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top 5 caravan meals

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February 17, 2016

So you’ve booked to go on a self catering holiday and are struggling for ideas of what to eat, I’m here to help!

All Darwin Escapes luxury holiday homes and lodges come equipped with stunning and fully functioning kitchens (no fake cupboards or stick on buttons here folks!), we have ovens, microwaves, hobs and even dishwashers to help clean up after. A self catering holiday dream!

So that’s all the equipment sorted, now what about the meals? Well we have the bases covered for that too, this blog has the top 5 easiest (and tastiest) things to make in a holiday home. But remember, most Darwin Escapes locations do have mouth watering restaurants to visit too, so you don’t have to cook if you don’t want to. But if you do…

Then read on and see what recipe tickles your taste buds…

tuna pasta bake

What you’ll need: pasta, tuna, cheese (broccoli, courgette and tomato if you like them)

My favourite dish made by my lovely mum! And what’s not to love? Pasta, easy to make on the state of the art hob, tuna and cheese (I am such a cheese fiend!). It’s super easy to make, stick it all in the dish, grate a bit more cheese on top, and let it cook in the oven for 20 – 30 minutes. The BBC have a great step by step recipe for this tunatastic (har de har) dish!

chicken fajitas

What you’ll need: tortillas, chicken, peppers, onion, salsa & mayo

Fajitas in general are pretty versatile (and fun to say), but chicken ones are my favourite. You can add pretty much anything you like, so I have peppers, onion, a bit of lettuce, a dash of salsa and then some mayo to cool it all down. I sometimes cook the chicken in a spice so it’s a bit more tasty too (I say ‘I cook’, that’s code for the hubby cooks…). Simply Recipes has a great variation too, and it comes with step by step instructions (with photos). Throw it all into a pan and eat with your hands…my kind of meal!

turkey stir fry

What you’ll need: turkey, carrot, baby sweetcorn, veg & soy sauce

Again a super easy dish that you can add anything to, but I like turkey. It’s really quick and easy to cook, stick it all in a pan and you’re pretty much done, I love the fresh egg noodles, but that’s personal choice, you can get them dry too. You can also get a pre-packaged stir fry veg if you didn’t want to make it all from scratch. The Netmums have a fantastic stir fry recipe!

homemade pizza

What you’ll need: Base – flour, butter, egg & milk. Toppings – BBQ/tomato sauce, cheese and mixed herbs

Okay so this can go two ways. You can make your pizza completely from scratch, including the dough base if you wanted to, or you can buy a base and create your own toppings (or for healthy fiends, try some pitta bread). Guess which one I would choose? Pizza’s are amazingly easy to make when you get down to it though, and you can add literally anything you want to on top. Once my hubby put BBQ sauce as the base – totally delicious, I love spinach and goats cheese as my toppings. They normally only take around 20 minutes to cook as well, super quick! The Netmums have another great recipe for this!


What you’ll need: meat, corn on the cob, jacket potatoes

This is a super simple meal to do. You just pick up any kind of meat you like, some bread buns, a corn on the cob or two and maybe a jacket potato if you fancy it. Stick it all on the BBQ and bob’s your uncle (if he really is then wahey!) you have a ready made meal. And don’t worry if your holiday home is not equipped with a BBQ, the shops sell disposable ones now-a-days so pick that up the same time as the food! Sorted. Tasty food, smells delicious and enjoying it in the sunshine, what could be better?

So that’s the top 5 easiest caravan meals, was your favourite dish in there?

If you are heading off to one of Darwin Escapes UK holiday resorts and thinking of cooking for yourself, I hope this has come in handy. And if you don’t want to cook for yourself? We have you covered with many of our locations having their own Darwin Escapes restaurants on-park, check out this blog post here to learn more about them!

Happy Cooking Guys and Dolls!

Disclaimer: Most, but not all, accommodations have all the equipment mentioned. Some resorts don’t allow BBQ’s, please check before firing it up!

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