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thinking about owning a holiday home?

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January 3, 2022

It’s now more than ever we have seen a rise in holiday home ownership. And 2022 will be no different to the last 2 years.

Since the coronavirus pandemic there has been a boom in holiday home ownership for a numerous different reasons. Owning one will allow you to have complete holiday freedom where you can kick back, relax and unwind with no stresses. The past 2 years have made many people in the UK realise that owning a holiday home in the UK is just as good as going abroad for plenty of reasons. Continue reading below to see why we think owning a holiday home will still be popular and why you should perhaps consider buying one!

benefits of owning your own holiday home for staycations

1. doesn’t take much planning or organising

If you have got your own holiday home it means you don’t need to spend too much time planning and organising when you want to go as you aren’t dependent on availability. All you need to do is decide a day between yourselves and then head over to enjoy your staycation in the UK!

2. different activities and facilities to keep all entertained

If you own a holiday home with us we have various different resorts across the UK where your holiday home can be based. At each of our resorts we have different activities and facilities which will be perfect for all the family. From having fun in the swimming pool to relaxing in the sauna, keeping fit in the gym or enjoying a bite to eat at the restaurant.

3. lots of different things to do close by

No matter where your holiday home is based in the UK there will be plenty to do in all the local areas and they will all be a short drive away from where you are located. This means you can really explore all the beautiful and amazing places in the UK and find your favourites for walks, trips to the beach and different activities to keep the kids entertained.

4. can take your time exploring the area

Sometimes when you go on holiday abroad you try to cram everything you can into your days as you probably won’t be going back to that location for a while. But if you have a holiday home you don’t need to squeeze as much as you possibly can into your stay. You can return time and time again and explore new areas every time you do come.

5. clean safe environment

With owning your own holiday home you know that whenever you go to it, it’s a clean and safe environment for you and your family. You control all aspects of your holiday home so that means you can relax and unwind knowing it’s a safe space so you can relax and enjoy the rest of your staycation.

explore ownership

where can you own a holiday home with Darwin Escapes?


Fistral Beach in Cornwall

Located close to Fistral Beach, our resort in Cornwall can be your perfect home away from home for surfing, soaking up the sun on a sandy beach, and exploring all that Cornwall has to offer. With plenty of family friendly facilities you will be spoilt for choice with all of the things you can do on the resort and around the area in Cornwall.


View of Village in Devon

Our resort in Devon is located in the South East of the region, so its extremely close to the coastline in Devon. You will be able to enjoy the beaches and explore the Jurassic Coastline whilst still being close to the amazing countryside. You will have the best of both worlds if you own a holiday home with us in Devon.


Kings Lynn in Norfolk

Enjoy the woodland and the seaside at our stunning resort in Norfolk. Located in the Kings Lynn area, you will be able to keep yourselves busy with the range of things to see and do inside the resort and outside of the resort. With there being so much to see and do you will always be able to find things to suit everyone in the family.

North Wales

Point of Ayr Lighthouse in Talacre Beach, North Wales

All our resorts in North Wales are sat across the coastline, so you can be guaranteed that you won’t be far from a beach. Each of the resorts we have in North Wales are unique and created to suit a range of different groups and families. They’re the perfect base for exploring the countryside and the beautiful coastline that goes across North Wales.


countryside in Somerset

Known for its countryside and hills, Somerset makes a great location for owning a holiday home. Our stunning resort is in the perfect location in the region and only a 10 minute walk away from the famous Cheddar Gorge which is a great day out. And there are some unbeatable facilities and things to do on-site as well as around the area.

Owning a holiday home in 2022 is perfect for everyone, whether you own a holiday home yet or not you will still be able to enjoy the joys of staying in the UK for your holiday this year.

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