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top 3 christmas decorating themes of 2016

November 16, 2016

Never sure how to decorate your house during the festive period? Well Darwin Escapes are here to help, with our ultimate cheat sheet!

So you are the type of person who thinks of a theme for your Christmas decorations all year long? Or are you more like me, and wing it every year? Here are Darwin Escapes to help with the top 3 themed Christmas decoration ideas for 2016!

The first thing for Christmas decorations is to have key focal points, make sure to consider the main areas of the house, the areas you spend time in and the ones people will see. The Christmas tree is normally the main focal point for any home, and will often spark ideas for Christmas decorations around the rest of the house.

Decorating your front garden, door and windows in the same Christmas decoration theme as the rest of your home, sets a warm welcome for anyone visiting during the festive season.

But what about Christmas decoration themes I hear you cry? (or not…) But no fear, this is the cheat sheet for Christmas decorations after all, so we have the top three festive themes for Christmas 2016!

traditional elegance

The traditional elegance theme consists of festive holiday colours of red, green and gold with a subtle opulence. So basically traditional Christmas decorations reminiscent of the Charles Dickens era, old style Christmas ornaments, plaid patterns, velvet, silk trims, beads and plenty of glitter! A fancy Christmas tree covered in red and gold Christmas decorations, with maybe a Christmas ornament village dotted around too!

bold & graphic

This is a bit more of a playful Christmas decorating theme, bold and bright colours, borderline neon shades (but without giving you a headache). Here we are talking true hues of red, blue, yellow, turquoise and orange, as well as trying geometric patterns and lots of fun shapes. This is a fun and non-traditional Christmas decorating theme for 2016, a new one to try and especially bold and bright if you have little ones!

rustic winter

This is a calming palette of winter colours and country Christmas decorations, with plenty of pale pinks, sky blues and purple hues. Hessian bags, brown paper Christmas wrapping paper and DIY Christmas decorations all lend themselves to this Christmas decoration theme. The Christmas tree decorations are best in wood, straw, pine cones and other kind of organic stylings, then add special feather clad balls or (fake) birds or butterflies for outdoors, rustic theme. Add these styles to the rest of the home and you will have your very own country rustic Christmas decoration theme!

And that, ladies and gentlemen is your cheat sheet to Christmas decorating themes in 2016!

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