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simplifying sales jargon with Darwin Escapes

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November 26, 2020

We’ve all been confused and confuddled by sales speak at one time or another, but here at Darwin Escapes we wanted to simplify all the industry talk around buying a holiday home, so you know you can buy with confidence.

We’ve talked with our expert sales advisors and together we came up with the most common sales jargon phrases that we’ve explained below.

jargon – single lodge

  • explanation – a holiday home which is usually 13/14ft wide, it can typically have two and three bedrooms. It’s called a single lodge because it is transported to the resort in one single unit.

jargon – twin lodge

  • explanation – a holiday home that is normally 20ft or larger and will also have between two and three bedrooms. It’s called a twin lodge because it is transported to the resort in two separate halves, then assembled on site.

jargon – part ex

  • explanation – part exchanging your existing holiday home, motorhome, campers or tourer for a new holiday home or lodge. We also accept a part exchange holiday home or static caravan from a different resort.

jargon – bring on

  • explanation – transferring or ‘bringing on’ a holiday home you already own from another resort. Although our own resorts don’t offer this, you can upgrade to a fantastic new holiday home when you part exchange!

jargon – age limit

  • explanation – an industry term that means your holiday home will need to be changed or upgraded at a certain point in time. Here at Darwin Escapes, we have an open-ended ‘limit’, which means we will do an external visual inspection and ensure all holiday homes are up to our resort standard.

jargon – site fees

  • explanation – these are annual costs for the maintenance of the resort your holiday home is on. There do not include the monthly running costs of your holiday home, for example, your electricity or gas.

And those are our top picks if you have any other sales speak give our fantastic team a call and they can help out, call them on 0800 717 707.

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