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relaxation is the gift to give this christmas

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December 15, 2017

Ezina Spa is here to help all you late shoppers this Christmas! Never fear, the most ideal and versatile gift is waiting for you at Ezina Spa

Any last minute shoppers out there? We’re all guilty of a bit of late shopping during the festive season, but don’t worry Ezina Spa has the ideal gift to give this Christmas, a spa voucher! These little gems are the perfect and most versatile of gifts, fitting all situations and budgets, plus who doesn’t want a little slice of relaxation after the festive season?


really, a spa voucher? yes!

Ezina spa voucher

They really do fit every situation:

  • Your pregnant best friend who really needs some TLC
  • That co-worker who has everything
  • You mum who deserves a little treat
  • Ditto your wife/girlfriend
  • Your husband/boyfriend who needs to relax a little after Christmas

And so on… but you get the idea!

At the Ezina Spa you can buy a spa voucher for specific treatment or for cash value, meaning you don’t have to worry about booking the wrong treatment for your giftee (it’s a word… I think).

A spa voucher works for those in your life who love a bit of relation and pampering, as well as those who have everything and those that you’re just not sure what to get them. The festive season is full of fun and normally quite busy, so a little relaxation time in the New Year is perfect to end the festivities off, and they really do fit all situations!


what’s at Ezina Spa?

Ezina Spa is located at the award-winning Hawkchurch Resort & Spa, which offers five-star facilities, including a Hamam-style sauna and stream room to help open pores and airwaves. As well as our stunning Hydrotherapy pool, which is scientifically proven to help reduce muscle tension via the jets creating soothing ripples in the water. As well as helping to increase circulation as it is heated to a high temperature than normal pools, it is also for over 16’s only, with underwater beds to relax on. Take some time out after your dip to soak up the peaceful atmosphere in the Relaxation Room, or if the weather is on your side head outside to the private patio overlooking the magical Axe Valley.

Partnering with Aromatherapy Associates means Ezina Spa takes advantage of the 30 years’ experience and knowledge of essential oils the prestigious company has. Our fully trained therapists learn how to use the oils to relax, refresh, heal and rejuvenate during a wide variety of treatments. Ezina’s Signature Treatments include the Moroccan Rose whole body treatment, using olive grain exfoliation mixed with a traditional aromatherapy massage, this treatment is designed to ease sore and tired muscles throughout your body. We also offer staple treatments, such as the Ultimate Back Massage, a range of facials and treatment enhancers like our Intense Eye Repair to refresh and brighten your eyes.

Ezina Spa, we also cater to men, with an extensive range of Men’s Treatments including an Intensive Muscle Release massage, as well as an indulgent Gentlemen’s Club Hand & Nail Care treatment. For any soon to be mothers, we offer the Ultimate Rose Pregnancy Massage to help the feeling of being nurtured and cared for with a tip to toe massage. And if you wanted to book with a loved one for you spa voucher, we do offer a couples treatment of the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience, which is full body treatment.



A spa voucher really is the most perfect gift in so many situations, call on 01297678402 or pop into Ezina Spa to pick your ideal gift today!

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