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keeping warm this winter

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November 13, 2015

Keeping warm in the winter is everyone’s top priority, but that doesn’t mean you have to head for the airport…you can enjoy a luxury warm holiday break here, in the UK!

Winter came out of nowhere for me this year! One day I was enjoying the sun with my puppy, and the next I had my coat and gloves on while trying to coax a 10 month old Bichon out of the door and into the rain. He promptly turned around and lay in front of the fire, a very sensible decision in the grand scheme of things. Looking around the same walls throughout the winter can be hard, the dark weather and coldness can make everyone (okay, mainly me) a little cranky, so a UK holiday break away is the perfect pick-me-up! And there are some great ways to keep warm while in a lodge or holiday home this winter, read on and find out more!


Saunas are a great place to keep warm, I genuinely love them as they mean doing my favourite thing in the winter – sitting down. They are guaranteed to keep you warm, so whether you are in North Wales staying at Talacre Beach, in Somerset at Cheddar Woods or in Cornwall at the Best in Britain 2015 winner, Piran Meadows, have a sit in the sauna to warm those digits! Looking for something even more luxurious? Some of our lodges at Tilford Woods offer stunning and soothing private saunas, so after a lovely stroll around the countryside that surrounds the beautiful lodge retreat, you can sit in your very own sauna and let it warm you to your bones. Sign me up!

cosy fire

Another great way to stay warm this winter was stolen from Hugo, my 10 month old stubborn Bichon, laying down in front of a cosy fireplace. For me there really is nothing better than sitting on the sofa with a good book, or movie, and being heated by a stunning and cosy fire. And with all our holiday homes and lodges available in the winter being double glazed and centrally heated, this adds extra cosiness! With the weather all dark and wintery outside you can relax with your feet up in style and luxury, while keeping those toes warm! I think I know where to take Hugo for the winter!

hot tubs

The Icelandic population are experts in keeping warm in cold weather (stay with me…). They say to layer your clothes, jump in a geothermally heated outdoor swimming pool, and if you don’t have one of those, because lets be honest, we don’t, then jump in a glorious hot tub! And I feel that if people who can live in a place where the temperature rarely rises above 15 degrees deem a hot tub a good way to keep warm, then that’s good enough for me! I love hot tubs, you can sit outside and enjoy the extraordinary scenery around you while keeping warm – it’s like being inside but outside! I once sat in a hot tub while in -32degrees temperature in Blue Mountain, Canada, it works! So whether you are in the Lake District at Thanet Well surrounded by the countryside or down at the most southern point of the UK in Mullion Cove, then jump into the hot tub and marvel at the stunning scenery surrounding you. Take a look at all the hot tub accommodation we offer and choose your perfect UK break!

indoor heated swimming pool

This may sound a bit obvious as it has heated in the title, but you know hot tubs…

Anyways, so if you are nothing like me, and you can actually swim, then you might become unmotivated this winter because it is hard to get going in the pool when you know that dipping your toes into it, is something like sitting in an ice bath, just waiting for hyperthermia to set in. I’m not being dramatic here, it can be that bad. Well no fear at Darwin Escapes, as you can dive bomb into any of our indoor heated swimming pools with no worry of frost bite! (please don’t actually dive bomb, health and safety obviously!) Our brand new Hawkchurch Resort & Spa has a Hydrotherapy pool, that not only is designed for releasing tension and increasing circulation, it is also heated slightly higher than other pools for extra relaxation…I’m sold.

winterisation for owners

For owners the winter can mean time away from your holiday home while your resort closes for the 6 weeks winter break. This can be a time of stress if you try to get your holiday home ready for the winter yourself, but we offer a great Winterisation Package that takes care of your home away from home during this break. The package protects against any frost damage, burst pipes or leaks, all costs are covered, as well as a complete restore of the water and heating at your convenience, meaning your holiday home is then ready for your return in the spring! Find out more from our friendly reception team.

Happy UK Winter Holidaying Folks, and Keep Warm!

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