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top 5 car games for kids

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December 19, 2016

Looking to keep kids entertained on a car journey? Darwin Escapes have the top 5 free kids car games! You don’t need to spend lots of money on fancy technology to keep the children entertained on long car journeys, think back to when we were little and were in the car going off on holiday, all those songs! So whether you are travelling to your summer holiday destination or driving home for Christmas, these classic car games for kids will keep everyone entertained!

the animal name game

A classic children’s car game, starting with the letter A, each person must name an animal beginning with that letter, once everyone has gone you move on to the next letter. The person who can’t think of an animal loses that round, this car game is also a fun way of teaching the Animal Kingdom to the little ones (don’t cheat and Google the answers!)

20 questions

Everyone knows this car game, but just in case you’ve never played it before here’s what you do… one person thinks of a person (either fictional or real) and everyone else takes it in turn to ask questions that can only be answered with a yes or no (i.e. are you female?). Everyone then tries to work out who it is under 20 questions, and the person who does wins. If no one guesses correctly the person who thought of the person wins…does any of that actually make sense? It’s a very hard game to describe, but so much fun to play! (kind of like Guess Who? without the board?)

my father had a grocery store

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of this car game before, I hadn’t but now I’m hooked! It’s a simple memory game that starts with the phrase “My father had a grocery store, and in it he sells…” something beginning with the letter A. The Next person repeats all this and adds something beginning with B, and so on. Players get knocked out if they forget, mix up or can’t think of any items to add.

i spy

“I spy with my little eye, something beginning with the letter…” are words everyone has heard and said, this is a must-play car game. Players can pick something in or out of the car, as long as it’s constantly there, none of this ‘it was at the last stop’ nonsense! Everyone else uses the beginning letter to guess what the spyer sees and whoever guesses correctly wins! A classic kids car game that will have everyone laughing in the car.

dots & boxes

This kids car game is definitely not for the driver, as you will need two (or more) different coloured pens and a piece of paper. Create the outline of a big box using dots, then fill it with evenly spaced dots. Take it in turn to place a line between two dots, with the aim to make a full box, whoever creates a full box colours it in, marking it as theirs. The person to have the most boxes at the end wins the game.

Is your favourite car game in our list? I love all these games, but I win the most at Dots & Boxes so guess which I like playing the most…

Happy Car Games Ladies & Gents!

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