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top 5 things to do in Conwy

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September 15, 2015

In celebration of our new resort, Aberconwy Resort & Spa, I’ve written this post about the top 5 things to do in and around Conwy! This is also Conwy on a budget, everything is easily accessible and affordable, a great family friendly day out with the kids, without spending a fortune! There is also some things here for the history buffs, as Conwy is littered with historic houses and sites in it’s picturesque setting, there is something for everyone here. So dear reader, carry on and see if there is something that tickles your fancy…

Welsh Mountain Zoo

Opens: 9.30am (last admission at 5pm) Closes: 6pm

For one of the best days out around Conwy, the Welsh Mountain Zoo is one of the most caring, conservation zoo’s in the UK. Home to everything from Meerkats to Sumatran tigers, the family will love a day out here. Watch the Penguins waddle, walk and fly through the water in the Penguin’s Parade, see the Chimpanzee’s up close and personal at the Chimp Encounter exhibition and visit Seal’s Rock to watch the seal’s being trained and having fun! A great family day out for all, you can also visit the Snow Leopard cub twins, Tom and Jessie, who were born last year (April 2014) and see how much they have grown! Really treat yourself and be a keeper for the day! Meet, feed and muck out some of the most magnificent animals in the world. Only a 10 minute drive from Aberconwy Resort & Spa this well worth a visit for all ages!

Conwy Castle

Opens: 9.30am Closes: 5pm

For you history buffs out there a must visit is Conwy Castle, built for King Edward I in 1200’s, it is considered to be one of the most magnificent Welsh castles of the period. The narrow, rocky outcrop on which the castle stands added the extra security that Edward was looking for, it also offers, fantastic, mountain and sea views from the Battlements. With two grand gateways, 8 huge towers and a stunning bow-shaped hall, it’s easy to see that Edward spent the largest sum of money here than on any of his other Welsh castles. A fun family day out you can see how Conwy functioned when the Royal party were in town. Feel like Harry Potter when visiting the private chambers and the great hall – it all gives you an idea of how much grander they lived in at the time. A great and interesting day out in Conwy for all.

Puffin Island cruises

Open all year, dependant on weather. Book a tour online or by telephone

Offering panoramic views of the magical Snowdonia mountains, the beautiful Penman Lighthouse and, of course, the stunning Puffin Island. On the island you can see as much as 12 different species of sea birds, including the famous Puffin, all in their natural habitat. In Welsh the island is called Ynys Seirid’s after the 6th century monk who lived there and the ruins of the 12th century church, in his honor, can still be seen today. It is also said that King Maelgwn Gwynedd, ruler of North Wales, is buried on the island with St Seirid. Steeped in history and teeming with wildlife you can visit the colony of grey seals and watch them swimming in the sea or basking in the sunshine. Laugh at the cheeky otters laying around in the sea and marvel at the bottlenose dolphins, who can often be seen swimming along the side of the boat. A fantastic day out around Conwy and fun for all the family.

Plas Mawr

Opens: 9.30am Closes: 4pm (Closes Nov. 3rd for winter, reopens March 31st)

In a town that has a wealth of historic sites Plas Mawr reigns supreme. Built between 1576 and 1585 for influential Welsh merchant Robert Wynn, it is the finest surviving town house of the Elizabethan era found in Britain. The grand white house is a great symbol of a prosperous and buoyant age which can be seen in the plaster in the over mantel in the hall. Repainted in it’s vivid original colours, which immediately proclaims Wynn’s wealth and status, along with the many crests and coats of arms around the house. A fascinating day out in Conwy, this historic house is informative and fun for everyone. With an audio tour and furnishings that are original to the house, you will be transported back to the life of a Tudor gentry. A great day out for the family and history buffs alike!

Treasure Island Fun Centre

Opens: 9.30am Closes: 5pm

A fantastic day out with the kids the Treasure Island Fun Centre is for kids ages 1 – 10. They can run wild in the maze of ramps, slides, bridges and tubes. The little pirates can find the secret den hidden somewhere in the play frame – keep it a secret though, half the fun is finding it! Cross the rope bridge and if you dare, walk the plank into the ball lagoon or if you’re feeling extra brave, visit the haunted cave but remember safety in numbers! There’s a safe ‘mini maruaders’ soft play area for under 4 year olds. Mini versions of the big kids fun and some brilliant, age appropriate, challenges of their own! Once the little pirates have finished wreaking havoc, drop into the Captain’s Table Café for, much needed, yummy grub. If it is a special occasion, like a birthday, then book a pirate or princess party and wow all the kids! One of the best days out in Conwy for the kids!

So enjoy and give it all a go, let me know how you get on and what’s your favourite!

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