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5 hidden gems in North Wales you may never have heard of

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April 2, 2015

Come and join us as we explore some of the best hidden gems in North Wales. We have done the research so you don’t have to! North Wales is full of spectacular landscapes, wildlife and areas of outstanding natural beauty. With so much to see and do within the region it’s no surprise that certain “gems” slip between the net when we are planning a trip out. Below we have highlighted 5 hidden gems in North Wales you may never have heard of or visited before. Next time you’re in the area it is definitely worth checking out one or more of the following.

Ewole castle – the castle hidden in the woods of north wales

Hidden deep within Wepre Park, Ewole Castle is a relic of the brief and short lived victory that the Welsh Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffudd had over the Anglo-Norman Marcher Lords. The strategic position of the castle, near to the English border, allowed the Welsh to control the road to Chester whilst commanding the lands of North East Wales. Today Ewole Castle is open to the public without admission and is under the care of the Welsh Heritage agency.

Talacre lighthouse – the haunted lighthouse

Although Talacre Beach Lighthouse is famous for its ghostly sightings it is often overlooked during a visit to the wonderful North Wales. Located on the sand dunes of the lovely Talacre Village in Flintshire the lighthouse provides a fantastic opportunity for the whole family to enjoy. The ‘hidden gem’ lighthouse was built in 1776 and is a must see for every visit to the region.

Dyserth falls – limestone 60ft waterfall

Situated near to the ancient village of Dyserth, Dyserth Falls is an impressive natural landmark for you to visit. Visitors are able to get up close to the waterfall and there is also a path which will take you up to the top. Dyserth Falls is free to visit but donations are welcomed and can be placed in clearly signed ‘honesty box’ (the suggested amount is 40p). It is a lovely location for a family picnic whilst you enjoy the unrivalled views of North Wales from this ‘hidden gem’.

Prestatyn roman bath house – hidden ruins

This is a small but highly interesting ruin of a Roman Bathhouse situated in the North Wales town of Prestatyn. According to sources the bath house was built around 120 AD and extended in about 150 AD. Excavations between 1984- 85 unearthed the Roman settlement, which can now be visited by the public.

Talacre ancient sand dunes – the natterjack toads

This area of ancient dunes is of special scientific importance due to its rare colony of Natterjack toads. According to the BBC, the Natterjack are claimed to be Europe’s noisiest amphibian so you are more likely to hear them than physically see them, especially as they are most active at night. These little guys can live up to 15 years and feed on insects, worms and small reptiles. Back in 2012 new ponds have been created in the Talacre Sand Dunes to safeguard the future existence of the Natterjack toad in North Wales; these hidden gems maybe the hardest to find!

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