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top christmas table games

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November 16, 2016

Here at DE HQ we have some great Christmas party game ideas that will have your Christmas table the place to be this festive season!

Family fun Christmas games around the Christmas table are what the festive season is made for, we love Christmas games and wanted to give you some Christmas game ideas to help…

There is always that awkward time while everyone is sitting at the table waiting for food, or waiting for the last person to finish their dinner, or even just waiting for their food to settle before diving into your chosen Christmas desert. It’s normally the time that people play with the toys out of the crackers, and it’s usually the time that those toys break, so we have some fantastic Christmas party game ideas for family fun!

Darwin Escapes has made this list of the best Christmas table games that you can play in those in between times. Everyone loves a good Christmas game…

sprout catapult game

You can buy this from Amazon, it’s pretty cheap and really fun! You sling fake sprouts across the table into the target, using the catapult of course, a great fun Christmas themed game.

christmas peel the sprout

A festive themed ‘pass the parcel’ based Christmas table game. Again purchased from Amazon, it has 25 layers of crepe paper with wonderful Christmas themed trinkets hidden throughout.

christmas bingo

Recently purchased this from Amazon, a great time killer while waiting for food to be placed up around the Christmas table. Easy to set up and all you need is a pen, a family fun Christmas table game for everyone!

christmas reindeer toss

This is a game that will have everyone belly laughing around your Christmas table, the chosen person wears the inflatable reindeer antlers, while everyone else tried to toss the rings over them.

scratch cards/trivia

There are a number of different scratch cards and trivia cards you can find to entertain you Christmas table guests, these are fun and easy to do while waiting for food or just a conversation topic.

These are Christmas games for all the family, everyone will be laughing and guessing around your Christmas table. Is your favourite Christmas table game on our list? Let us know your favourite Christmas table game!

Happy Merriment Ladies & Gents!

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