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owning your own holiday home

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May 12, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the real benefits are to owning your own holiday home? Well here they are.

Owning your own holiday home comes with a host of benefits for the whole family and there may be some you’ve never thought of before, so we thought we would list them all here for you!

regular family time

You’ll get to spend a lot more time together as a family, from regular weekend breaks to full school holidays. There is something for all ages to enjoy on your regular holidays, whether that’s a children’s entertainment program for the younger ones, or an onsite spa, offering Aromatherapy Associates treatments. Or you could enjoy a dip in the indoor heated swimming pool, or maybe you can relax in sauna or steam room. We really do have something for everyone to spend regular family time together.

guilt-free relaxation

Imagine sitting on the sofa, kicking back and watching the football, or your favourite movie, but there’s a little nagging guilt eating at you to get up and clean, hoover the stairs or do the washing. Does that sound familiar?

Well a holiday home gives you an escape and offers guilt-free relaxation so you can relax with your favourite movies or pop to the bar and enjoy a drink while watching the footy, all guilt free. And you can really enjoy the time you spend with your children, having fun instead of worrying about what chore you need to do next. There’s no little voice nagging at you when you’re on holiday.

brand new areas to explore

Darwin Escapes has 8 beautiful sales locations all only a short distance from the surrounding local areas, meaning your holiday home is the ideal base to explore some fabulous new areas! Owning your own holiday home means you don’t have to cram all your exploring into one week, you can take your time and explore all the historic castles, family activity centre or the best surfing spots in the UK. Owning a holiday home opens up a whole new world of discovering the UK’s most beautiful destinations.

fabulous facilities on your doorstep

All 8 of our ownership destinations are home to fantastic facilities, from beautiful hydrotherapy pools and onsite spa, to indoor heated swimming pools and children’s entertainment programmes. Your home away from home could be minutes away from a spa offering Aromatherapy Associates treatments, a fully stocked bar, Bistro restaurant serving mouth-watering meals, as well as offering a great Go Active+ programme which includes rock climbing, mini jet-skis and archery! Imagine having all that on your doorstep!

a fantastic community

When you become an owner with Darwin Escapes, you’ll join a friendly community where your children will make forever friends and so will you. Parks often have fun days and events for owners to gather, including the anticipated annual Owners Ball event, as well as those regular drinks at the bar with your new neighbours.

Owning a holiday home opens the door to a brand new lifestyle for you and your family. Darwin Escapes have 8 unique destinations offering holiday home ownership, from spectacular North Wales to the picturesque Devon and Cornwall seaside locations. Each of our destinations offer something different, with fabulous facilities to take advantage of and breath-taking surroundings to explore.

If you’d like some more information about owning with Darwin Escapes, call our dedicated Ownership Team on 01745 858010 or talk to an advisor via our Live Chat service.

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