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our first Hawkchurch baby

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January 19, 2022

Our stunning Hawkchurch Resort & Spa in Devon recently had a unique and totally unexpected surprise!

You will find that almost everyone has a funny holiday story to tell; whether that’s missing luggage, ending up somewhere unexpected or even getting lost. But for one family from Somerset, an unexpected arrival has given them a memory far more rewarding than that.

The family were staying in Devon at our Hawkchurch Resort and heavily pregnant Katie Fortt, 30, was seeking some much-needed R&R. They planned this trip two weeks before her due date for the birth of her second child, only to awake in shock on the second morning of the holiday to find herself having contractions.

A rushed phone call to emergency services confirmed that the ambulance would be arriving too late, so Katie’s mother, Lisa, jumped into action, with the 999-operative talking her through the incredible process of delivering the baby.

And just a couple of hours later and her new daughter – Indigo – was born, the ambulance reaching the site shortly after and were pleased to find mother and baby both well and healthy in their holiday lodge.

our first Hawkchurch baby

As the family are annual regulars to the Hawkchurch resort, Katie, her husband, her first daughter and her parents, Lisa and Rob Vaughn, will now have an even stronger connection to the area, hoping to return next year on the anniversary of Indigo’s exciting, if nerve-racking, birth.

“The staff were excellent,” said Rob, Katie’s father, who also helped with the delivery.

“The second we realised we would not be able to get Katie to Dorchester hospital, we phoned 999 and the operator talked my wife, Lisa through the process. We have been visiting Hawkchurch for more than six years so this just makes the place even more memorable!”

“It’s certainly been an experience!”

Carla Guppy, general manager of Hawkchurch Resort and Spa, said: “When we heard about the new arrival, we were absolutely thrilled, not least because it is the very first Hawkchurch baby!”

“The staff all did a fantastic job, and we were delighted to hear that both mother and baby are doing well and that the whole family will be continuing to visit us for their yearly holiday – we look forward to welcoming them again!”

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