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the deep aquarium in Hull

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November 15, 2017

A 45 minute drive from The KP Resort, Hull is home to a number of museums and fantastic attractions including The Deep Aquarium. The Deep is situated a 5 minute walk away from Hull’s marina and a short stroll away from the city centre and its shops, the bars, restaurants and the city’s fantastic culture. The visitor attraction is also close to several other museums that are free of charge to visit; making it part of an enjoyable day out if you are staying at The KP Resort in Pocklington.

The multiple award-winning aquarium, is part of a major conservation & educational charity and is home to nearly 3,500 fish from around the world. A fantastic day out for families and people of all ages, The Deep features the UK’s only pair of Green sawfish – a critically endangered species. At the aquarium you will also find sharks, rays and a range of other tropical fish. There are also an array of invertebrates, amphibians, turtles and a colony of Gentoo penguins.

*Please note that the penguins are off-show for a few weeks in November and December 2017 due to essential development work.

an amazing day out for all the family

The layout of the stunning exhibition is unique and quite awe-inspiring. Taking visitors on a wonderful journey to each of the world’s oceans. From tropical lagoons at the beginning of the journey, all the way to the icy depths and off into the future; visitors begin right from the top of the building and work down towards the ocean floor. With a range of daily animal talks, touchpool sessions, feeding sessions and even a daily dive show, you can enjoy a different experience each time that you visit.

home to over 5,000 animals

Providing a totally unique experience and a new perspective to see the animals – the aquarium also boasts an amazing glass-lift ride. Visitors are taken on a journey, up through the large Endless Ocean exhibit so that they can come face to face with some our largest animals in a completely different way. During peak operating periods the lift can quite rather busy, so there is also the option of taking the scenic stairs, which allow the same views taken at one’s own pace. Fantastic for educational purposes, the experience is one that children are very unlikely to forget!

an immersive educational experience

The Deep is primarily an education and conservation charity, dedicated to informing visitors about the world’s oceans and the challenges they face. The aquarium and the charity are known around the world for their amazing conservation projects. The Deep is also proud to be an attraction that is accessible for all, and can comfortably cater for those with additional needs and restricted mobility.

Book your stay at the KP Resort and plan your visit to the breathtaking aquarium – The Deep!

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