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September 12, 2019

A night seeing some of the best dramatic performances all from the comfort of your local theatre/cinema

I must admit although the National Theatre Live has been broadcasting live to cinemas across the UK for a decade and the RSC Live Broadcast from 2013, I’m still very new to the world of live theatre screenings. I was also very dubious to see a theatre production broadcasted as I was worried the atmosphere wouldn’t be the same or I wouldn’t enjoy it as much… but I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I was given the chance to watch the recorded live theatre screening of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Measure to Measure on September 9th at Theatre Colwyn in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. As soon as you enter the venue you felt an instant sense of intimacy but also the excitement and buzz you would also have when going to see a musical or drama production.

The RSC show, Measure for Measure, was set in Vienna in the 1900’s. The city was out of control, so the Duke chooses to leave and pass his duties onto a deputy, Angelo. He implements strict laws to try and gain control back and under these new laws a young man named Claudio, who has made his fiancée pregnant, is sentenced to death. His sister, Isabella, is a novice nun but vows to help plead his innocence and set him free. In the meantime the Duke returns to the city in disguise to monitor the city. The story is full of twists and turns, dramatic moments but most of all the cast played superb roles and the passion conveyed across the screen was outstanding.

I have to add that these screenings are perfect for those who may prefer a calmer or quieter experience when attending the theatre. Theatre Colwyn was cosy and homely, there was also a chance to get refreshments in the interval, so it still gives you a similar feel from a standard theatre which seats hundreds of people just on a lot smaller scale.

Not only do these screenings give you the best views in the house, you can see every angle of the stage, see things that you would not usually see in a live audience including up close actor reactions amd small snippets of people coming on and off stage. It really is an up close and personal way of viewing theatre.

A live screening or even an encore screening of a live theatre broadcast still provides the same atmosphere you would have from a live play and the aim of both the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) live screenings and also National Theatre Live is to provide great British theatre performance to everyone, no matter where you live.

dementia friendly film screenings are also available…

Theatre Colwyn also host Dementia Friendly Screenings which are open to those with dementia, memory loss, their family, friends or carers. The screenings at these showings provide a more relaxed atmosphere so that audience members feel able to walk around, pop in an out of the screening and of course sing along! The next Dementia Friendly Film Screening is on 17th October at 2pm and the show will be Grease. For further details please contact Theatre Colwyn.

find out more information or book your next viewing…

All tickets for recorded live/live screenings are priced at £12.50. For more details on Theatre Colwyn’s live/recorded live theatre screenings or to book for the next evening of live theatre visit their website or give the Box Office a call on 01492 556 677.

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