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North Wales wildlife watch

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July 12, 2017

Teeming with wildlife, both common and rare, visiting Seaview can bring you new discoveries! Seaview Holiday Home Park offers luxurious holiday home ownership along the North Wales Coastline, surrounded by utter beauty. With a peaceful nature walk following around the perimeter and only 1 miles drive to the beach, you can discover rare wildlife right on your doorstep. Or venture a bit further and see what the whole region has to explore, Seaview is perfectly located for wildlife adventures in North Wales!

Here are our top 13 wildlife critters to keep an eye out for in North Wales…

bottle-nose dolphin

The most familiar of all the dolphins and most likely to be seen from British shorelines. They are social animals found in pods of around 15 and are very acrobatic, often seem jumping out of the water or even doing somersaults.

common dolphins

They live up to their name, being seen all over the UK, leaping out of the water or slapping their flippers on the surface. Entire pods have been known to follow boats, bow-riding in their wake. Often found off the shore of Rhyl beach and known to follow boats around Bangor area.

Common dolphins in their natural habitat swimming in the ocean

grey seal

A large mammal that spends most of the time out to sea feeding on fish. Can be found on rocky shores where they breed where you will see pups from October to December before they are sea-ready. Found in coastal areas, including sightings at both Rhyl and Prestatyn beaches, and breeding grounds along the shores of Anglesey.

Photo of a grey seal lying down


Relatives of the squid and octopus, the Cuttlefish is a predator that feeds on young fish and crabs. Living in waters up to 200 meters deep, but coming to shallow water to breed. They vary in colour, but are usually blackish-brown and are found around the coasts of England and Wales.

red squirrels

Angelsey is the only place in Wales where you can see them. Red Squirrels are native to the UK, and are being brought back through conservation efforts. You can follow their journey on The Red Squirrels Trust Angelsey website, where there is a website to see the adorable critters in the wild when you want!

Red squirrel peeking his head over a dead tree trunk

black grouse

These very rare birds can be found on the forest fringes in The Berwyns is the best place outside of Scotland to find these elusive birds. Most noticeable by their black feathers and lyre shaped tail during flight.

hen harrier

North Wales is currently one of the only places where Hen Harriers are doing well in the country, so venture out in the local area and see if you can spot them!

Photo of a Hen Harrier flying

pine marten

There has been no confirmed sightings of this elusive animal, as they are normally found further north, however there have been rumoured sightings in the Snowdonia Mountain Range – can you spot this beautiful yellow-bibbed animal?

brown hare

Found throughout Wales in farmland and fields, often grazing on vegetation and nibbling bark from young trees. They can be seen bouncing across fields in a zigzag pattern and are distinguishable from wild rabbits by their large hind legs and large ears with black tips.

Photo of a brown hare sat in a field

basking shark

The beautiful sea creatures are found all around the UK’s coasts, and most frequently sighted in south-west England and Wales. They are the second largest fish in the ocean, second only to the Great White Shark. The Basking Shark, however, only eats plankton by opening its large mouth and slowly swimming back and forth filtering the water.

variety of seabirds

You can see a whole variety of seabirds around the North Wales Coastline, including puffins, black guillemots, gannets and eider ducks.

A puffin stood on a rock surrounded by large daisy flowers

common wildlife

Seaview has a beautiful nature walk surrounding the park teeming with wildlife to discover, including dormice, badgers, hedgehogs, vowels, wild rabbits and a resident pheasant who can be seen wandering the park daily.

natterjack toads

This very rare species of toad only breeds in the warm, shallow pools in sand dunes. They are mainly nocturnal and in the spring you can hear the males sing to attract females, they can be found in the sand dunes of Talacre Beach just a mile away from Seaview.

Venture out and explore North Wales, how many of the fascinating wildlife critters can you discover?

Seaview Holiday Home Park offers you the chance to own your very own home away from home along the North Wales Coastline. With a nature walk surrounding the park filled with wildlife, being only a mile from Talacre Beach and the very rare Natter Jack Toads, along with being only a 45 minute drive to the Snowdonia Mountain Range, it’s ideally placed to explore the region. With so much wildlife to discover in North Wales you will never tire of things to see and do.

Contact our dedicated Ownership Team today on 01745858010, or talk to an adviser via our live chat service now.

Find your epic wildlife adventure at Seaview!

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