We’ve found the best dog-friendly beaches for you and your four-legged pal when you’re on your pet-friendly holiday to our Piran Meadows Resort in Newquay

Whether you’re searching for the best dog-walking areas with stunning scenery or looking for a full family day out with your pooch, these sandy beaches are the perfect place for you. Enjoy the summer sun and surf the waters of the Cornish coast with your dog when you visit these beaches on your pet-friendly holiday to Cornwall.

Fistral Beach

Distance from resort: 20 min drive | Postcode: TR17 1HY | Dogs allowed all year round

One of Cornwall’s most popular beaches, with a surf centre, cafes, surfboard and wetsuit hire company – there’s so much to do here. With such a vast expanse of golden sands waiting for you, you’ll love a dog walk or a day sunning yourself at Fistral Beach.

Crantock Beach

Distance from resort: 20 min drive | Postcode: TR8 5RN | Dogs allowed all year round

A large, golden sandy beach that’s perfect for getting away from the busy summer crowds. Explore Piper’s Hole cave towards the western end of the beach, which has carvings dating back over 100 years.

Holywell Bay

Distance from resort: 20 min drive | Postcode: TR8 5DD | Dogs allowed all year round

This a beautifully deceptive cove, hidden behind large sand dunes you’ll find a mile stretch of white sandy beach waiting for you. Holywell Bay takes it’s name from the hidden cave in the northern side of the cliffs, which you can explore during the low tide.

Watergate Bay

Distance from resort: 20 min drive | Postcode: TR8 4AD | Dogs allowed all year round

Ideal for long walks along a sandy beach during low tide. The Extreme Academy calls this beach home, offering surfing, kitesurfing, and kite buggying, you can also enjoy delicious food with Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant on the beach front.

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Take a look at our list of top five dog-friendly beaches near Bude, Cornwall below, and enjoy a stroll with your four-legged best friend!

When you’ve found our perfect pet-friendly Cornish holiday spot at our beautiful Sandymouth Holiday Resort, the next step is to find the right sandy beach for you and your dog to explore. We’ve found all the nearest dog-friendly beaches near Bude for you and put them in one handy list, so you can explore the stunning Cornish coastline on your getaway.

Sandymouth Bay

Distance from resort: 5 min walk or 5 min drive | Postcode: EX23 9HW | Dogs allowed all year round

Super close to our resort, this beautiful sandy beach is only a five-minute walk away from your holiday home. The walk to the beach is quite steep and is not suitable for buggies or wheelchair users. Around two miles long, the beach is mostly pebbles during high tide but stretches out to golden sands during low tide.

Summerleaze Beach

Distance from resort: 15 min drive | Postcode: EX23 8HN | Dogs allowed all year round

A very popular beach with it being only a five-minute walk away from Bude town centre, but because of the vast size of this beautiful beach, it very rarely feels crowded. Popular with surfers, in particular, there are quite powerful waves here, so please take care if swimming. You’ll also find a fabulous sea-water bathing pool, which is protected from the swells and perfect for all weathers. You could also enjoy the Bude Tidal Pool, which provides sheltered swimming all year round! A fabulous family day out can be had at Summerleaze Beach. (N.B: dogs on leads between 10am and 6pm from 21st May to 30th September)

Breakwater Beach

Distance from resort: 15 min drive | Postcode: EX23 8HN | Dogs allowed all year round

Across the town from Summerleaze Beach, behind the breakwater (hence the name), is this pretty, quiet, shingle beach. Surrounded by grassy cliffs and open to the Atlantic Ocean, the waves are very powerful here. But you’ll enjoy a peaceful stroll with your fur buddy.

Northcott Mouth Beach

Distance from resort: 15 min drive | Postcode: EX23 9EL | Dogs allowed all year round

A fabulous expanse of sandy beach waiting for you to explore.

Widemouth Bay

Distance from resort: 20 min drive | Postcode: EX23 0AH | Dogs allowed all year on Black Rock & South Beach. Restrictions on the main beach: no dogs from 15th May to 30th Sept, between 10am and 6pm

Two miles of open sand to explore, Widemouth Bay was recently awarded the Blue Flag Award. Known for the fascinating rock formations, called ‘The Bude Formation’, this beach is not to be missed. Popular with surfers as it is exposed to the Atlantic swells, the beach also has a range of cafes, public toilet facilities and free parking!

