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Lakes Escapes: escape room adventures

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June 12, 2017

Visit the fantastic Lakes Escapes, where you can solve puzzles and codes with your friends and family


The Lakes Escapes is located just 30 minutes from our beautiful Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat. Since opening its doors in December 2016, Keswick Reach has become one of the most popular destinations to visit in the Lake District, with the indulgent Ammara Spa onsite, mouth-watering meals at the onsite Copper Fells and a state of the art gym and relaxation suite.

The Lakes Escapes offers two unique escape room experiences, being the first live escape room in West Cumbria, the aim is to complete the themed rooms in 60 minutes or less. In groups between 2 and 6 people, you will solve puzzles and clues to open the door to freedom!*

*Note: at no point are you physically locked in a room, and the games master is always on hand to guide you through and offer tips when you’re stuck


baker street experience

The Baker Street five have killed one of their own, the notorious and mysterious street gang had a minor disagreement that escalated while talking over their plans for their biggest heist yet. Visit the crime scene and see if you can decipher the clues and fine out who the murderer is, but be quick as the leader is leaving the country in the next hour!
Don your Sherlock Holmes cap and solve the murder by following the clues the informant has left!


quest for the throne experience

You are the elder sibling born into a Royal family, meaning your birth-right is to inherit the throne from your father, the King, when he dies. But your evil younger brother manages to put together a plan with some corrupt guards which has left you exiled from the castle. When the King dies your evil brother destroys the land, sickened by his tyrannical rule, you decide to fight for your rightful place and return to the castle. Through secret passageways in the castle you make it to the Kings study and become locked in there, you need to find proof of your birth-right and escape undetected before the castle guards return!
Solve the puzzles and codes to prove the throne is rightfully yours before the guards come back!


opening times & prices

The Lakes Escapes is open every day from 10am to 10pm, and is for ages 16 + only.

  • 2 people – £44 (£22 per person)
  • 3 people – £60 (£20 per person)
  • 4 people – £72 (£18 per person)
  • 5 people – £80 (£16 per person)
  • 6 people – £90 (£15 per person)

Book online, call 07388933603 or visit them in Workington, only a 30 minute drive from our Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat.


Book your holiday at Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat and explore this beautiful region, visit the Lakes Escapes and enjoy a family and friends day out!

Can you escape the Lakes Escapes?

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