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the Tank Museum

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August 4, 2016

Enjoy one of the world’s best collections of tanks and armoured vehicles at the Tank Museum in exhibitions consisting of the world’s very first tank and a modern day Challenger 2…


If you are looking for a great family day out during your stay at the soon to be opened Wareham Forest Lodge Retreat, then why not head down to The Tank Museum in Bovington, which is a great location to learn about the history of our great nations’ armoured warfare over the past century.

The Tank Museum is located less than ten miles away from our brand new Wareham Forest Lodge Retreat near Poole. Find out what is on offer at this fantastic museum…


100 years of history

The museum consists of eight powerful exhibitions which are made up of close to 300 armoured vehicles from over the past century. It is generally regarded as the greatest collection in the world and includes the world’s first tank and the modern day Challenger 2.

The aim is to tell the story of the part that armoured vehicles have played in warfare over the past 100 years and the story of the people who fought in them. You can learn all about the vehicles, the part they played in conflicts and also how they have evolved over time. You can learn all about this in ‘The Tank Story’ exhibition, but those more interested in mechanics and the designs of these machines, will want to head down to the ‘Tank Factory’ exhibition which takes a look at how the tanks are made and the manufacturers behind them.

A very poignant exhibition given that it is the 100th anniversary of the battle of the Somme is ‘The Trench Experience’ exhibition where you are transported back in time to the trenches in 1916 during the First World War. You can also gain an insight into the lives of these brave men in the new ‘Tank Men: The Story of the First Crews’ exhibition.

For a slightly more modern experience of warfare, head to the ‘Battlegroup Afghanistan’ exhibition which benefits from accounts from today’s front line combat experts.


tanks in action this summer

Every weekday during the summer holidays between the 21st July and 2nd September 2016, the Tank Museum will be putting on an awesome display of tanks in action. Children and adults alike will no doubt relish the opportunity to see these fantastic machines in motion with their thunderous engines, but it is not for the faint hearted with life-like explosions to increase the atmosphere around the displays and simulate the feel of a real battle ground.

The commentary provided during the shows ensures that as well as being spectacular, the displays are also educational with experts explaining how the tanks work and their functions in battle.

The live action show takes place in the Kuwait Arena just outside of the museum. Guests are welcome to attend the shows at no extra cost other than what has already been paid for their admission to the museum, giving you an even better reason to head down to the Tank Museum during the summer holidays.


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