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Trebah Gardens & Amphitheatre

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April 25, 2016

Trebah Gardens has beautiful scenery, breathtaking flowers, mouth watering food and a whole host of shows in its Amphitheatre. What more could you want?


Records show that Trebah dates back to the Doomsday survey of 1085, at the time it was the property of the Bishop of Exeter, it has an amazing and fascinating history. The stunning Georgian house at the head of the valley was built in the 18th Century and pre-dates the gardens, a survey map from 1813 shows Trebah as a magical wooded valley.

The beautiful garden you enjoy today is the result of nearly 200 years of horticultural endeavour, over the long history of Trebah the house and gardens has been passed from family to family. And was even used for a regiment of 7500 soldiers from the US Infantry Division during World War II. Major Tony Hibbet and his wife Eira purchased Trebah in 1981 as a retirement home but were convinced by the Cornwall Garden Society to do work on the garden and open it up to the public. Trebah was eventually passed on in 1990 to the Trebah Garden Trust, who currently take care of and enhance the gardens and grounds.Today you can enjoy a mouth watering Cornish Cream Tea at the Planters Café, as well as stocking up on garden essentials at the award winning visitor centre, finding the Gallery and Garden shops as well as the Trebah Plant Centre too. The new feature of the garden is the wonderful Trebah Amphitheatre, providing a space for the performing arts, set within a natural bowl for added atmosphere. The Amphitheatre helps promote local theatre productions and events, with something for everyone from The Mousehole Cat to Duchy Opera. Be sure to check out the Neptunlia events in July and August, a fest for the heart and soul, as well as the belly, all culminating with fun celebrations and dancing down on the beach.

So the next you’re visiting Mullion Cove Coastal Retreat jump in the car for a short drive to the Trebah Gardens, a beautiful day out for all the family!

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