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the reasons you need to visit a spa

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November 3, 2017

There are endless reasons you should visit a spa, but we’ve put together a list of the top four reasons to really convince you

If you have never been to a spa before you might not be aware of all the benefits regular spa visits can bring. The UK views a spa trip as a ‘treat’ for now and again, but other European countries see ‘spa’ as a lifestyle. The spa becomes a place where families gather to spend the day and business partners visit for brain storming meetings. If we see spa days more as a way of investing in ourselves, we will get so much more out of the experience.

for your health

As well as offering social and relaxation benefits, spa treatments have physical health benefits too! Ancient records have referenced massage therapy, including the Greeks, Romans, Japanese and Egyptian cultures promoting the health benefits.

Regular treatment can have positive effects on muscle ailments by softening the tissues, as well as reducing inflammation and helps to soften and stretch scar tissue. Massage therapy can even stimulate the healing of connective tissues and muscles, and although more research is needed for scientific recommendation, studies have found that it can help with nausea, anxiety and depression for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Studies have also shown that hydrotherapy pools (like the one at Hawkchurch Resort & Spa can improve the severity of lower back pain. When used along with standard therapy, the pool can help general pain, help to increase range of motion and improve muscle strength. Taking to the spa can improve all aspects of your health, even if you are complaint free, the simple act of relaxing will sooth any tension your muscles are holding.

for social time

A spa is the perfect place to stash your phone away in the locker, take some time away from scrolling and really relax, spending time with your friends and family.

Us humans are social creatures living in an ever increasing anti-social world, with screen time taking more importance than quality one-on-one time. But socialising is important to your health, having a strong, supportive network impacts your mental and physical health.

The Pschoeuroendorinology Journal published a study stating extroverts have the highest level of immune system, meaning they are less likely to catch the common cold. Spending time with family and friends also helps to fight off depression and anxiety, as well as making you more productive and keeping your brain sharp.

And let’s not forget, socialising is fun! Laughing and relaxing together is the most important reason to book your spa day.

for relaxation

In our digitally, fast paced lives, stress has now become unavoidable, making it essential to find ways to de-stress and relax our minds. Regularly visiting spas helps to decrease stress levels and fight long term stress. Long term stress affects us emotionally, mentally and even physically with the hormone cortisol in excessive production, which is highly damaging.

Cortisol over-production creates ‘free radical’ hormones, which attack the brain cells by actually punching holes in the brain cells walls causing them to rupture. Eating junk food and drinking too much alcohol to relax is actually producing more ‘free radicals’, where as a spa provides the right quality of relaxation, helping to release endorphins, such as serotonin and dopamine, to reduce stress levels and slow the excessive cortisol production.

There are many proactive steps you can take to fight off long term stress, and regularly utilising your nearest spa facilities is one of them.

for fighting depression

Depression affects more than 350 million people worldwide, learning to combat this debilitating illness is now essential to everyday life. Massage therapy is hugely beneficial to those struggling with depression, as physiologically it will help to balance the hormone system by reducing the cortisol level by half and giving a boost to the serotonin level (the ‘happy hormone’), helping to bring the body back to its natural state.

The physical touch aspect of a massage is often undervalued, depression can leave people feeling alienated, separated from the world and often feeling lonely, a massage offers a compassionate touch, soothing understanding and giving them a connection outside of depression.

The type of massage will be discussed beforehand, as massages can awaken and stimulate, while others can cocoon and offer a gentle touch to soothe those in need. Your therapist is there to help you and give you what you need to help heal.

A spa day can impact your emotional, mental and physical health more than what you knew. Book your spa day today!

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