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the ultimate Christmas movie checklist

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November 18, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Since it might as well be December we thought now would be a good time to put together the ultimate Christmas movie checklist. Halloween and bonfire night are both out the way so it is only right that you start making a dent in your Christmas movie checklist for this year. And now that the dark nights are well and truly upon there is no excuse for you to not grab all your favourite movie snacks, get your blanket and sit down on the sofa to watch some of the best Christmas movies.

We’ve split them up into categories to help you figure out what type of Christmas movie you want to watch:


classic Christmas movies

You can’t beat the classics. These classic Christmas movies are ones that won’t be difficult to find on your TV guide throughout November and December. Watch how 8 year old Kevin goes against some thieves in Home Alone or make your way over to Whoville with the Grinch. This list of classic Christmas movies is varied to suit everyone.

Home Alone

PG | 1990 | Family/Comedy | 1hr 43mins


PG | 2003 | Family/Comedy | 1hr 37mins

A Christmas Carol

PG | 2009 | Fantasy/Family | 1hr 36mins

The Muppet Christmas Carol

U | 1992 | Family/Musical | 1hr 25mins

The Snowman

PG | 1982 | Short/Animation | 26mins

The Santa Clause

U | 1994 | Comedy/Family | 1hr 37mins

The Polar Express

U | 2004 | Fantasy/Family | 1hr 40mins

Miracle on 34th Street

U | 1994 | Family/Fantasy | 1hr 54mins

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

PG | 2000 | Family/Fantasy | 1hr 45mins

White Christmas

U | 1954 | Musical/Romance | 2hrs

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family favourite Christmas movies

Get all the family together, grab your favourite snacks and sit on the sofa to watch some of these family favourite Christmas movies. No matter what age you are everyone in the family will love sitting down and watching a few of these films.

Arthur Christmas

U | 2011 | Comedy/Family | 1hr 37mins

The Grinch

U | 2018 | Family/Comedy | 1hr 30mins

Jack Frost

PG | 1998 | Family/Fantasy | 1hr 41mins

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

U | 1999 | Family/Comedy | 1hr 10mins


U | 2019 | Comedy/Fantasy | 1hr 40mins

Santa Paws

U | 2010 | Family/Adventure | 1hr 36mins


PG | 2009 | Comedy/Musical | 1hr 45mins

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

PG | 1992 | Comedy/Family | 1hr 53mins

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Netflix Originals Christmas movies

There are over 15 million households that have a Netflix subscription in the UK so it makes sense to add a few Netflix Originals Christmas movie options to this list. Make the most out of your subscription and add this list of festive films to your want to watch list.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

PG | 2020 | Family/Musical | 2hr 2mins

The Christmas Chronicles

PG | 2018 | Family/Comedy | 1hr 43mins

The Christmas Chronicles 2

PG | 2020 | Family/Comedy | 1hr 55mins


PG | 2019 | Family/Comedy | 1hr 37mins

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Christmas love films

We all love a love story, even more so during the festive season. There is something about being cosy in the living room watching a love story unfold in winter that we can’t get enough of! Below find classics like Love Actually to a newer additions like Last Christmas.

The Holiday

12 | 2006 | Romance/Comedy | 2hrs 16mins

Love Actually

15 | 2003 | Romance/Drama | 2hrs 9mins

Last Christmas

12 | 2019 | Romance/Comedy | 1hr 43mins

Four Christmases

12 | 2008 | Comedy/Romance | 1hr 28mins

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Christmas comedies

It’s always a good time to watch a comedy, so Christmas comedy to watch during the festive season is always a winner in our eyes. We have put together some classic Christmas comedies and some slightly newer options for you to watch below.

Christmas with the Kranks

PG | 2004 | Comedy/Family | 1hr 38mins

Daddy’s Home 2

12 | 2017 | Comedy | 1hr 40mins

Jingle All The Way

PG | 1996 | Family/Comedy | 1hr 20mins

Deck the Halls

PG | 2006 | Comedy/Family | 1hr 33mins

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

12 | 1989 | Comedy/Slapstick | 1hr 37mins

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controversial Christmas movies

Are they Christmas moves? Are they not Christmas movies? We will let you be the judge of that. Below you can find a list of a few controversial Christmas moves that you will always find on around the festive period even if you don’t agree with them being Christmas themed.

Die Hard

18 | 1988 | Action/Thriller | 2hrs 11mins


15 | 2015 | Horror/Comedy | 1hr 38mins

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

PG | 1993 | Family/Fantasy | 1hr 16mins

Bad Santa

15 | 2003 | Comedy/Dark Comedy | 1hr 31mins


15 | 1984 | Horror/Fantasy | 1hr 46mins

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

PG | 2001 | Fantasy/Family | 2hrs 32mins

Rise of the Guardians

PG | 2012 | Family/Adventure | 1hr 37mins

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