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Whether you’re looking for a sandy beach dog walk or a full family day out with your best four-legged friend, we’ve found the best dog-friendly beaches in South Cornwall for you

When you book a holiday to Mullion Cove Coastal Retreat in South Cornwall with your pooch, walking on the golden sandy beaches is surely at the top of your list! All Cornwall’s beaches are dog friendly, although some do have certain restrictions during the summer months. We’ve put together our top four choices for you in this list, so you’ve got your pick of the best dog-friendly beaches in South Cornwall.


Caerthillian Cove

Caerthillian Cove on a sunny day, during high tide, with clear water washing over the rocks.

Distance from resort: 15 min drive | Postcode: TR12 7JX | Dogs allowed all year round

A pretty rocky inlet behind Lizard Point, this little cove is popular with bird watchers all year round and has an abundance of wildlife and perfect picnic areas.

Housel Bay

Distance from resort: 15 min drive | Postcode: TR12 7NU | Dog restrictions: no dogs from 1st July – 31st August, between 10am and 6pm

A beautiful hidden cove at the bottom of craggy cliffs. A wonderful place for a wander with white sand and turquoise water. Be careful, as you can become cut off during high tide.

Polpeor Cove

Distance from resort: 15 min drive | Postcode: TR12 7NU | Dogs allowed all year round

Very close to Lizard Point and the above Housel Bay. This stunning cove is dominated by the Old Lizard Lifeguard Station, with dark grey sand and beautiful blue water – a truly picturesque place for a stroll with your dog.

Kennack Sands Beach

arial photo of Kennack Sands

Distance from resort: 15 min drive | Postcode: TR12 7LT | Dogs allowed all year on the Eastside. Restrictions on the main beach: no dogs from 1st July to 31st August between 10am and 6pm.

A popular family beach, Kennack Sands is sheltered from the wind by being on the eastern side of Lizard Point. It’s also popular with surfers and has some interesting World War II defenses still standing along the east side of the beach.

find out more about Mullion Cove

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Have you ever thought about owning your own holiday home? We’ve got the top 10 reasons why buying a luxurious holiday home could be the right decision for you

There are endless reasons why holiday home ownership could be right for you, but we’ve put together the top 10 reasons and benefits that having your own personal escape brings.

Owning your own holiday home is much easier than you think, with our professional and friendly team taking you step-by-step through the process and offering affordable finance options, to help you spread the cost, owning your own holiday home could be just a click away. Read our finance guide for more information. In most cases, you could be in your holiday home with a couple of weeks of purchasing! Imagine starting a whole new lifestyle by next month!

Read our top 10 reasons why we think buying a holiday is one of the best things you can do…

impulsive getawaysYoung couple walking their dog along a hill by the lakes

When you own your own holiday home, there is no booking, searching for the best deal, frantically packing, and trying to stay under the airline’s weight limit. You can just get up and go! Owners often leave the necessities and luxuries at their holiday homes, meaning your packing can be as minimal as you choose, from taking all your DVDs for a movie marathon to bringing a fancy new dress for a night out in the onsite bar & restaurant.

amazing local areas

Darwin Escapes has a variety of destinations offering ownership, from North Wales to Cornwall, all our locations all have beautiful local areas waiting to be discovered. You’ll be able to spend sunny evenings strolling along the beach or heading to your local pub for a few drinks, or you may want to jump in the car for a short drive to the many retail parks, cinemas, and boutiques available around our destinations.

enjoying home comfortsfamily of 5 sitting on the floor playing board games

Your holiday home is exactly that, yours. Imagine going on holiday and being able to take your own style with you, everything inside your holiday home has been personally chosen by you and it’s exactly how you like it. Home comforts are a must when relaxing and recharging, you’ll feel at home as soon as you open the door.

reduced travel time

Owning your own holiday home means getting to go on holiday whenever the mood strikes!. When you go abroad you’ll normally spend a few months looking for the cheapest deal, then you’ll travel an hour or more to the airport, wait around in the airport for up to 3 hours, before sitting in an airplane for anything up to 8 hours. That is a lot of time spent on one or two weeks away! Whereas when you own your own holiday home, you’re generally only a few hours’ drive away from your own personal escape, and it’s waiting for you whenever you’re ready.

quality family timefamily having a running race outside their lodge with their pet dog

Modern living often means busy lives, finding quality family time can be a struggle. But owning your own holiday home means getting quality time is just a drive away, picking your little ones up on a Friday after school and heading to your personal escape is the quality time everyone needs. You can spend your weekends relaxing in your holiday home, exploring the local area, seeing friends and making the most of the facilities, there will be something for everyone.

more holidays

Due to less travel time, not having to pay every time you visit and not having to book, you can have as many holidays as you choose! Some of our destinations are open 12 months of the year, such as Hawkchurch Resort & Spa in South Devon, and some are open for 10 months out of the year, like New Pines Holiday Home Park in North Wales. Our ownership community often spend the 6-week school summer holidays at their home away from home, spending time together and relaxing, while enjoying the facilities and events taking place.

reduced cost per holiday

Did you know purchasing and running a holiday home is actually cheaper than a 2 week holiday abroad every year? Over a 10 year period a 2 week break abroad will cost you around £1.75 per hour*, over the same time period the cost of running a holiday home only costs around 50p per hour! That’s a big saving, plus you will get more frequent breaks throughout the year, not just for two weeks! Read our finance guide for more information.

