden Centre and stroll around the shop for the ultimate gift this festive season, while marvelling at the stunning festive wonderland around you.

  • journey through santa’s grotto
  • santa’s elves will take you through the experience
  • join in with the craft workshop
  • there will be photo points and interactions
  • Santa’s Grotto
  • pick a present straight from the Toy Factory

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

All our resorts in England and Wales are now open.

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