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max evans’ q&a about Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club

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December 18, 2019

Max and Lauren recently enjoyed a fabulous holiday break away to the Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club, read more about it here. Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club is located in Pocklington, Yorkshire and is home to a stunning 120 acre golf course, which is perfect for our Darwin Ambassador Max Evans. Max and his fiancée Lauren recently took a holiday break with us and Lauren played her first 18 hole golf course! We sat down with Max and asked him some questions about his break and the round of golf the pair enjoyed…

  • What made you choose a holiday escape at the Kilnwick Percy Resort over our other Darwin Escapes resorts?
    As a proud Ambassador for Darwin Escapes, I’m spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a holiday escape. I chose Kilnwick Percy Resort on this occasion because firstly, I wanted to take my fiancée, Lauren, for her first round of 18 holes on a golf course. Secondly, I knew I could incentivise the trip by offering Lauren luxury accommodation and a wonderful spa all in the same place.
  • Did you visit the local area whilst staying with us? If so, where would you recommend?
    We actually drove down from Newcastle and stopped at an English Heritage site, Mount Grace Priory House and Gardens. I love historic buildings and learning about our history so it was well worth it. We didn’t venture out of the resort during our stay, everything we needed and more was within the resort. On our way back to Newcastle, not far from the resort, we saw a road sign pointing to a 13th Century Church. We followed the sign and found the Church easily, it was smaller than I expected but amazing to see such an historic building from the 13th Century.
  • How did you find your spa experience and which treatment did you choose?
    The Tranquility Spa experience was excellent. The staff were lovely and gave us a warm welcome. I had a deep tissue sports massage which I really needed and enjoyed very much. Lauren also had a massage, plus she had a gel nail manicure. She loved the massage and was very happy with her nails. I was really impressed by the Jacuzzi and barrel sauna’s, as a former sportsman I know full well the benefits of both for the body.
  • Which facility did you use the most whilst staying on the resort?
    Probably the sauna to be honest! We used all of the facilities, the golf course, the gym, the spa, but we certainly used the barrel sauna more than once.
  • How did you find the golf course? Did Lauren enjoy playing her first 18-hole course?
    I found the course a comfortable test. I loved feeling completely immersed in nature, by that I mean there is no sign of roads or buildings apart from the lodges which blend into the environment easily. The scenery is picturesque with many pretty holes. Apart from the rain, Lauren was smitten with her first round of Golf. It was obviously her first time learning many parts of the game and certain golfing etiquettes. I couldn’t have asked for a better course to introduce a total beginner.
  • What are your top tips for playing at the course at the Kilnwick Percy?
    For the most part, the great thing about the course is the ability to know where you’re going off the tee. Playing it for the first time I wasn’t caught out by any hidden traps. It was a longer course than I expected and there are some tricky bunkers around some of the greens. I suppose my top tip for the course is to work on your bunker play around the greens.
  • What was your favourite hole?
    My favourite hole was either the 2nd hole or the 9th hole. The 2nd hole is a testing par 4 with slight dog leg right. If the tee shot is in the right spot, it’s a really nice approach to the green. I really liked the par 3 9th hole, maybe because I had a birdie there, but also it’s a satisfying distance. It’s also next to the lodges, I was watching other golfers play the hole from our lodge afterwards.
  • What’s your top tip/bit of advice for anyone wanting to stay at a Darwin Escapes resort but has not yet taken the plunge?
    TAKE THE PLUNGE! DO IT! I guarantee you will not regret it. I truly believe Darwin Escapes have nailed it when it comes to accommodating all different holiday makers. Whether its family, groups of mates, a couples retreat or even a solo trip to treat yourself. The staff are so friendly and I know it’s because the Darwin Escape resorts are all round happy environments. I wouldn’t stay anywhere else for a holiday in the UK.
  • Would you stay with us again and is there any particular reason you’d like to return?
    Of course! No question! Lauren and I loved our lodge at the Kilnwick Percy Resort and we felt very tiny in it. We both agreed we’d love to return with our friends and have a blast one weekend! Picturing it now brings a big smile to my face.
  • Could you ever see yourself entering into holiday home ownership?
    In all honesty this is the first time anyone has ever asked me. I’ve never thought about it before now. I’ve been so lucky all my life to have Mum and Dad living in Portugal, that’s always been my very fortunate go-to holiday destination. Before I was introduced to Darwin Escapes, it never crossed my mind to go on holiday in the UK. Now, with all that there is to offer at the Darwin Escapes resorts and with so many across the country to choose from, AND with their 3 golf course destinations, Kilnwick Percy, The Springs and Dundonald Links, it’s logistically miles better! I’m definitely interested to know more about holiday home ownership.
  • Are there any other Darwin Escapes resorts you’re eager to visit?
    I’m genuinely so eager to visit them all! In the coming years I’m hopeful Darwin Escapes will add Padel Tennis to their long list of facilities. I’m absolutely obsessed with this new sport. It’s very popular in Spain and the courts are starting to increase in the UK. I know everyone will love it as much as I do because in my opinion it’s everything a Sport should be… fun, easy to play, social and competitive! Watch out for news of the first Darwin Escapes Padel Courts and I’ll be there eager as anything to play!
  • If you could only describe your Darwin Escapes experience in three words what words would you use?
    Welcome Home Max. (Easiest question of all)

We think it’s fair to say that Max and Lauren had a fantastic holiday break with us at Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club and fully enjoyed all of the facilities available, as well as our beautiful 18 hole golf course.

Why not book your break away with us today and have the same experience as Max and Lauren at our stunning Kilnwick Percy Resort?

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