*costs correct as of 2017.

no pet left behindFamily walking their pet dog through Norfolk Woods Resort & Spa

If you have a fur-baby, there no need to leave them behind, you’re holiday home is as pet-friendly as your residential home! The whole family can enjoy a holiday relaxing and exploring the local area on walks, there are so many new places waiting to be discovered (and sniffed!).

joining a friendly community

Becoming an owner means more than just finding the perfect escape for you. You’ll be joining a friendly community on the park, with all the little ones making life-long friends, with a range of family fun events to gather the community throughout the year, as well as spending time with friendly adults and enjoying the evening entertainment.

stress & guilt-free holidays

When owning your own holiday home you don’t have to feel guilty when wandering to the bar to watch the football game, or spending your day relaxing with a good book. You can truly relax and know that your family is as happy and content as you are, giving you that stress and guilt-free holiday you’ve been craving.

How does owning your own holiday home sound?

If you’ve been considering purchasing a holiday home and joining our ownership community, call our dedicated Ownership Team on 01745858010 or talk to an advisor via our Live Chat service. Darwin Escapes has a total of 8 sales locations for you to browse, each having its own unique character and offerings, we are sure to have the ideal holiday home destination for you.

Start your holiday home journey and enjoy your quality time!

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Did you know that when you own a holiday home at New Pines, it’s not only you that benefits from endless holidays, your dog does too!

Nestled in the Denbighshire countryside, but only a short distance from the golden sands of Rhyl Beach, New Pines Holiday Home Park offers the best of both worlds. Buying your dream holiday home in North Wales benefits everyone in your family, with a lifetime of holidays ahead of you to relax, and new places for your fur-baby to explore too!

Prospective owners at New Pines will be delighted to know that we are a very dog friendly park, from poop bags being available in reception and every staff member stopping for a quick puppy-cuddle, to the private and enclosed dog field on park. The field is ideal for your dog to have a free run around in a safe environment, burn off some energy and have a play with some other dogs from our friendly ownership community. Relaxing in your holiday home and getting away from the hustle and bustle will be the highlight of your weekends, as well as your dogs who will love exploring the holiday home and the park alike.

two little dogs in a pram
Millie and Chico hate leaving New Pines after a fabulous weekend


yorkshire terrier dog on sofa
Fred loves his trips to his holiday home


bullmastiff face looking sad at the camera
Willow is smiling on the inside, we promise


two dogs playing on the beach
Gracie and Pollyanna love Rhyl Beach and get so excited when they get to their holiday home!


little puppy with jumper on
Little Charlie is only 4 months old, our hearts collectively swoon for him


dog standing in field
Millie loves New Pines, it’s a great place to meet fellow puppy friends


three dogs running in the dog field at new pines
Helen, Zeus and Buddy love the dog field!


sausage dog next to doormat
Betty telling everyone the truth with her doormat


dog lazing around on the sofa of the caravan
Barney loves relaxing in his holiday home after a stroll around the park


Even More Reasons to Own at New Pines

If those cute little puppy faces didn’t sway you, we have even more reasons to own at New Pines!

Our friendly community of owners organise a wonderful variety of societies, including the Bowling Society and Golf Society, as well as taking care of the community allotments where you’ll be able to grow your own fruit and veg!

New Pines boasts five-star facilities, which our owners have unlimited access to, including the beautiful indoor heated swimming pool, relaxing spa pool, sauna and steam room, as well as the fully equipped gym being available. Indulge in a delicious meal at the Bistro Restaurant, which serves family favourite dishes for all ages, then sit back and relax with a drink from our fully stocked bar.

The children will love the daily children’s entertainment programme from cheeky Charlie Bear and his team of Rangers. They provide a whole host of activities, including arts and crafts, face painting, afternoon tea parties, and family fun days with inflatables and live music. The talented Rangers also provide the evening family entertainment, with games, karaoke, talent shows, and a range of cabaret acts throughout the year.

New Pines has a variety of holiday homes and lodges for sale in Rhyl, North Wales, so we are sure to have the perfect home away from home for you, no matter your taste or budget.

