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top 10 walking gadgets

September 7, 2016

Stay at Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa and explore beautiful Somerset by foot, Darwin Escapes offers the top 10 gadgets for a walkers holiday! Somerset is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK, a true nature lovers dream. With a huge range of day walks, from short jaunts to long distance rambles, you can the perfect pace for you using our wonderful Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa as a relaxing base while you explore the region. Everything on the below list can be found on the Go Outdoors website, and the prices have been taken from certain stock items. So Frodo go and grab your Samwise and take a look at these must-have gadgets for a trek through Middle Earth (or Somerset…).

Smartphone Dry Bag

Cost £17.99

This bad is amazing and worth every penny, with foam on the back for extra protection and a clear touch screen front for ease of use. It even comes with attachments, including a belt clip, to help protect and keep your precious close!

Turbo Flame Ranger Lighter

Cost £9.90

Perfect for those times you need a mini blow torch on your travels. It has two high powered blue flames (yellow is so last season) that are strong enough to burn in high winds (like at the top of Mordor). Be careful, this puppy is strong and can be dangerous!

Veho MUVI ™ Atom Micro Camcorder

Cost £69.99

This is a super small alternative to the GoPro, it’s one of the smallest camcorders in the world and easily clips to your helmet or belt. Perfect to document your Lord of the Rings journey, although with 90 minutes it’s more like the Fellowship of the Ring.

Emergency Whistle

Cost £1.99

This isn’t technically a gadget, but you can’t beat getting someone’s attention with an old fashioned sharp whistle – it’ll definitely get you noticed if you’re in need of help.

Key Rack Locker

Cost £4.49

A hand walking hack, it can hold up to 6 keys on funky coloured racks, perfect for secure and easily accessible keys. Never worry about losing the one ring to rule them all again (or just your car keys…)

Emergency Phone Charger

Cost £5.99

This is the ideal pocket size and charges via a simple USB cable. Perfect to give your phone that hit of juice when out and about, and in need of giving Gandalf a call.

Keychain Compass & Thermometer

Cost £1.49

Perfectly sized to be handy, but not get in the way. A mini compass in case you get lost (and know how to use one) and a thermometer just to let you know how cold it really is on your wanders.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Cost £22.50

Because who doesn’t want some tunes to enjoy on your journey? Either crank it up on your walk, or relax when you find that outstanding elevenses spot!

Handwarmer Gel Packs

Cost £3.99

Little pack of loveliness on a winter’s walk! One for each pocket, these clever little blighters will toast your digits in the chilly weather.

Hi Gear Ridgeback 20 Daypack

Cost £8

This is quite specific, there are literally thousands of back packs out there to chose from. It will hold all your goodies for your walk, with padded shoulder straps, an adjustable chest strap and side bottle storage! Have everything you need but still be comfortable on your rambling!

Now you’re ready for the journey ahead Frodo! Visit Somerset County Council website and download some maps or use their journey planner to help on your trip too!

Happy Adventuring (and watch out for Golem!)

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