Why not book a park tour to meet our friendly Sales Advisors who are always happy to help answer any questions you may have. They will show you around the facilities and showcase some beautiful holiday homes too.

Get in touch with our fabulous team to find out more information about how you and your pooch can start finding your holiday-ever-after today! Call them on 0800 717 707

search for your New Pines holiday home

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At Darwin Escapes, we know and understand that dogs are part of the family

Without our canine-chums, there tends to be significantly less fun, affection and excitement! With this in mind, we have catered for dog owners across a number of our luxury holiday parks & lodge retreats by providing a range of pet-friendly accommodation. You can enjoy all the scenery and relaxation on offer, knowing that your best friend is also having a great time!

pet friendly holidays in Dorset

Anyone looking for pet friendly holidays in Dorset has plenty to choose from with Darwin Escapes thanks to our destination just outside Poole – Wareham Forest Lodge Retreat.

Wareham Forest Lodge Retreat is also in Dorset and offers a number of pet-friendly lodges. Opened at the end of 2016, the retreat boasts luxury self catering accommodation with ovens, fridge freezers and all the utilities you would find at home. Set within the beautiful scenery of Holton Heath, the retreat is located within tranquil countryside – with many walks and adventures waiting for you and furry friend.  The park is surrounded by nature reserves, including the Morden Bog National Nature Reserve, the Holton Heath Nature Reserve, the Hartland Moor National Nature Reserve and of course – Wareham Forest which has a popular circular walk popular with dog owners.

The Doggy Do Code

We’ve recently teamed up with Dorset Dogs, an organisation founded by local animal lovers who promote responsible dog ownership and dog friendly accommodation.

We encourage our holiday guests to adhere to their Doggy Do Code when exploring Dorset:

  1. Do respect other visitors and keep your dog in sight
  2. Do protect nesting birds on heaths, downs and wetlands. Keep to the paths and use a short lead from February to August
  3. Do follow requests on signs
  4. Do prevent your dog from chasing wildlife and farm animals
  5. Do bag it and bin it (dog mess)
  6. Do enjoy Dorset with your dog

We would like to emphasise point 6 – Do enjoy Dorset with your dog and make some memories that will last a lifetime!

Have a puppy-filled holiday with Darwin Escapes!

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Are you looking for the best pub grub where you can take your dog? We’ve listed the best places to eat with your pup in Poole below…


Located just a stone’s throw from Poole, our own Wareham Forest Lodge Retreat offers luxurious pet friendly holidays in Dorset, making it ideal to base yourself while exploring the local area with your pup!

Is there anything better than discovering new places with an excited dog? How about stopping off for a spot of lunch and a refreshing drink with said pooch at a dog friendly pub? Yup, we thought as much, so we put together the top 5 dog friendly pubs in Poole, where you can enjoy a nice meal on a dog date day out!


The Crown

Where: Market Street, BH15 1NF
This place is so dog friendly, they even have dog themed wallpaper! Take your delicious lunch in the secluded Courtyard Garden, or during the colder weather opt for indoors. This is a hidden gem in the heart of Poole, offering mouth-watering burgers and steaks, as well as a fully stocked bar. Dog treats and water bowls are available for your fur-baby.


The Blue Boar

Where: Market Close, BH15 1NE
A wonderful dog friendly pub, which has two log fires to keep you and your pupper warm during the winter months. Dog treats are ready for all the well behaved puppies who enter and the humans can enjoy the hearty portions of mouth-watering, homemade classic dishes, with the steak and grill options being a local legend!


The Antelope

Where: High Street, BH15 1BP
A traditional dog friendly pub located very close to the Poole harbour, offering wonderful views. Dogs are welcome in the cosy bar area, where a full menu of delicious pub grub is served.


The Angel

Where: Market Street, BH15 1DF
Enjoy daily fresh cooked meals from talented and professional chefs. Choose a delicious dish from a fabulous family friendly menu in this very dog friendly pub, which offers treats and water bowls inside and out in the beer garden.


Rope & Anchor

Where: Sarum Street, BH15 1JW
A true little gem of Poole, located just near the Poole quay front. Visit this dog friendly pub with beautiful décor and mouth-watering meals. Owners James and Daniel are popular fixtures and offer a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to all! What more could you want for a date with your pupper?


Since opening its doors in January 2017, Wareham Forest Lodge Retreat has fast become a popular holiday destination for those looking for a peaceful holiday in Dorset. We offer luxurious pet friendly accommodation in all sizes, being able to cater to romantic getaways and larger family gatherings in our sumptuous lodges.

So why not book your pet friendly holiday at Wareham Forest and explore our list of dog friendly pubs in Poole?

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Take a romantic break away to the Devonshire Coastline and bring your puppy to explore the local area

Beach Cove Coastal Retreat is situated along the Cliffside of Hele Bay, offering stunning views from all angles, and is only a 2 minute walk to the Hele Bay Beach. The local area of Hele Bay Village and Ilfracombe town offer fabulous dog friendly pubs and restaurants to dine out at, no matter the weather! And with a number of our beautiful beach huts being dog friendly too, your furbaby doesn’t need to get left behind during your romantic getaway to the beach.

We have come up with our top 4 dog friendly pubs in Ilfracombe and we’re here to share these delightful eateries with you…

Note: all places below have the postcode and travel distance from Beach Cove

hele billy’s bar & restaurant


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A post shared by Hele Billys Bar and Restaurant (@helebillysbar) on

Where: EX34 9QY / 4 minute walk away
This family run restaurant by Diana and Tony, offers delicious and healthy meals, created from locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Being close to Ilfracombe Harbour means freshly caught fish features heavily on the menu, but there is also plenty of variety, including home cooked ham, egg and chips, along with an ever changing ‘specials board’. Hele Billy’s is open every day from 12noon to 9pm, and has a wonderful beer garden to soak up the sun and enjoy a lovely meal or afternoon drink. Dogs are welcome in and outside of Hele Billy’s, so pop along and enjoy an afternoon at this dog friendly pub in Ilfracombe.

the pier brewery tap & grill


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A post shared by The Pier Brewery (@thepierbreweryilfracombe) on

Where: EX34 9EQ / 6 minute walk away
You’ll enjoy a whole host of grilled delights at The Pier and located right on the Ilfracombe Harbour means you can enjoy the outstanding views of the Bristol Channel, Irish Sea and even the Welsh Coastline. Enjoy a mouth-watering meal or relaxing evening drink on the ‘Poop Deck’ (beer garden) and soak up the atmosphere and sunshine, but if it’s a little chilly, snuggle up with your fur-baby in the cosy seating and warm up next to the classic log burner. Serving quality food, as well as the freshest catch of the day from local fishermen, with all dishes freshly made and healthy portions to fill all rumbling tummies! The fully stocked bar is home to a wide variety of local and international lagers or ciders to test your taste buds. There is also a full programme of live music events to enjoy throughout the year.

george & dragon


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Where: EX34 9ED / 5 minutes’ drive away
If you fancy a little 25 minute walk, pop to the George & Dragon for some delicious and traditional pub grub with a friendly atmosphere from this family run pub, by landlords Linda and Jonathan. Enjoy an evening out with your puppy and relax in the beautiful setting of Ilfracombe Harbour by testing your taste buds with wonderful homemade food, which is served every day, with the George & Dragon open every day from 11:30am to midnight. The pub also has a range of fun events all year round, including live music, pub quizzes and even spontaneous jam sessions.

the thatched inn


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A post shared by The Thatched Inn Ilfracombe (@thethatchedinnilfracombe) on

Where: EX34 9PG / 16 minute walk away
Although dogs are not allowed inside, they are welcome in the beer garden of The Thatched Inn, so pop along to this 17th Century building during a sunny day for a delicious meal and refreshing beverage. The traditional pub grub offers something for everyone to eat, and all ingredients are locally produced, with the bar offering delicious real ales to wet your palate. The Thatched Inn was recently presented with the Muddy Stilettos Best Destination Pub in Devon 2017!


pet friendly holidays in Devon

Beach Cove Coastal Retreat offers the ideal place to base yourself to explore the local area, located on the Cliffside of Hele Bay you can enjoy spectacular views and only a 2 minute walk to the Hele Bay Beach from your doorstep. Each of our one-of-a-kind beach huts sleeps two people, with a number of them being pet friendly and some even offering hot tubs to soak up the Devonshire Coastline views from your private decking.

Discover all that Ilfracombe has to offer, from the fascinating Ilfracombe Museum, historic Victorian Beaches Tunnels, to the fabulous Hele Corn Mill & Tea Room for a delicious afternoon tea date. Most places in and around Ilfracombe are pet friendly, and with our top 5 list above, you can enjoy a wonderful meal out in the local area at one of the dog friendly pubs in Ilfracombe.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our resorts in England and Wales are open. Please note, the opening times for all facilities and bistros/restaurants are subject to change throughout the 2022 season. All visitors and guests are asked to follow all government advice relating to Covid-19 whilst at our resorts.

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